At someone’s home who has grass around it, I train participants to dowse and diagnose the house. I teach them how to go home and ‘cure’ their own home.  I show them how to use the Light-Life® Tools which the government tested for creating a safe and healing field around buildings, in cities and on farms and ranches.  We work with the pendulum a little bit so folks can back up their findings with dowsing with rods.  I introduce the Spiritual components to EARTH WORK.  Very high results as I have a 95% success rate with getting folks to do this work correctly.  

Most people will go home and do their own home and office.  This SAVES THEM the $1 per square foot of living space if I do their home.  3000 square foot home including all floors and attached garage usually is $3000 or more if there is rock landscaping involved.  TAKE HOME KIT valued at over $300!

Host pays half price to have us in their home and working outside most of the time. People bring their own lunch now. I never have more than 8 participants!

Apprentice stays with me and makes sure the home is completely done within a few days.  Plus we dowse and install for the PERSONAL STRESS LINES for the home owner and everyone who lives on site including animals!

Workshop is from 10AM-4PM Saturday and 11AM-3PM  on Sunday. People bring their own lunches now and I supply snacks and host supplies tea and coffee.

We are hammering L-rods permanently into the ground every 2-3 feet all around the home and no one sees them when we are done and there are no problems to sprinklers or anything.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you may know someone who owns a home and would be a good candidate.  My website has a sections like EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, WORKSHOPS, etc. with lots of details, and tons of TESTIMONIALS….

I do not consider ANYONE for my APPRENTICESHIP program without them taking the workshop and I am expanding the program to gather data on changes in domestic, farm and ranch animals in addition to tracking the health and psychological/spiritual effects of the family or employees/clients who use or live in the space.  So it can be a commercial setting with a park near- by.

I will gladly pay a referral fee as I really am a referral only business and don’t pay for advertising.

I am ALSO looking around the country for this opportunity to help our country with all its technological pollution.   States to consider: California, Texas, East Coast, Florida, Northern states, and the Midwest.

Thank you so much for your consideration and support.

Loving Light, Lighting Love©, Karen

~this work is not meant to be a substitute for Medical or Alternative treatment.~

Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Psychotherapist

Master Dowser Energy Worker


Shamanic Practitioner/Global Teacher


Ordained Minister

Owner: Compassionate PET/HOME CARE, LLc.

Boulder County, Colorado

Office: 303.665.0175

Cell/Text: 303.810.6486

Serving the World WE Live In 

FOLLOW UP/Egyptian Install/Denver Condo 01/06/18

Hi Karen, 

Happy 2019 to you! I’m getting back into town and finally finishing installing your recommendations. A couple of questions:

-I have the cd playing on repeat at all times roughly in the center of my space (hopefully that’s ok). Does it matter if the volume is kept low on the cd player? 

NO, that’s perfectly fine.  You will go through batteries unless you are plugged into the wall.  If it’s higher the noise is too distracting.

-With the Egyptian rods, it was my understanding that I was installing 2 rods at each location. However the instructions in the box only notes one rod at each location. Do the double rods need to be installed in any particular way or do I just tape 2 rods together at each location?  

You do want two rods together in each of the locations, literally touching each other.

Thank you! 


FOLLOW UP With Denver Condo Owner, 12/21/18


I got Siri working on my phone!  I am so sorry I was so lost the day I came to your lovely home and office. 

Please let me know how you did with the rods going up and remember you can get an inexpensive CD player at Best Buy and get the electric plug-in for it if you like. 

If you are having any symptoms getting stirred up, pull back and don’t play the CD as much.  I would find your ‘happy place’ with this and run a lot as of your location.  We talked about the natural outdoors Feng Shui good points.  The hill coming down to you, then the hill going down to the park can be “energy drains”. 

It is definitely a viable choice for you to purchase the PERSONAL HARMONIZER and use in the home.  Especially with the sleep apnea and I thank you for sharing with me personal stuff so I can address it when trying to help you get stronger!  Also, this PERSONAL HARMONIZER can only help your growing your business!  So, you can take it off your taxes! 

Friendly reminder:  when you are ready to purchase, please remind me I told you I will give you 10% off even though the sale is off December 31st.

Nice meeting you and thanks for walking down to my car with me! Karen


I was introduced to SOUL RETRIEVAL by my mentor and now colleague, Sandra Ingerman. She wrote and published a book while she was still at the Foundation of Shamanic Studies with Michael Harner titled: “Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self”. That was out in 1991 and I started working with Sandra in 1992 after a traumatic car accident and while my Mother was aging ‘ungracefully’.

Well, the book has been republished and for a fabulous reason! SOUL RETRIEVAL work that I trained in REALLY helps people!

In the late 1970’s I ran a PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM at the Free School in Boulder, CO. As a full-blown psychic due to a diving accident in 1972, I was able to see “holes in people’s AURAs”. When I met Sandra and started her GLOBAL SHAMANIC TEACHERS Program, I realized that these are the exact same holes I was seeing the energetic systems (human bodies) I was putting my hands on at work in my private practice in the early 1990’s. SPIRIT PIECES!

I was used to working with the CHAKRAS and the BODIES of the human systems in my clients and now I was learning to train others in how to do this!

To keep this simple, let me say that the way in which I work is similar to Native American ancient ways but with the icing on the cake! My Sprit Helper, Chenauknau, often times takes the pieces we or he has gathered to a Sacred Place and washes the pieces before giving them to me to blow back into the client.

So, after I tell my client the story of the SOUL RETRIEVAL JOURNEY I was on, I have them lay back down, with the holes filled with pieces and I balance and seal them back in their AURA with the help of my Psychic Surgeons.

The additional beauty of this compilation of my work, is that multiple pieces may be returned in one session. Now, this is going on the theory that we have 144 pieces to every MAJOR CHAKRA.

So, if you feel like “something is missing?”, please read this book by Sandra and call me for an appointment when you’d like to try this.

You will go home with a small Medicine Bag with sacred things in it to help you also.

What We’ve Agreed on: NEW CONDO OWNER (12/16/18)

Thank you Karen. That all sounds fine.  I am on a tight budge at the moment so I would just want to start with your assessment of my property and the very basic initial things you would recommend to improve the space (if you don’t feel the space is a lost cause from an energy standpoint).  If the double Egyptian kit is what it would take to improve the space right now, then I’m ok with that cost.  We can always revisit this later and add more to improve the space as needed down the road as well.

I am a very sensitive person so it can be quite a challenge for me to feel healthy in any building environment (previously made ill by toxic black mold).  I’ve been working hard to address all possible air quality and EMF issues within this condo space and I’ve also had a feng shui reading done on the space with some suggestions on placement of crystals, etc.  I’ve made a lot of progress but haven’t completely resolved the issues it seems.  I just happened to learn about dowsing and from what I hear some spaces just naturally have such strong negative energy zones that the people have no choice but to move out.  More than anything I just wanted to check to see if my space had any such extremely negative zones that can’t be improved….as well as suggestions to improve the health of the space overall.

Just let me know if you want to go ahead and schedule a time to come out to the condo this week. Thank you!  Jon


Jon, of course I will come and test and spend a full 45 minute appointment with you showing you drawings of houses and condos and what we are dealing with. You are now a home owner, right?  A lot needs to be addressed and let’s do it face-to-face!

You are working hard at this and I admire your courage!  It is daunting, really.  I am a home owner.  There is always something.  Yet, life becomes easier and more simple when we have a SAFE and SACRED SPACE to rest and recharge in everyday.

Not sure if you read so far as to see that I do MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH work as one of Sandra Ingerman’s shamanic practitioners and Global Shamanic Teachers. I teach it as well.  You may consider buying that book!  It is a fabulous guide to self awareness of a frequency we don’t find available much.   I have done a spiritual/psychic process with clients for over 30 years called the LONG DISTANCE CLEARING as well.

Yet my job is to empower and guide you to take the ‘steering wheel’ as soon as possible!  And get on to THRIVING and not simply surviving.

There is NO LOST CAUSE involved.  There is always help available to us when we need it.  You are taking some fabulous steps and your own protection or Inner Wisdom has guided you to me and my team.

In ALL the years, and hundreds of situations I have been in with clients, I have only asked one person if they would consider selling.  They said yes.  We did work so that they felt ok about selling a ‘sick home’ to someone else.  And guess what?  They fell in love with their home and stayed.

I will call you tomorrow.  Play with your new knowledge thus far, but you don’t need to spend much time on it until after we meet.  All the Feng Shui, as I have worked with dozens of very talented Feng Shui practitioners over the years, will be the ICING ON THE CAKE!

This MOLD, is it in your home there? We will deal with this together HEAD ON!

Oh, I do take credit cards though I don’t advocate for them.  I also am at liberty to take a discounted cash donation to my Ministry/Research if that interests you.

Rest easy for now.  See you soon!  Karen


” BOUGHT, Moved Into A CONDO In Denver: STRANGE” (12/16/18)


Thank you for taking the time to look over the website.  It is so important as education regarding this is crucial to your making a good decision on what to do.  And I am privileged to have a couple scientists as mentors right now since the experts in my field are all passing away!

I am moving forward with this work as I see one miracle after another come from my intense devotion to this body of work I have come up with after getting Slim Spurling’s and Bill Reid’s guidance for so many years of my research coming up with newer “cures” using the same basics used for centuries in different cultures all over the world to help make a property ‘safe and sacred’ for those who live on them.

Just the fact that you are in a condo gives us certain options as you are not in a free standing home with grass around it.

I am a minimalist and I am not in this for the financial rewards in any way.

Immediately, I would suggest you get:

!.  A double set of EGYPTIAN KITS, which are designed to save money.  If we get you a DOUBLE SET for you to install inside the unit with my guidance would cost you $140.  And we would add an ENVIRONMENTAL CD which costs $35 and you will need an inexpensive CD player from Walmart or Best Buy.

This plan is the most inexpensive immediate fix.  And I have to come to Denver within the next few days and could hand deliver them to you at no extra charge.  I know for a fact that if you pay me the $100 to come and test your property is up to you, but I just need your address and I can test from here for nothing  and I honestly know that this solution without you adding that expense is a sure first step to relief.  Not to mention that this may do it for you!  You may actually not need anything else but your intention and belief in this body of research.

  1. I am running a year end sale on the Light-Life Tools PERSONAL HARMONIZER.  The cheapest one is the SACRED 24 k gold, with copper base and comes with a gold ring with amplifier beads.  Retail before sale is $320, plus tax.  If you look this up and have the finances this would take the “cure” to a higher frequency for you and you would be able to wear it when needed or take to work to have at your desk to protect you at work.  The ring alone has many, many uses around the house and in your pillow at night.  This addition should be considered especially if the cheaper road is not enough for your circumstances.

So, I want you to RESEARCH this and I will set a time to call you for sure on Monday afternoon so I can coordinate getting you these things delivered when I come down for this other appointment.  If you feel “rushed into this”, I understand and will work with your timing.

Depending on what you do for a living, you may take these tools as a tax deduction if you work from home.  Or if you have any remodeling charges or health bills.  I know this as I hired 3 CPA’s to help me write up the invoice properly for the IRS.  You will just need your accountant which is best for you when filing your taxes.

I was present when the federal government showed up to test our work and the tools and they validated what we were telling clients in regards to how this can help with not only fault lines in Colorado, but also the heavy metals in our water and the high mineral content naturally occurring in our soil.

Also, the man-made challenges such as electricity, WIFI, microwaves, radio waves, and satellites, computers and cell phones are all affected.  We create a TENSOR FIELD full of SCALAR WAVES which Quantum Physics people are mystified by and are trying to figure out how they create such a strong “wellness” environment.   The technology we have at our disposal was found so valuable that one of the government agencies offered him a contract and he turned it down as it was NOT for healing that they were going to use it.

So please ponder, or pray over this and get your questions ready for me.  I am a Psychotherapist and Minister.  That is why I am so thrilled that I have successful scientists backing and mentoring me to take the role I need to take and keep working even though I am aging and have challenging health from working in these “negative polarity lines” for 28 years of my life.

So, I would also recommend that you purchase IN THE MIND OF A MASTER about this work, either from me or from Amazon if you are having any doubts as to the many, many benefits of what I have to offer you.

Thank you so much for your trust and your reaching out!  Karen



 Hi Karen!
    So excited to have found you!  I live in southern California and am wondering if you were planning on holding any earth acupuncture sessions in the area anytime soon or within the next year?
    With the constant wildfires going on, I feel our state could really use the help.  I just bought a sacred cubit environmental Harmonizer from Light-Life, but would like to do more.
    And I also feel that earth acupuncture would help my physical symptoms as well (overly swollen abdomen, severe allergy symptoms, etc), in a way that just focusing on my own healing wouldn’t.
    I’m new to Slim Spurling, Light-Life, and Earth acupuncture (I just literally found you all two days ago), but it just feels right.
    Keeping fingers crossed, and Thank You for all you do for Earth,
Perfect timing Ivy!
I am working on my schedule for 2019.  Please look over my website and let’s talk!
Do you own your home?  What do you do for a living?
Want to host me in LA?  Or help me find a host for a training?
Let’s look at this because I have just proclaimed in my newsletters that I am building pockets of EARTH ACUPUNCTURE APPRENTICES  all over this country!
Many Blessings to you!  Karen


I was called to this home and learned the symptoms that were challenging all the residents from the Intake form I give to all my clients:

Adult 1 had:  diagnosis of Adrenal fatigue, feeling cold, tingling, numbness in feet and hands, fatigue in the morning, feeling run down and exhausted, irritability, problems with menstrual cycles, dizziness and light headed.

Adult 2 had:  restless sleep, fatigue in the morning, allergies.

Child 1 had:  learning disabilities, short attention span and sleeps in awkward positions. (male, 13 yrs of age)

Child 2 had:  Behavior problems, neurological problems, sudden infant Death Syndrome, sleeps on knees, and walks in sleep, sen  (male, 7 years old)

Child 3 had:  eczema, aching and swollen knees, dizzy and light headed. (female, 2 years old)

Younger smaller dog had: anxiety, sensitive to sound

Larger older dog had: open sores that won’t heal.


I am wondering how everyone did over the last weekend?  Karen
HOMEOWNER RESPONSE:   We all did great! Everyone was a little nicer, and older, larger dog’s open sore is finally healing!
My usually moody 13-year old, was very kind to both me and his sister after you installed the rods.
My husband  and I have not fought since your very first visit with us on Nov. 10, which is unusual for us to go this long without an argument. Ha!
I still have your half cubit sacred silver ring that you lent me from Slim Spurling.  I’d be happy to return it, but if you could let me know which one that was, I’d like to potentially buy one since I’m sleeping better with it under my pillow.
This is all good news so far. I’ll keep the reports coming as they seem noteworthy.


I am thrilled yet not surprised regarding your results!

I love that you and and your husband  aren’t fighting!  And you may want to acknowledge it and say something to keep it going.  What a terrible waste of energy and not good for the kids or pets around you…it is simply “bad human behavior” that we all are subject to displaying.  I work with clients to find solutions to keep this vibe alive!  I am sure with all the coaching you have done with others that you can do this!

Also, 13 year old boys are moody and you may consider saying to him how you appreciate his being nicer to you and your daughter, in a moment when you feel him open.

I have learned that educating and communicating with family members will open MORE DOORS than shut them, when done as you display your deepest vulnerabilities and perhaps a story from your earlier life in a sharing moment with him soon.

My NEWSLETTER will have the details, but if you are up for it, I think we should get you a PERSONAL HARMONIZER for your new business, with the CD to play.  They all come with a ring the same size as I lent to you!  And the same metal you choose.

This way when you are having an “off day” as you treat your adrenal fatigue, you can wear it.  Or put in your office with the CD playing.  You may also ask your kids to try it, but keep your eyes on this amazing tool as it isn’t cheap and you wouldn’t want it damaged.  I am offering 10% OFF ALL HARMONIZERS this holiday season.

If you look in the book at the section on PERSONAL HARMONIZERS and read the chapter on the LOST CUBIT vs. the SACRED CUBIT, then I can set a time soon with you and bring my laptop over or we do it on the phone and pick out one for you together as I have to special order it.  You are so intuitive that I would like to see what you come up with.

Let me know please!  And as soon as you get yours I will come get mine back.

All LOVE, All LIGHT, all the time©,

Karen    Cell/text:  303.810.6486