On 1/21/20, 8:12 AM, “Dawn T” wrote:   Hi Karen,   I’m inquiring about Soul Retrieval and whether you perform this service, procedure and cost for the service.    I recently stumbled upon this subject and it interests me a great deal.     Thanks for your information!   Dawn    

 On Jan 22, 2020, at 8:38 AM, Karen King <> wrote: Yes, Dawn! I have been doing traditional Soul Retrievals since the early 1990’s!   Since you are not a current student or client, the INTAKE appointment is $250 and is 2 hours long.  We will be able to do the Soul Retrieval during this appointment. My Native Medicine man who works with us in Spirit, will help and the good news is that he brings back multiple pieces of your energetic bodies and they are healed when I put them into your body and we balance you with all of this. It coincidently saves my clients a lot of money as in the traditional ways the Medicine woman/man just put one piece at a time back and it wasn’t healed first. I will put my contact information here and I will send you my most recent Newsletter.  This work has been tremendous for many including myself.  I also teach the material.   We may set a free 1/2 hour phone appointment to discuss further.   Karen

APPRENTICE ON VACATION Dowses for Geopathic and Hartmann Stress, 01/20/20

Hello Karen
I am vacationing in the Maldives. I spent a week on a liveaboard dive boat. Amazing experience!!
I will attach a photo of a manta ray. His stomach brushed my head as he went over me. Crazy cool!!
I had one day/night to wait before my flight from Male leaves. Leaving tomorrow’s night. Anyways, I decided that I would spend my last night here on a small island about 65km from Male. Took a speed boat here this morning. 
I dowsed for geopathic stress and Hartmann lines and there are none on this island. It’s very small. Probably 2 square km. It takes 10 or 15 minutes to to walk from one side to the other.
It’s incredibly peaceful. No wonder with no geopathic stress or Hartmann lines.
Just thought I would share this with you.
I hope you are well.
Take care.
Bill Montag

A Different View of EARTH ACUPUNCTURE by Barb Haas (11/27/19)


Earth Acupuncture is working with the meridians of the Earth, very similar to that of the human body with acupuncture needles. Copper rods, or “needles,” are left in the ground, and people who live on the property where an installation has taken place report that they sleep better and find better health. Pets often take on the electrical and geopathic stressors, and as soon as the house is mitigated, the pets move to a different spot in the house to sleep. Real estate folks use these methods to get a property “cleared” to sell.

Master Dowser, Karen Rice King, studied and worked with the internationally known Slim Spurling. In 1996 Slim granted Karen the use of the term EARTH ACUPUNCTURE and encouraged her to start her own training of apprentices, which she has done.  

She began this work as part of her private practice in Boulder County, Colorado, she is returning to the Gunnison Valley to mitigate homes, ranches, real estate properties. 

For more information, or to get on her  schedule, call or email or 303-665-0175.


OK, LO, here we go!

I am available for December 23-31st for overnight care of 6-8 pigs, a large dog and a cat.  Due to the time of year, I will allow 24 hours on either side of this appointment time for YOUR travel changes due to weather.

I also water house plants, bring in mail and bring my own food.

If you go to my website, you will see the diversity in my life.

I have lived in Boulder County since 1975 and started my private practice as a volunteer at the Humane Society.  Why is this important?  I got to be known first in the public eye as a “pet psychic”.

I have been trained in Linda Tellington’s , Level one, work on animals.  She got married and last I heard was still working at the San Diego Zoo.  The work allows me to apply my hands in the gentle manner she is known for with such maneuvers named the raccoon touch, etc.  These descriptions are used to describe the way my hand looks as I move down the sides and legs of the animal client.

I have a fabulous 1995 MITSUBISHI MONTERO, with a newer engine and old fashioned 4-wheel drive.  I have gotten out of deep sand and deep snow, in this vehicle!

I am turning 70 in 2020, and have limps, sometimes, and can not do heavy lifting  over 20 pounds.  I was a state champion swimmer and a pre-Olympic diver to go to Mexico in the 1972 Olympics to dive the cliffs there.  I never got my medal due to a “incident”.

Any questions before our delightful interview?

Go ahead and lay it on me!

Lighting Love, Loving Light©,


FREE TALK @ Psychic Horizons, December 3rd, 7pm-8pm


Karen Rice King is an Energy worker, Spiritual Psychic and well known Master Dowser for her work with Earth Acupuncture, LLc.  She also is a Global Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher.  Running  an Apprenticeship Program and mentoring clients and students is her thing!  Dowsing is one of the historically oldest methods for Spiritual, Psychic and real world problems and challenges.

We will spend the time seeing demonstrations and being led in a shamanic journey.  Karen will be educating us in Indigenous ways from around the world. You will see her dowse for Geopathic stress, which can raise havoc in our lives.  Where lines cross in our homes it can create disease and  worse.  She is researching the effects of Fracking and 5G on our culture and the living beings around us. 

She will have a benefit for all of you to leave with! 

Referral From PSYCHIC HORIZONS 11/26/19

Hiya Karen, 
I have now stumbled upon your information twice in the last six months. I think I first found you when I was visiting Cottonwood Hotsprings in Buena Vista. I believe it was you that had some info in one of their books in the room I was staying. I then was talking with a friend yesterday about Astrocartogaphy and the location I’m at not being the best given my birth chart. We were talking about finding a way to correct that and just put it out there that I find a way to do that. I then went to a birthday celebration at Psychic Horizons Center, which is a school I’ve attended since 2010 and Seth Shimkonis was there and was talking about a workshop he attended yesterday and mentioned you. I knew I had heard your name before, so he gave me your card, and here I am contacting you. 
I also do Shamanic work and have since 2007. I am a super empath and so am extremely sensitive. I’m wondering what we might be able to do to help with my current location (where I am living) in Lafayette. 
What are the options and what are your costs? 
Many blessings,Katherine 


When I contacted Karen about petsitting my 14 year old cat companion, Trixie, I was new to the state, and had not been able to find a suitable pet sitter whom I trusted and I had a trip coming up soon! I felt anxious and worried I wouldn’t be able to get someone in time.  But I had faith that the Universe would deliver!  

Trixie being an older cat, has some issues around her diet, her vitamins and other non-existent things that one needs to watch for. This meant I needed someone who could give medicine, and be in tune enough to watch for any ‘weird old cat’ things (like yakking too much ;-)

When I interviewed Karen, it was immediate apparent that she was overqualified! Not only is she a seasoned pet owner and animal lover, she is an intuitive whom Trixie took to right away! And Trixie knows. ;-)  I knew I could trust Karen with Trixie and with staying in my home for a week. 

Karen is kind, attentive, and earnest. She made sure she knew all the ins and outs of my pet/home sitting – she came over and spent time getting to know Trixie and her daily routines.  

I really appreciate that Karen is mature and wise. I could totally trust her with any emergency that may come up. 

What surprised me about working with Karen is that she was great about sending photos of Trixie which allowed me to completely NOT worry and enjoy my time away! 

Now I have a pet sitter!  And someone I trust and a friend! I really enjoy Karen and would recommend her to anyone who needs a competent, wise and reliable pet/home sitter. 

All my best, Lee


Begin forwarded message:

From: Vickie Cashman
Subject: Grounding Movie-
Date: November 19, 2019 at 9:10:49 PM MST


THANKS for the reminder. I use his knowledge combined with the Light Life(R) Tools from Slim Spurling which I still carry in my practice for sale. Love, Karen

MENTORING CLIENTS, Emily, 11/25/19

Hey, Karen! My name is Emily and I live in Fort Collins. I’m currently looking for someone who would be interested in being my mentor for shamanic healing/spiritual development/healing/etc. I am a single mother of three who has gone through a very transformative year. I have achieved a lot of personal growth, conscious and unconscious self awareness, spiritual development, and use of some divinity tools. I am an epath, and have healed people (or tried to) in my own way as long as I can remember. I feel I’m reaching a standstill in my growth, which I know can be beneficial as well, but I really feel called to seek out a mentor to help me along this journey. If you are at all interested or could recommend someone local who is, I would truly appreciate it. 

Karen: I am meeting with her in Longmont tomorrow to discuss further.



Yes, you are expected to take the training coming up and I have received your registration fee and I thank you very much!

May I please get from you:

  1. Your address.
  2. Your preferred phone number.

I will forward to you today, also, the current APPRENTICE CONTRACT.  Please keep in mind that I custom write in what your needs are in regards to my requirements.  My goal is to get you through it in a respectful, nurturing way that satisfies your gifts and talents and ESPECIALLY, your timing.

If you want to give it a try here are just some of the benefits:

  1. If you bring the client to the table and I close the deal with you by my side you will be paid a percentage BONUS WHEN I AM PAID based on the fee we settle on.  Right now we are getting $1 per square feet of living space including the attached garage and all floors of the home, according to County Assessor records.
  2. As you will be working the job with me, you will be paid $50/hour while on site, interviewing the client, dowsing for the stress lines, installing in the ground and then producing a drawing later for the client.
  3. If it is a job originating from me, I will pay you $35/hour to work it with me.  Most homes take 6-8 hours to complete.
  4. During our busiest seasons, March 1-November 15, you will pay me $150/month to help support all the publicity, marketing and supplies that I am responsible for until you are fully ready to be CERTIFIED by me.
  5. You will be trained also in the tools created by my mentor Slim Spurling as we are going to be putting together packages for the clients.  You may view them on the internet:  Slim Spurling’s LIGHT LIFE® TOOLS.  There are many others out there who are fraudulently copying his tools.  The federal government tested the ones manufactured by his wife and her company IX-EL to be authentic in creating the TENSOR FIELD.
  6. If interested, you may be considered to assist me in teaching as I continue to create pods of folks around the country to assist us in supporting our Planet and all living things during the environmental assault that has been launched by many businesses, governments,  and profiteering. Thank goodness, people like you exist and are ready to assist me and my team!

I don’t know what you are doing in your career now, but this is not a full time job, really.  I have practitioners who supplement very nicely their main practice with this or their ‘day-job’, if you will, very nicely however.

Besides we are a for profit operation as well.  I looked into the nonprofit route and it is too time consuming when we need to be gathering and presenting research for people in need.   

***Our research, which is mentored by 2 PhD scientists, is showing that with the 5G coming on in communities across the country, this work will be instrumental in helping sensitive people or folks compromised by health or wealth concerns.  Also, with the current climate changes and the fracking.***

I am excited to meet you and work with you!