COLLABORATION TO LOOK FORWARD TO With Physician from Littleton, CO (March, 2020)

Well here we are…all quarantined with the COVID 19 pandemic upon us. One of the wonderful things that has occurred just prior to our ‘stay safe-stay home’ movement is that I met with a Chiropractor from Littleton and tested his home.

This has led to emails, texts and a plan going forward to not only do HIS HOME, but for me to trade with him some to get a better idea of all the services he has to offer!

He uses equipment for scanning his patients to read their entire medical findings. One of the categories of the indicators is Geopathic Stress. He is getting this reading as one of the complicating pieces to a person’s full medical chart. And he has said he will begin referring these patients to me for EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, LLC..

He and his wife will be hosting me and a paid Apprentice for a workshop at their clinic when the virus threat is lifted.

They see the value in the training for those who want or need to save money and install at their own homes after the training. I want it noted here that if it becomes too overwhelming for anyone to install at their own home, we will be offering a 50% discount to help you on your site, if you take our training.

I personally am excited to have treatments with Dr. Rob Arne as he has other devices such as Riff machines for different challenges I have.

Not to mention that I work in these negative polarity stress lines so much as my career requires!

If you’d like more information as these upcoming events are set, please contact me, and we will get you on the list for Newsletters that go out every other month. And you will also receive discounts and events news this way.

I am so excited to work with him. I have even mention our SLEEP STUDY FOR ADULTS with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE to him.

Who knows? Perhaps we will finally do some fund raising and get this professional study funded and going!

Many thanks to all of you who already support this wonderful, magical work! And the Light Life(R) Tools that were created by my mentor Slim Spurling. I am still providing these to my clients thanks to Katharina Kaffl Spurling and her crew of folks manufacturing and testing the tools to this day.


Thanks, I’ll check them out. 

On Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 8:14 AM Karen King <> wrote:

Also, Joanne suggested you call the Boulder water quality department yourself and talk to him.  There is really nothing more I can provide for your decision.  Karen


Please let me know your final decision and I will put your order through!

5G and Switzerland!

Switzerland Halts 5G Rollout Due to Health Concerns, Widespread Public OppositionChris Menahan
Feb. 13, 2020


“Switzerland, one of the world’s leaders in the rollout of 5G mobile technology, has placed an indefinite moratorium on the use of its new network because of health concerns,” The Financial Times reports.
Switzerland is relatively advanced in Europe in adopting 5G. The wealthy alpine country has built more than 2,000 antennas to upgrade its network in the last year alone, and its telecoms providers have been promising their customers’ imminent 5G coverage for most of the past year.However, a letter sent by the Swiss environment agency, Bafu, to the country’s cantonal governments at the end of January, has now in effect called time on the use of all new 5G towers, officials who have seen the letter told the Financial Times.[…] The Swiss Medical Association has advised caution on 5G, arguing that the most stringent legal principles should be applied because of unanswered questions about the technology’s potential to cause damage to the nervous system, or even cancers.There have been zero major studies on the health effects of 5G.

On the other hand, there are tons of studies showing WiFi in its current form can have a multitude of negative effects on our health, they’re generally just ignored by our governments and media (the UK recently went as far as banning an advertisement warning about the dangers of 5G).

Here’s another study from just a few months ago.

From BioNews, 7 May 2019, “WiFi devices affect sperm, suggests study”:
A small study by researchers in Japan has indicated that exposure to WiFi may have detrimental effects on sperm function.The study assessed the effect of electromagnetic (EM) waves from WiFi devices on human sperm. It found that longer periods of direct exposure to a portable WiFi router decreased the motility rate and increased the death rate of sperm from human samples.[…] The sperm samples analysed were taken from 51 men seeking fertility treatment, such as IVF or artificial insemination, at the clinic.Samples were tested under different conditions; no exposure to EM, shield-protected, and full exposure.The exposed samples were placed near a pocket WiFi router – similar to the way a mobile phone might be carried in a man’s trouser pocket. After two hours, sperm from all groups had decreased health and motility, but the most substantial effect was seen in the sperm with full exposure to EM waves. The difference in sperm health between groups was seen even more clearly after 24 hours of exposure.’Judging by the results of the current study, it is fair to assume that the longer the exposure is, there is a higher risk for potential negative effects,’ Nakata told newsGP. ‘And what I mean by longer exposure is not only a few days, weeks or months – we are talking about years. So looking at billions of people over the next few decades, the impact could be huge when it comes to fertility rates.’5G towers are exponentially stronger than current WiFi devices and they want them to be in everyone’s neighborhoods within just a few dozen yards of people’s homes for maximum efficiency.

Kudos to the people of Switzerland for rising up against this lunacy, more folks need to follow suit.

Thanks Cynthia Crisp for sending this

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So, open the link to see the ring you get free!  I know many of you ‘lusted’ for this ring when Slim first made it and gave to me.   Prices do not include taxes and shipping…orders count February 7th-14th only…please order through me to get this fabulous deal!  And PLEASE GET THIS DEAL Directly from Me, Karen! or 303.665.0175, Home Office phone. Or text me: 303.810.6486 and we will set a time to talk in person! Don’t wait until the last minute please. The office will close promptly at 4PM on FRIDAY, the 14th. So, set times with me to get your orders in gracefully!

Now HERE IS THE EXCITING announcement from Katharina!

From: Katharina Spurling-Kaffl Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 3:52 PM
Subject: Exciting news!


Today I would like to send you some exciting information. We have created a New Dimension Harmonizers to help with the 5G technology. According to a very gifted medical intuitive the latest version of our Empowerment Community (former Agricultural Harmonizer) goes out about 880 feet radius and seems to reduce the negative effects of the 5G technology by about 80%. The range of it is about 5 miles.

We did some tests in Germany and an institute in Belgium and learned that when we put a 1 ½  New Dimension Lost Cubit Ring gold plated around a Harmonizer it will INCREASE the field and strengths of any Harmonizer. In the case of the New Dimension Empowerment Community Harmonizer it will be increased by a factor of 3 and the normal range from 5 to 8 miles.

I would like all of you to do your own tests and please let us know your findings. If you don’t own a New Dimension Lost Cubit Ring,

I offer you a free ½ Lost Cubit New Dimension Ring 24K gold plated (retail value $234) with any order of $500 or more.

You’ll receive a free 1 Lost Cubit New Dimension Ring 24K gold plated (retail value $333) with any order of $800 or more duringFebruary 7th through February 14th, 2020.

I was sharing these findings with Andrea Slobodian, our distributor in Ohio. She went home and put her ND Lost Cubit ring over her Harmonizer. This is what she shared with me:

“Hi Katharina, I arrived home after work and immediately put my Community Harmonizer in a 1/2 Cubit New Dimension ring that I have in stock. 
It was an amazing experience. I am still internalizing my experience and what I saw unfolding energetically. Got a strong message to leave it like this for 2 weeks.

Thank you so much! I will give you an update. Andrea.”

I find it remarkable and love the fact that we can get the field of the Harmonizers out much further. Please share with your community. I did adjust the prices of the New Dimension Lost Cubit Rings to make them more affordable. 

I do hope to hear from you all and learn about your experiences.




 On 1/21/20, 8:12 AM, “Dawn T” wrote:   Hi Karen,   I’m inquiring about Soul Retrieval and whether you perform this service, procedure and cost for the service.    I recently stumbled upon this subject and it interests me a great deal.     Thanks for your information!   Dawn    

 On Jan 22, 2020, at 8:38 AM, Karen King <> wrote: Yes, Dawn! I have been doing traditional Soul Retrievals since the early 1990’s!   Since you are not a current student or client, the INTAKE appointment is $250 and is 2 hours long.  We will be able to do the Soul Retrieval during this appointment. My Native Medicine man who works with us in Spirit, will help and the good news is that he brings back multiple pieces of your energetic bodies and they are healed when I put them into your body and we balance you with all of this. It coincidently saves my clients a lot of money as in the traditional ways the Medicine woman/man just put one piece at a time back and it wasn’t healed first. I will put my contact information here and I will send you my most recent Newsletter.  This work has been tremendous for many including myself.  I also teach the material.   We may set a free 1/2 hour phone appointment to discuss further.   Karen

APPRENTICE ON VACATION Dowses for Geopathic and Hartmann Stress, 01/20/20

Hello Karen
I am vacationing in the Maldives. I spent a week on a liveaboard dive boat. Amazing experience!!
I will attach a photo of a manta ray. His stomach brushed my head as he went over me. Crazy cool!!
I had one day/night to wait before my flight from Male leaves. Leaving tomorrow’s night. Anyways, I decided that I would spend my last night here on a small island about 65km from Male. Took a speed boat here this morning. 
I dowsed for geopathic stress and Hartmann lines and there are none on this island. It’s very small. Probably 2 square km. It takes 10 or 15 minutes to to walk from one side to the other.
It’s incredibly peaceful. No wonder with no geopathic stress or Hartmann lines.
Just thought I would share this with you.
I hope you are well.
Take care.
Bill Montag

A Different View of EARTH ACUPUNCTURE by Barb Haas (11/27/19)


Earth Acupuncture is working with the meridians of the Earth, very similar to that of the human body with acupuncture needles. Copper rods, or “needles,” are left in the ground, and people who live on the property where an installation has taken place report that they sleep better and find better health. Pets often take on the electrical and geopathic stressors, and as soon as the house is mitigated, the pets move to a different spot in the house to sleep. Real estate folks use these methods to get a property “cleared” to sell.

Master Dowser, Karen Rice King, studied and worked with the internationally known Slim Spurling. In 1996 Slim granted Karen the use of the term EARTH ACUPUNCTURE and encouraged her to start her own training of apprentices, which she has done.  

She began this work as part of her private practice in Boulder County, Colorado, she is returning to the Gunnison Valley to mitigate homes, ranches, real estate properties. 

For more information, or to get on her  schedule, call or email or 303-665-0175.


OK, LO, here we go!

I am available for December 23-31st for overnight care of 6-8 pigs, a large dog and a cat.  Due to the time of year, I will allow 24 hours on either side of this appointment time for YOUR travel changes due to weather.

I also water house plants, bring in mail and bring my own food.

If you go to my website, you will see the diversity in my life.

I have lived in Boulder County since 1975 and started my private practice as a volunteer at the Humane Society.  Why is this important?  I got to be known first in the public eye as a “pet psychic”.

I have been trained in Linda Tellington’s , Level one, work on animals.  She got married and last I heard was still working at the San Diego Zoo.  The work allows me to apply my hands in the gentle manner she is known for with such maneuvers named the raccoon touch, etc.  These descriptions are used to describe the way my hand looks as I move down the sides and legs of the animal client.

I have a fabulous 1995 MITSUBISHI MONTERO, with a newer engine and old fashioned 4-wheel drive.  I have gotten out of deep sand and deep snow, in this vehicle!

I am turning 70 in 2020, and have limps, sometimes, and can not do heavy lifting  over 20 pounds.  I was a state champion swimmer and a pre-Olympic diver to go to Mexico in the 1972 Olympics to dive the cliffs there.  I never got my medal due to a “incident”.

Any questions before our delightful interview?

Go ahead and lay it on me!

Lighting Love, Loving Light©,


FREE TALK @ Psychic Horizons, December 3rd, 7pm-8pm


Karen Rice King is an Energy worker, Spiritual Psychic and well known Master Dowser for her work with Earth Acupuncture, LLc.  She also is a Global Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher.  Running  an Apprenticeship Program and mentoring clients and students is her thing!  Dowsing is one of the historically oldest methods for Spiritual, Psychic and real world problems and challenges.

We will spend the time seeing demonstrations and being led in a shamanic journey.  Karen will be educating us in Indigenous ways from around the world. You will see her dowse for Geopathic stress, which can raise havoc in our lives.  Where lines cross in our homes it can create disease and  worse.  She is researching the effects of Fracking and 5G on our culture and the living beings around us. 

She will have a benefit for all of you to leave with!