Hi Kay,
After knowing you for so, so many years it is such a pleasure to re-connect and hear all about Ace and his wife buying property in Nashville, TN.
So, to email the details we talked about:
1.  The most immediate recommendation is this.  They can purchase on my website KARENRICEKING.COM/Products, two EGYPTIAN KITS.  One should be placed around the foundation and one should be placed in the basement.  With construction going on, the sooner the better.  (they can hide the set in bsmt under drywall and on the studs)  (around the foundation they can hammer them in the ground or tape up on the rain gutters, etc. with duct tape)  There are explicit easy directions included with the kits.
NEXT they want to add from my mentors line (LIGHT LIFE TOOLS) a PERSONAL HARMONIZER.  The least expensive ones are the sacred GOLD @ $320 + S&H  or the sacred SILVER@ $350.  PLEASE ORDER FROM ME DIRECTLY THESE TOOLS.  They both come with a sacred 1/2 cubit ring of the same metal and they are on a silk cord and have a matching silk bag to ‘hide’ the harmonizer or to put against the skin.
To this, they add the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD @ $35.  This combination was tested in 2005-2006 by the Federal government to produce the TENSOR FIELD which mitigates the geopathic stress lines (underground water, heavy metals in water, etc) as well as the Hartmann lines named after Dr. Hartmann in Germany who discovered that where all these grid lines intersect in the home, people get Cancer.  So the Hartmann lines mitigate the cell phones, the towers, satellites and anything MAN MADE.
This recipe is currently the LEAST EXPENSIVE for any house with added acreage.
2. If I were there in person, it would cost $1 to $1.50 per square feet of living space including the garage.  You indicated the home alone is 2000 sq ft, so it would be $3000 AIR, FOOD, BOARD and local transportation.  I would then also add the PERSONAL LINES while in person, for which I am distinguished as a MASTER DOWSER from the Dowsers Society (1996 for this work)
3.  If they HOST ME TO TEACH, we split my air fare, they feed and house me and help me promote the workshop.  They serve lunch Saturday and Sunday to participants, (4-6 who pay $450 and go home and ‘cure their own home’ with the kit I supply them with)  They also pay for the rods going into the ground around their home which rarely goes over $300.  And they provide transportation for me, if I should land another job in the area while there.
This is not a contract and I haven’t checked air fare etc. yet, but I would be available for travel to Nashville, the weekend of the 21 & 22 of NOVEMBER (which may not be a good date for workshop based on it being Thanksgiving week).  Or, depending on their weather, I could fly in the first week of December.  We just can’t have a HARD FREEZE in place where the ground has frozen for the season.
Of coarse we have been known in the ‘earlier times’, hammer rods in the ground all around the foundation of the home as it is warmer ground there.  Yet we want the temperature to be at least 40 degrees the day we install and probably that for 2-3 days before we install so it isn’t impossible.
Thanks for your interest and for being a client for decades!  That now your kids and grandkids are going to experience the TENSOR FIELD and my work is exciting to me!  Karen

Dowsing and Earth Acupuntcure

2-Day Training Presented by Karen Rice King, B.A.
Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister

Learn to dowse and “cure” your home and property to enhance your health, relationships, prosperity, and contribution to your neighborhood!

This Workshop has been cancelled!

Below is the rescheduled workshop date!

Dowsing & Earth acupuncture Training Oct. 29-30, 2011 in Colorado

DATE: Saturday & Sunday, September 24 – 25, 2011

TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day

CONTACT: Karen Rice King at 303.665.0175 or email For more information, please visit

WORKSHOP: You will learn how to dowse the property and install copper rods in order to reduce stressful energy fields, resulting in greater health and well-being. The negative energy fields you will correct through dowsing include:

  • Geopathic stress caused by high mineral content in the soil, underground running water, rack strata, and heavy metals in the water supply.
  • Hartmann stress from electronic devices, electrical surging, radar, sonar, microwaves, power lines, and cell phone towers.


  • Working with a pendulum, asking questions, and receiving guidance
  • Using a compass
  • Dowsing with L-Rods to locate and diagnose stressful energy fields
  • Installing L-Rods to correct these imbalances

BRING: Notebook, pen, and outdoor gear in case of rain.

COST: $350 per person, with reduced rate for couples: friends, partners, or married. Cost includes snacks, beverages and lunch, plus all the items listed below.


  • Pendulum with interpretation chart
  • Pair of dowsing L-rods
  • Compass & ruler
  • Training manual and dowsing bibliography
  • The book Slim Spurling’s Universe, by Cal Garrison
  • Bundle of L-rods and set of Egyptian Method rods with instructions to “cure” your home or office.
Light & Love 
Karen Rice King

REGISTER: Email to invoice you through PayPal to pay with your credit or debit card. If you withdraw from the workshop after September 16, you will receive a refund minus $25 handling fee. If the workshop is canceled for any reason, you will receive a full refund. 

Medicine For The Earth

by Karen Rice King and Roxanne Roberts

The Medicine for the Earth, hosted by Karen Rice King and Roxanne Roberts, was a gathering where they shared the Medicine for the Earth formula, which led students in transfiguration exercises to embody this divinity in order to practice transmutation and transform themselves and the earth.Medicine for the Earth

The world we live in today is different from the world our parents and grandparents lived in. We seem to be in a time of constant turmoil, with things like global warming, war, political unrest, and other traumatic situations facing us each day. It’s like being swept up in a tornado, being spun around, and feeling out of control. There is a way through it, however. A way we can find our center while being in the eye of the tornado. A way to bring balance back into our lives while transforming what is going on around us, back to its natural, neutral state.

The principals or formula from Medicine For The Earth© are designed to show us how to transform personal and environmental toxins, thus healing ourselves and Mother Earth. This is the result of 20 years of studying alternative ways of reversing pollution.

These same principals were used in 2004, with a heart study at the University of Michigan. The results were that the patients who continued to use this as a daily practice are doing better than those who have not been exposed to these principals. Sandra Ingerman, who brought us this formula, was asked to speak about this spiritual practice at the United Nations on July 27, 2006. These principals, used in ceremony, have been scientifically proven, to change polluted water back to a more neutral state.

During a Medicine For The Earth gathering, we taught these principals and introduced students to a new spiritual practice. They learned to transfigure, move beyond physical form, to connect with “divinity” and bring that power through their very being. This enabled them to radiate this energy throughout their bodies, out to the earth and to those around them, by transmuting the “disharmony,” and bringing it back into harmony.

We are not changing things into something else when we use this modality, but merely bringing them back to their natural state. This gathering was experiential and full of different exercises where students learned to embody the divine and be fully present with it. When you apply these principles and spiritual practices to your life, you will change the way you interact with the world. You will discover it’s not “what you are doing” but “who you are” that changes the world. Medicine for the Earth enhances your current spiritual or religious practice.

Love & Light,

Karen Rice King

For more information, please go to Contact Karen Rice King and visit Karen Rice King’s website.