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Karen Rice King mentored with the internationally known Slim Spurling in 1991 and has adapted the work to help people with health, finances and wish lists. She is a Master Dowser, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, and Ordained Minister.

This discounted opportunity is available until May 15, 2019. Save hundreds of dollars!

Call/text Karen at 303.810.6486 and please leave a message or email Karen@KarenRiceKing.com.


Happy Easter Nicole!

I have gotten the first full assessment done on you and 2 clearings.  Are you feeling it?  Shall I send photo to your phone?

We usually have a short check-in phone talk soon.  Then, when the entire first sheet of assessment and clearings is done, I MAIL IT TO YOU.

I don’t have your address anywhere that I can find, so please provide for me.

At that point, what is included in cost is a 30 minute phone consult going over every detail I see important and answering your questions.  I test while we are discussing these things and give you life pointers on how to protect yourself and be more PRO-ACTIVE, with this particularly if it is a SOUL CONTRACT you have made before entering this Life.

Then, we start all over again on Sheet #2!

Remember you will be in the HUMAN’S ACTIVE FILE, for a calendar year from your intake.

Many Blessings!  Karen


Well, we were scheduled this weekend in Taos but the Spirits would have it that we are in Denver at the lovely home of Nelda W. She and Seth are doing SO well and today they learn how to hammer rods properly into the ground! We will also be testing the property for negative personal lines, portals and votexes.

Deborah Keys, who teaches HOUSE HEALINGS at Psychic Horizons is the host for the May workshop in Denver. She is coming today to teach these two how to be the client/facilitator with the pendulum. She is my Lead Apprentice on the Front Range currently. We have done lots of jobs together and she has taken my workshop 4 times over 2 decades. The material is always changing and we are always growing!

SOUND LIKE FUN? Please join me in Denver May 18th & 19th and get the take home kit to install at your own home. Flier in Workshops on karenriceking.com!

You may not be considered for the APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM until you go over all of Slim’s and my research in this weekend’s mind-expanding workshop.




Saturday, May 18, 2019, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m; and Sunday, May 19, 2019, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.HOST: Deborah Keys. For directions and dietary needs, call 720-982-3733 or email

deborahkeys8@gmail.com.Location: Denver near Sloan Lake.

COST: $600 per person or $800 for 2 people living together and sharing the 10 pounds of prepared rods in the TAKE HOME KIT. Register now with Karen@karenriceking.com or contact her at her office: 303-665-0175
OR Cell/Text: 303-810-6486. Cash, money order and credit cards are accepted. SPACE IS VERY LIMITED!

LUNCH: Lunch, snacks and beverages included in cost. A 45-minute lunch break each day on site. Contact Deborah Keys, 720-982-3733, for dietary needs. Contact Karen, 303-810-6486, with all other questions and registration.

CONTENT: You will learn how to dowse the property for Geopathic and Hartmann stress lines caused by natural earth energies, such as fault lines and underground water, as well as Hartmann lines caused by WI-FI, cell towers and other manmade technologies. You will learn how to install custom-cut copper L-rods to relieve these proven stressful energy fields. Clients who have had their homes dowsed and “cured” by Karen say thattheir space feels “lighter, cleaner and more sacred.” They report they sleep better and experience more harmony and wellness of spirit, health, and finances. If you are interested in entering Karen’s APPRENTICESHIPprogram, you will have time to learn about what it entails. Karen and her apprentice will be available for assistance for a few days after each event.

TAKE HOME KIT: 10 pounds of prepared copper L-rods to install yourself; Egyptian Rods for a condo or office space; training manual and bibliography; the book, IN THE MIND OF A MASTER, by Susan Anderson with SlimSpurling; and Karen’s mini-book, THE WEIRD HISTORY OF DOWSING©. All these items in your Take-Home Kit are valued at over $350. On Sunday, Karen will demonstrate Light-Life®Tools, manufactured by her mentor SLIM SPURLING, and she will be prepared to take orders. This workshop may be taken as Professional Training and Karen has a success rate of more than 95% in training people to dowse!

ABOUT KAREN: Karen Rice King is a Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister living in Boulder County, Colorado. Karen has worked for more than 29 years as a Master Dowser, trained by the internationally known geobiologist and inventor, Slim Spurling. Her pendulum skills began in the early 1980s with the internationally known herbalist Hannah Kroeger. Please note: this work is not a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional.

FOR EARTH DAY, April, 2019

A Hathor Planetary Meditation
Through Tom KenyonA Song of Gratitude to the EarthAs Earth passes through an unprecedented portal of rapid transformation this song is an energetic offering to Gaia and to all its sentient beings. It is also an offering to the myriad non-corporeal beings who stand in support of this Earth and to all those who endeavor to live the upward path that embraces all life with compassionate understanding.
In this time of great planetary uncertainty and distress it is not just the humans that suffer but all beings both corporeal and non- corporeal, seen and unseen.
This song is a gift from our spiritual teachers whom we collectively refer to as The Aethos and who dwell in the 10th – 12th dimensions of our reality.
It is a means for you to connect with the ascending path within yourself and to communicate through the language of your heart to the Earth and to all beings who dwell upon and within her your compassionate understanding and your gratitude for sharing the vast mystery you call life.
From the perspective of the Aethos, your biological life is but one expression of your greater Life. And it is helpful for those of you who are striving to live upwards to realize that you reside within multiple dimensions of consciousness and light simultaneously. This understanding will greatly mitigate any suffering you might experience as your Earth goes through the planetary changes that are well underway.
A Song of Gratitude to the Earth has two purposes. The first is to be a means of comfort to you as you enter the harmonic field of being that gave birth to this song. And the second purpose is to provide a way for you to extend this comfort to other beings from afar.
Whenever you communicate authentic heart-felt gratitude to another being, or even to a planetary consciousness such as Earth, it affects the very fabric of existence through the grace and power of all-embracing love that transcends and sees beyond the differences between all things. This type of love is enigmatic and is not affected by likes or dislikes, but instead it forgives and forges new higher expressions of life even in the midst of life’s seeming dissolution.
When you release into the world any act of all-embracing love you are elevating all of life. This song is simply one means of doing so.
To engage the song, simply enter the feeling of appreciation or gratitude as you listen to the sound codes. Then direct these feelings of gratitude from your heart out into the world in whatever ways feel natural to you in your imagination. Some of you might see and/or feel these feelings of all-embracing love flowing out from your heart in all directions. Some of you might see yourself, in your mind’s eye, floating in space sending these feelings to Gaia and to all of those who reside upon and within her.
If you choose to work with this song on a regular basis you will find that it brings you inexplicable comfort, and you will begin to sense how this comfort flows through you to others.
The Hathors
March 20, 2019
Tom’s Thoughts and Observations  
I think this message is beautiful in its simplicity and certainly a timely one.
If you are unfamiliar with how to create coherent emotions such as appreciation or gratitude, I suggest you read a short article I wrote on the subject. Entering these coherent emotional states is a vital necessity for this sound meditation to work as it was intended. You can find the article in the Articles section of the website. (www.tomkenyon.com) by scrolling down the queue of titles until you find Appreciation and Gratitude: A Basic Primer or you can click here.
Click here to listen to and/or download A Song of Gratitude to the Earth.


Dearest Karen, 

You are never out of mind or heart.  The tools and everyday CD`s playing.

The first few days of the water drinking and wearing of the personal harmonisers really did a lot of lovely balancing and clearing. 

I am much more at peace within myself and environment. 

I am trying to get Meena in the same space but she is struggling to adjust and does not feel right.  I am putting that down to detox, given she is drinking the potentised water. Just like Slim experienced in his book. 

I have some questions which I hope you can respond to with your learned knowledge and direct experience.How often should  we charge the environment harmonisers with the clearing CD. 


This can be done daily on each property.  You have to judge for yourself.  Remember that the personal harmonizer with the mini feedback loop may be run INSTEAD of the Environmental or Agricultural harmonizers.  In your book you will see how many miles each is capable of helping.  Personal harmonizer is 3 miles, 360 degrees and it the others go up substantially.************

KIRIT: How often should we charge the personal harmonisers with the feedback loop with the clearing CD.  

KAREN: You may run whenever you like.  You can do no harm.************

KIRIT: Is it ok to play the Kings Chamber and Grandma`s Drum CD`s to the harmonisers. In the same way (ear phones attached or sitting in front of the CD Player) immediately after the environment clearing CD. 

KAREN: There is no fast and hard rule on ANY of this.  However I would want the field created to NOT BE SWITCHED as fast as you are suggesting.  I would wait an hour minimum.  The ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD is clearing out and balancing the area you are in, for very specific mitigation.  If you have had a treatment and come home to relax, I would play the King’s Chamber or the Grandmother’s drum then.  I would play the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING before leaving the home in the morning before going to treatment.

KIRIT: If we shut down the personal harmonisers by putting them in the small Ring provided, then does that mean we have to re-charge the harmonisers again before wearing.  Eg. : Do you lose the harmoniser power completely  each time you put them in the ring.

KAREN:  NO the Tensor field in my experience is NOT shut down unless you bag or box the tools and put them in a drawer.  My tests with Verizon technical managers say that this is when the WIFI is eliminated from the home completely.  UNLESS you have the EGYPTIAN RODS up on the walls, for then with the tools sitting out the WIFI is undetectable.

If I am wearing the Personal Harmoniser and decide to sit or stand in the 3.5 Cubit Ring for meditation does that Shut down the harmoniser as in Q4 above. 

KAREN: ABSOLUTELY NOT!  The two together are amazing.  I would wear your necklace in meditation all the time.  Same with when the ring is hanging on the wall facing you.  It is enhanced by the 3.5 cubit ring!  Intention is also a factor in many of the experiments all through Slim’s book.  Set your intention before use of any necklaces or tools.*********

  Should I remove the personal harmoniser before sitting in or in the line of a Ring.

KAREN: Try both. Different setups for different needs. Keep trying new things and playing and having fun with your experiments. Document what works best for you!**************** 

How do I charge the Feedback loop and Acu Vac Coil. 

KAREN :  When you want to “cleanse or charge” things, always run them back and forth through a gold, silver or copper ring.  It is not necessary, but I have noticed a difference in their frequency once I pick them up again.  You may SPEAK THROUGH a ring something important to you or something beautiful to say to Mother Earth, Father Sky or Source of All.*************

If I use the feedback loop or Acu-vac coil for removing the negative energy or healing, then what must I do to clear any of the energy of that person in those tools before I can use it for the next person.  

KAREN: As I tried to get you familiarized with the use of CRYSTALS as different that the use of LIGHT-LIFE® TOOLS, the TOOLS DON’T PICK UP ANY NEGATIVITY.  Again, when done with a session, however, you may choose to set the tools you used on someone else or yourself inside a silver or gold ring overnight.**************

If I am requested to do distance healing and energy clearing of a person with their permission using a photograph, then is it best to use the feedback loop, or acu-vac. By placing the photo in front of it.

KAREN:  I would insert the acuvac coil into the feedback loop first with “ball to the wall” to EXTRACT.  Then, alternate with acuvac coil inserted in feedback loop with the ball towards the client.  MUCH STRONGER than the individual tools alone.***************

Is it ok to charge up more than one tool at a time.  ie. if I place on a mat all the 3 environmental and personal harmonisers and play the CD`s to them as a group charge.

 KAREN: Lovely!  You are on to it!**************

Same as Q9 but can I charge up with the headphones the two Personal harmonisers with one cd player. 

KAREN: YES!*********************

Are  we  supposed to charge the Rings.  If so How.  

KAREN: All tools get cleaned when you run the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD.  The other 2 CD’s will bath the tools differently as they are as “alive and conscious” as we are.******************

Is placing the tools in the sun a way of cleaning and re- energising them (like Crystals) or is the CD playing the only way, I refer to all the tools including rings. 

KAREN: The tests I have run over decades show no change in the tools really in their abilities from being out in a Full Moon or out in the Sun.  Yet if you believe as I do that these are “living beings”, don’t we all love some fresh air?  And if you take them out into Nature or to a botanical garden, feel the difference in them and let me know.  Plants LOVE the tools!  Pets and all living things respond positively to the tools where ever I have displayed them.  Take the 2 cubit ring with you to a lake you know is dirty and hold it up and speak to the cleaning of the water and the Spirits of Nature in that environment and let me know what you experience.  MARVELOUS VIBRATIONS coming and going between Nature and the tools ALWAYS.**************

Please can you let me know at the earliest so I can things properly and get best results.  

KAREN: PLEASE let me know how your wife is doing! Cut back on the potentized water. Let her tell you how much time with the tools feels “right” as we all experience these things different. Let me knowhow your condition is responding.  Keep up this practice with the tools as if Life depends on it, like your meditation practice. 

Even 10 minutes with the tools will make life more vibrant for you! You will come out of any challenges put before you, I know!

If at all possible, as my traveling will be picking up during good weather to install the L-rods for EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, please give me as much time as you are able with your visits so that I may get to spend some more time with you!  Big Hugs, Karen*****************

Needless to say I will be ordering much more items from you on my next trip. 

Again I can’t thank you enough for so much time and company given to me on my last trip.  You certainly managed to get everything sorted in time for me to catch my flight despite the heavy snow as we were in the midst of our procurement. 

God Bless and love and Light always.




Taos Welcomes

DOWSING and TRAINING with Karen Rice King

FREE TALK and DEMONSTRATION, Wednesday, March 20th, 5:30-6:30 p.m.

WORKSHOP DATE & TIME: Saturday, April 6th, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m, and Sunday, April 7th


3 GENERATIONS Request Support

Dear (Katherine) Karen Rice King, 

LRM:   I missed your recent presentation on Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture at the PRF meeting I’m sorry to say, but Phil picked up an extra handout for me.  I met you awhile back at an SSE seminar through Phil. I, as well as my daughter April, are very interested in your research and teachings in sleep and allergies caused by the Hartmann lines of earth and EMF pollution from technologies as well. My daughter April just moved here recently from Oregon to aid in nursing her daughter, my granddaughter. Granddaughter, at the young age of 25 years is going thru a critical time in her life and has been diagnosed with RA factor.  We are very adamant in refraining from prescription medicines.  On top of all this since April’s arrival, April,  has become allergic to her cat, who has been living with me for past the few years that she has been gone. She has always been extremely sensitive to these energies which was the reason she left home a few years ago because she could no longer cope with them.    It has been sad to watch her striving to nurse her daughter,  and at the same time suffering through lack of sleep because of her difficulties in breathing. I have suggested several times that perhaps it would be best to find our friend, Patcha, the cat a new home, which is deeply sad for her.  So that said, we  are both interested in your classes on this subject and would also be interested in perhaps being subjects for your study, especially since I am retired and income at the moment is at an all time low,  for me as well as her,  because she hasn’t been in a position to make money herself yet. Do you offer scholarships or payment plans?  Do you ever consider exchanges for services?  I am a photographer and have fine art pieces to barter and I do portraits as well.  Please let me know. 

Sincerely, LRM

Thank you for your reply.  My apologies for the name mistake.  I totally understand your stance on trades.  Blessings for all that you have done.  I hope your future endeavors are funded.  Your work is very valuable as indeed your time.  🙏.     Where shall I find info in the future?   My daughter has had some experience with this so I am quite sure she would be interested.  Please accept my apologies.



The SLEEP STUDY is on hold for the time being due to lack of funding.  I am a sole owner of 3 companies and senior citizen on a very small fixed income.  I am sorry but I am not in a position to take on trades.  And financing clients has been an awful thing for me.

So, I am sorry.  Yet things change.  This is my slowest season with the ground frozen.  I am meeting with one of my Apprentices that may be hosting a workshop soon at her home in Denver. 

I have done a tremendous amount of pro bono work in my life.  For instance, installing at every elementary school in Boulder for no pay and not even did they cover the cost of the rods and the people who helped me hammer all around the building to help with the kids with ADD and ADHD.

Let me contemplate this a little further.  

I know that the EARTH ACUPUNCTURE will support all of your family going through this. 

Do you own your home? 

The best thing would be for your daughter to reach out to me and I will put her on my Newsletter list.  If she is willing to help us with installing at Deborah’s house when we schedule the workshop I can give her some money off the $600 fee.  This fee has a gracious take home kit so she can then do your house!  You will save the $1 per square feet of living space that I charge.  So, a 2000 square foot home including attached garage is $2000! 

We can try to work this out.  I take credit cards also, which I don’t encourage folks to use.  I have a Paypal account and pass the minimal usage fee.  Karen


Hi Karen,

For more than a year, I have been plagued by psychic attacks from my ex-boyfriend. Even though my mother has done the healing she knows how to do, the issues have not resolved.  I also work at a maximum security prison and have picked up entities.  My mother has been able to remove them.  

My mother has done healing for the following:

(Works with my healing team and hers)

Removing cords and weapons (new ones often go right back in)

Removed black sticky tar like residue from my body where cords & weapons were

Removing and destroying entities

Asking Ayesha (Jesus) to seal and remove any and all portals, including in my bed and the house

Clearing all my chakras

Asking that I be connected to Source and filled with Divine love

We have also collaborated and cleared many limiting beliefs, including traumas and emotions from this lifetime and any lifetime, from this dimension and any dimension

Also cleared self-critical thoughts internalized from media, family, friends, etc.

(The thinking behind that is those thoughts can have a lower vibration that would be a matching energy for the psychic attacks, which would allow the cords and weapons in.)

The shields we have put up, don’t last long.  They break as soon as I get stressed.

My mom has also done remote healings on my ex-boiyfriend. It seems to help if she works on him before she works on me. She has cleaned out his chakras, negative thoughts from around his head, negative emotions from his solar plexus (front and back) Cleared entities, cleared some layers of trauma from childhood sexual abuse. She has prayed for him.  She was putting positive thoughts in his AJNA (3rd eye) to help him heal from the pain of loss and to move forward. About 4 months ago, the psychic attacks got worse and I could feel anger from my ex, so she stopped putting in positive thoughts. About one month ago, my mom was doing a remote healing on Albert and realized an entity was all the way inside Alberts body, so she removed and destroyed it. 

I have chronic pain and limited mobility due to these psychic attacks.  We have tried everything we know. I hope the above information is helpful.

Thank you, N.

KAREN: Where are you located?  Have you looked over my website and have an idea of what you want? 

Your challenges are ones I work with all the time for over 30 years. 

Look over the website KarenRiceKing.com and let me know.  I see clients one-on-one is South Boulder.  Intake appointment is $250 and lasts 2 hours. 


I’m in Ca. I contacted you after I looked at your website. I saw that you do long distance clearings. I would like to have all cords and weapons removed and a shield that prevents future attacks.  I want my ex boyfriend’s psychic attacks to stop. I want to be pain free. 
Do you do remote healings? 

KAREN:Absolutely!  $350 up front.  You will be place in my ACTIVE FILE for a calendar year!  3 assessments, 21 clearings over the year.  When a completion occurs I sent you the data by mail and we spend a half hour going over it all while I am testing you on the phone.  

Very successful!  Let me know when you want to start!  I take credit cards…send through FRIENDS & FAMILY to Karenriceking/Paypal.com.  Otherwise I will have to charge you the transaction fee.

Or mail postal money order to Karen Rice King, PO BOX 785, Louisville, CO 80027.

Let me know which you are doing and when you do it and I will start right away on you.  I need your full name now, at birth, where you were born and date and time.

I look forward to teaching you also along the way how to bolster your energy field and how to work on changing your SOUL CONTRACTS with folks.  ALL INCLUDED!