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Good Afternoon,

Ok here we go on your installation. at your Brother’s house!

  1. If you need more rods and you are considering to apprentice with me, just count them out what you need and I will sell them to you this way.  I doubt that you need 10 lbs. to finish your brother’s home. 
  1. A ten pound bundle of prepared rods costs you $285 at this time. If it were me, I would ask my brother to pay the fee for more rods.  I get $1 per square feet of living space including attached garage.  Remember where the big rocks were on the North side at our Host’s Home?  (the air conditioner was there?)  I had my young assistant hammer most of that rocky area)

  3.  Prices vary some as the price of copper goes up and down.  It is high again and the fellow who cuts and bends them for me does a PRECISE cut and buffs them for me so we don’t hurt ourselves with them.

****you will not need more rods if you pull up the flags close to your apartment behind your Brother’s home. Simply move up into that first garden closest to the house.  You can reflag along the border of the walk or garden and that should save you about 20 pair, I would think.****

I am going to mail you the book today, so I don’t need to drive into Boulder right now.


I would love to talk to you about anybody in Crestone you know who you may think would appreciate this work.  

It is known for helping CREATE SACRED SPACE besides all the other things listed on my website. 

The owner of Joyful Journey Hot Springs once had me down there to test around the 10 acres she owns out back of the hot springs.  A ‘green architect’ invited me down there.  She put me up and bought me dinner for me to walk around the property with him and dig and dowse for hot water.  (I have forgotten her name however as that was almost 30 years ago.)

I also dowsed for her for the “lines blocking the sale of the property”, and installed them while I was there.  This kind of dowsing and installing has made me some money with Realtors and property investors throughout my career with Earth Acupuncture, Llc.

Anyway, you are a good dowser!  At least for the EARTH ACUPUNCTURE LLC that I do!  You will realize if you do want to get in my Apprenticeship program, much more about the depth of this work and the benefits to doing it for people.


Inquiry: Diagnosis Prostate Cancer, Caught Early

Hello Karen –
I’m curious about your work. I have recently been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and am looking for some support around working with my subtle energies. I’m wanting to prepare for a likely surgery here in Denver (through Kaiser) as well as orient myself to a strong recovery. Also, interested in better understanding my dream life.
Please let me know if you’re available for a short consult.
Thank you,



Oh, gosh…I am so sorry you are dealing with that challenge.  How did you hear of me?

When you look on the website please look over the EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, TESTIMONIALS and a little of the BLOG if you have time.

I am happy to say that I have only lost 2 cancer clients in 30 years.  That is not a claim. It is fact.

  One, a female, had the breast cancer gene.  She died at 74 and I was with her daily.  She was one of my very first clients in 1992.

The other person was a surgeon referred to me who had a very advanced form of a rare brain cancer in stage 4.  He was told he would be gone in 3 months or sooner.   My Apprentices and I did his home but I didn’t ever hear back from him or his wife. 

The doctor who referred him– to me– recently told me,   (as we were doing HIS home)  that this fellow lived almost a year after we did that home.  He said he was happy and didn’t have hardly any pain.  But my client did pass within a year after the day we did his home.

So, yes please let’s have a free consultation!

2 Days Left? Register Now!



Saturday, June 13, 2020, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m; and Sunday, June 14, 2020, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. LOCATION: Erie, Colorado
HOST: Kyle Liston, LAc, For directions and dietary needs, call 303-665-4225.

COST: $500 per person or $700 for 2 people living together and sharing the 10 pounds of prepared rods in the TAKE HOME KIT. Register now with or contact her at her office: 303-665-0175
OR Cell/Text: 303-810-6486. Cash, money order and credit cards are accepted. SPACE IS VERY LIMITED!

CORONAVIRUS SAFETY: We will adhere to all required safety measures due to Coronavirus. If you have questions about this, or need more information on the workshop, call/text Karen at 303-810-6486.

LUNCH: We’ll have a 1-hour lunch break each day on site, and will serve vegetarian lunches, snacks and beverages.

CONTENT: You will learn how to dowse the property for Geopathic and Hartmann stress lines caused by natural earth energies, such as fault lines and underground water, as well as Hartmann lines caused by WI-FI, cell towers and other manmade technologies. You will learn how to install custom-cut copper L-rods to relieve these proven stressful energy fields. Clients who have had their homes dowsed and “cured” by Karen say that their space feels “lighter, cleaner and more sacred.” They report they sleep better and experience more harmony and wellness of spirit, health, and finances. If you are interested in entering Karen’s APPRENTICESHIP program, you Karen will discuss requirements. Karen and her apprentice will be available for assistance after the event at half their usual charges for participants only.

TAKE HOME KIT: 10 pounds of prepared copper L-rods to install yourself; Egyptian Rods for a condo or office space; pendulum, training manual and bibliography; the book, IN THE MIND OF A MASTER, by Susan Anderson with Slim Spurling; and Karen’s mini-book, THE WEIRD HISTORY OF DOWSING©. All these items in your Take-Home Kit are valued at over $350. On Sunday, Karen will demonstrate Light-Life®Tools, manufactured by her mentor SLIM SPURLING, and she will be prepared to take orders. This workshop may be taken as Professional Training, Home Improvement, or for medical tax deductions. Karen has a success rate of more than 95% in training people to dowse!

ABOUT KAREN: Karen Rice King is a Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser, and Ordained Minister living in Boulder County, Colorado. Karen has worked for more than 29 years as a Master Dowser, trained by the internationally known geobiologist and inventor, Slim Spurling. Her pendulum skills began in the early 1980s with the internationally known herbalist Hannah Kroeger. Please note: this work is not a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional.


From: Karen King <>
Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 11:56 PM
To: Sofia

Please see below…

From: Sofia
Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 9:43 PM
To: Karen King <>
Subject: <no subject>

Hi Karen,

What do I need to know about your apprenticeship, that goes beyond just taking the workshop? I have an old apprentice contract I can send to you after the workshop.  It is a too many steps ahead for now.

Would you accept a payment plan for your workshop? From you, yes.  We have already begun a relationship.  From a dark night in Boulder with you on a bike directing me to Psychic Horizons.  Then, participating in my Psychic Horizons presentation on ‘The Ancient Ways of the Americas’.  Then, your many texts and voice conversations with me.  Then, your willingness to ‘run an experiment’ with the EGYPTIAN ROD KIT where you are living.  This is beautiful, really.  I hear of your many gifts that you may share with me.  If EARTH ENERGY ACUPUNCTURE™ speaks to you, than this is the next step.

   I’m still waiting for the unemployment insurance money so I should be able to pay all of it after it goes through.  I feel comfortable with you joining the upcoming workshop June 13 & 14,  if you do.  I know you have your challenges.  You have heard some of mine.  Like old friends who haven’t had much time together in decades, I feel we resonant.  The weather may be hot, like this week.  We may have rain.  If you read and understand the flier, there will be social distancing to protect everyone.  When we get closer as the dowsing exercises begin, we will all have masks on. Much planning and integrity is going into this particular training as it is the first since we all have been living in a pandemic environment.  One with many mysteries to some.      Yet, not to you or to me as we live differently, attuned to a different drum, if you will agree.    I just want to make sure that you are feeling strong inside yourself about this. And if so, I will be excited to see you there.

  I have a Native American born Seer coming from Oklahoma with his wife to study with me for their second time. He allows me to say that he is the first “one-armed Native” I have successfully taught to dowse with L-rods.  He is a Vietnam Vet who is poisoned by ‘agent orange’.

I have a couple coming from the south metro area and for sure, one of them has intense immune challenges.  Our hostess is a licensed Acupuncturist and a Registered Nurse, returning back to Colorado to her home here.  She ran an Acupuncture Clinic on the East coast for years for Vets and had much successes.  I have known and worked with her for decades and she is a true colleague and friend.

There will only be one or two more participants allowed with the guidelines we have and hopefully you are one.  

Two of my paid Apprentices will be there as well, one I have worked with for over 20 years.  

Lunches and snacks are included and will be served with guidelines for your safety.  If you have dietary restrictions please contact Kyle directly and her phone and email are on the flier.

Magical Blessings to you, no matter your decision.  I look forward to knowing you even better.

Thank you,

MY POST ON FB/ May 21, 2020 Regarding Demonstrations

Karen Rice King THIS IS STREET THEATRE. Enjoy or turn the channel. When street theatre began in the US it was spontaneous. “Live Theatre”. to say what was in your heart. These people are displaying their constitutional right to ‘bear’ arms in public. STREET THEATRE. Not quite the same as the mentally challenged individual who loses their grounding and happens to have a gun (unregistered and illegal) and walks into a public place and shoots her/his spouse and a few others. JUST SO YOU KNOW, I am a PEACENIK! Crystals and prayer beads and a drum and rattle.


User in Augusta, GADec. 15, 2019

Hello, I have been a pet sitter for many years and I have always charged a set amount for overnight care. I typically charge $45 a night for one pet, cash. 24 hr care. Most others charge much more than this. Then if there is a fish tank or another pet in the home, it is an added $10 per animal or fish tank, or bird cage PER NIGHT. Weekly discounts are considered. It is considered a cash donation to my Ministry. My prices were comparable to many other care services in the area. Hope this helps! Karen. Cell/text: 303.810.6486.

COLLABORATION TO LOOK FORWARD TO With Physician from Littleton, CO (March, 2020)

Well here we are…all quarantined with the COVID 19 pandemic upon us. One of the wonderful things that has occurred just prior to our ‘stay safe-stay home’ movement is that I met with a Chiropractor from Littleton and tested his home.

This has led to emails, texts and a plan going forward to not only do HIS HOME, but for me to trade with him some to get a better idea of all the services he has to offer!

He uses equipment for scanning his patients to read their entire medical findings. One of the categories of the indicators is Geopathic Stress. He is getting this reading as one of the complicating pieces to a person’s full medical chart. And he has said he will begin referring these patients to me for EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, LLC..

He and his wife will be hosting me and a paid Apprentice for a workshop at their clinic when the virus threat is lifted.

They see the value in the training for those who want or need to save money and install at their own homes after the training. I want it noted here that if it becomes too overwhelming for anyone to install at their own home, we will be offering a 50% discount to help you on your site, if you take our training.

I personally am excited to have treatments with Dr. Rob Arne as he has other devices such as Riff machines for different challenges I have.

Not to mention that I work in these negative polarity stress lines so much as my career requires!

If you’d like more information as these upcoming events are set, please contact me, and we will get you on the list for Newsletters that go out every other month. And you will also receive discounts and events news this way.

I am so excited to work with him. I have even mention our SLEEP STUDY FOR ADULTS with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE to him.

Who knows? Perhaps we will finally do some fund raising and get this professional study funded and going!

Many thanks to all of you who already support this wonderful, magical work! And the Light Life(R) Tools that were created by my mentor Slim Spurling. I am still providing these to my clients thanks to Katharina Kaffl Spurling and her crew of folks manufacturing and testing the tools to this day.