Happy Easter Nicole!

I have gotten the first full assessment done on you and 2 clearings.  Are you feeling it?  Shall I send photo to your phone?

We usually have a short check-in phone talk soon.  Then, when the entire first sheet of assessment and clearings is done, I MAIL IT TO YOU.

I don’t have your address anywhere that I can find, so please provide for me.

At that point, what is included in cost is a 30 minute phone consult going over every detail I see important and answering your questions.  I test while we are discussing these things and give you life pointers on how to protect yourself and be more PRO-ACTIVE, with this particularly if it is a SOUL CONTRACT you have made before entering this Life.

Then, we start all over again on Sheet #2!

Remember you will be in the HUMAN’S ACTIVE FILE, for a calendar year from your intake.

Many Blessings!  Karen

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