Dowsing & EARTH ACUPUNCTURE Training in Denver in October, 2019


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?


Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019, 10 am – 4:30 pm; and Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019, 11 am – 3 pmHOST: Deborah Keys. For directions and dietary needs, call her at 720-982-3788.
Location: Denver, off Colfax, west of Federal Blvd.

REGISTRATION: $550 per person or $750 for 2 people living together and sharing the 10 pounds of prepared rods in the TAKE HOME KIT. Apprentices may take this workshop for $150. Register by Sept. 9 or contact her at her office: 303-665-0175 or Cell/Text: 303-810-6486. Cash, money order and credit cards accepted.

LUNCH: Lunch, snacks and beverages included in cost. We’ll have a 45-minute lunch break each day on site.

CONTENT: You will learn how to dowse the property for Geopathic and Hartmann stress lines caused by natural earth energies, such as fault lines and underground water, as well as Hartmann lines caused by WI-FI, cell towers and other manmade technologies. You will learn how to install custom-cut copper L-rods to relieve these proven stressful energy fields. Clients who have had their homes dowsed and “cured” by Karen say thattheir space feels “lighter, cleaner and more sacred.” They report they sleep better and experience more harmony and wellness of spirit, health, and finances. If you are interested in entering Karen’s APPRENTICESHIPprogram, you will have time to learn about what it entails.

TAKE HOME KIT: 10 pounds of prepared copper L-rods to install yourself; Egyptian Rods for a condo or office space; training manual and bibliography; the book, IN THE MIND OF A MASTER, by Susan Anderson with SlimSpurling; and Karen’s mini-book, THE WEIRD HISTORY OF DOWSING©. All these items in your Take-Home Kit are valued at over $350. On Sunday, Karen will demonstrate Light-Life®Tools, manufactured by her mentor SLIM SPURLING, and she will be prepared to take orders. This workshop may be taken as Professional Training and Karen has a success rate of more than 95% in training people to dowse!

ABOUT KAREN: Karen Rice King is a Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister living in Boulder County, Colorado. Karen has worked for more than 29 years as a Master Dowser, trained by the internationally known geobiologist and inventor, Slim Spurling. Her pendulum skills began in the early 1980s with the internationally known herbalist Hannah Kroeger. Please note: this work is not a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional.

Upcoming Schedule: Mile High Dowsers

Dear Fellow Dowsers:

Please join us for our next Mile High Dowsers Chapter meeting.

When:          Thursday September 5, 2019

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Time:           7:00 – 9:30 PM

Where:         Clements Community Center

Columbine Room (Upstairs, an elevator is available)

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7:00 – 7:30   Beginning Dowsing will be offered by Jennifer Newton

Practical Dowsing will be presented by Jordan Piscwioz

7:30 – 7:45   Break

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                     MHD Merchandise – Dowsing Books, Tools, T-Shirts and Totes for sale.  

7:45 – 8:00   Business Meeting

8:00 – 9:30   Evening Program: DVD – Melinda Iverson-Inn

        Courageous Dowsing and your Warrior Nature

MHD Speaker Schedule

October 3      Practical Dowsing    Jack Roberts – Map Dowsing

Evening Program    Ed Cluff – To Be Determined


Nominations of Officers and Members at Large will be accepted at our September 5th meeting.  The election of Officers and Members at Large will be held at our October 3rd meeting. The term of office is two years (January 2020 through December 2021).  Positions to be elected:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Librarian, Merchandise Sales, Website Management and (2) Members at Large. Please be prepared to nominate potential candidates for these positions.  If you have an interest in helping to guide our chapter during the next two years please let us know

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness;

only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate;

only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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NEW EARTH ACUPUNCTURE Apprentice Information: 06/24/19

Good morning Seth!  I am including Hailey as she may be entering a contracted Apprenticeship within a month and we are talking about working together here as well on the idea of the listings on the market 100 days.  Also, please see how the drawings came over to me.  I cannot look at them on the computer like this.  They need to fit an 81/2 x 11 format to print for the client’s folder.  We will work on this.

1.      I will forward these over to my copy center as I don’t have a working printer hooked up right now.  I have one in the garage ready to go…

2.      So, YES you will get credit for the 2 drawings that are full drawings, even if there are minor mistakes.  We will schedule a one hour appointment as soon as possible, but if it makes sense to put it in after the property test Thursday the 30th I will make time for that.  Now, this  will be a $75/hour paid session,  I will teach you how to talk about your drawing and make the corrections needed to have it stellar.  Since this has to be a minimum hour situation, please bring all your ideas, questions, etc.  If we go over I will not charge you as you are pitching me improvements to my business and which will be yours as well someday.

3.      At the interview and test, you will learn how I work in the interview.  If you absolutely feel you need to say something, of course I will let you.  I am concerned with your language in the beginning and want to make sure your grasp is good of the terms and how they are used.

4.      I am going to offer to her that you NOT sit in if she is going to get into very private stuff and that you wait in another room if necessary.  Hopefully she will allow you to go through the entire interview so you will see everything.  I will pledge that you will be CONFIDENTIAL as I am bound to be as a Psychotherapist and Minister. (also an issue for testimonials)

5.      I just want to add that I am very pleased with what I am hearing from Hailey about a plan for us to form a team to work on properties that are listed over 100 days.  This can create some bread and butter income for all of us and I am more than willing to get this going.  This has you in the role of photographer and her realtor.  So, I am the psychic energy worker.  IF Hailey signs a contract as an apprentice with me, and if she can dowse correctly after the June workshop, we may also look at these opportunities as training for the two of you to learn to problem solve the energetics of some of these homes.  In this case, I will be compensated as a trainer in addition to my already stated role.  We can work on this later.

6.      This job I hope we will have coming up, should get scheduled as soon as they want it.  I hope you can arrange your schedule to what the client desires as this is part of the business.  We always will have weather to contend with.  On this first job with me, you will be paid $35/hour until you have proven to me that you can dowse correctly for all 3 grids: Geopathic, Hartmann and Personal.  As soon as you can do this, you will be paid the $50 hour.

7.      The drawings are part of certification.  If for some reason you don’t want to do this part or you can’t complete drawings in time good enough for the client, I am creating another sub-program with my Phd mentor so that you can go on to do this work in a lesser capacity.

So, for sure you are not able to attend the workshop on the 22nd?  I am not charging you!  I just want you to go through the regular workshop as every Apprentice is required to do.  You will get practice setting up the crease we will be inserting rods in, then inserting the rods and covering them up correctly.  At least this will be your job Sunday and I will be getting a sense of how you can assist me for pay in the future at workshops.

You can also help me in demonstrating the tools and if I sell any at the workshop, I will pay you a good-faith commission.

Since you did the training, have you read the book cover to cover and looked over everything in the training manual?  You need to do this, even if it is challenging and you don’t understand everything.  If you are unable to do this, you are required to buy the DVD set of Slim Spurling from me and view that.  You will then have it for questions for future days of work ahead.

Thank you for paying your $150 for May and June all at once for being in the APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM.    I will keep a running record in my receipt book. And you will get a copy at year’s end for use in your taxes regarding this work.  Please remember that all of your costs involved with me are part of your professional training and the tools you are purchasing will be your demos in selling tools for the future.  Make sure you are keeping track of all of this so that your accountant has you covered.

I am still feeling so blessed to have met you at the Paranormal Research Forum talk I gave earlier this year.  I look forward to years of knowing you and working with you as you are a rare talent to someone like me.

Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Psychotherapist

Master Dowser Energy Worker


Shamanic Practitioner/Global Teacher


Ordained Minister

Owner: Compassionate PET/HOME CARE, LLc.

Boulder County, Colorado

Office: 303.665.0175

Cell/Text: 303.810.6486

Serving the World WE Live In 

INFO for APPRENTICES: Response to Iowa 07/27/19

Hello Karen,

I hope you are well and content. Congratulations on your new projects and ventures.

I have a possible earth acupuncture job which is a house. I re read my notes and material from you today. As I have not done this recently I wanted to get some confirmation from you on:

I can charge $ 0.70 per square foot?  I can’t put my hands on your contract but apprentices over here are permitted to charge  $ .50 per square foot of living space including an unfinished basement, attached garage.  Square footage is found in the county assessor’s record.  Client may have the floor plan and if not you need to hand draw it or download from assessors’ records to an 8 ½ x 11 page size.

I do not need to include you in the initial meeting with the client?  That is your choice at this point, however with a 3 way call after you have tested and demonstrated where the negative lines are in person for at least 15 feet on the South and the west side of the house where the Geopathic and Hartmann stress is found…may help you close the deal!  You may charge something for going out to TEST THE PROPERTY and show them your drawings of the work you have done.  Then when they contract with you, take it off the bill. 

While I don’t need rods currently, what is the current cost and quantity of L and also Egyptian rods, the procedure for ordering and the estimated delivery time?  Please contact Lish for your rods.  If you are having difficulty getting them, then call me.  I will need to see a picture of your flagging, the total square footage, pictures of all four sides of the house to determine if you need a 10lb bundle or more.

Thank you Karen and All the best to you.  Many blessings to you.  I always enjoyed our time together. As Alisha is certified now you may  address her with all of this unless you both deem it necessary to pull me in.

More About EARTH ACUPUNCTURE Paid Apprenticeship Program, 05/02/19

Great talking to you the other day…

I will send the contracts to you and please remember that we customize the contracts.  Things to remember when considering Apprenticeship program:  MONEY transactions. 

  1. When we are working together you will pay me $150/month to be in the program
  2. When we are working together and I am being paid $1 per square feet of living space including attached garage, I pay you $50/hour to fulfill your apprenticeship duties, such as hammering rods into the ground and dowsing the property while I check you and teach you.
  3. If  I settle for a cash donation for the property, I pay you $20/hour.
  4. If I agree with the client on a price less than $80 per square feet of living space with attached garage included. (as well as unfinished basements!)…you will be paid $35/hour.

****This is while on the property with me working and training.

So, you see that the money you paid me is earned backed quickly if we land more installations around the workshop time.  I want my Apprentices to succeed and have fun also!

WHEN YOU BRING A CLIENT TO ME:   you will paid a referral fee based on the amount I am paid for the job.  So, usually minimum of $200 and maximum of $500.

IF YOU FIND A PROSPECT INTERESTED IN HAVING PROPERTY TESTED:   Home owners, as they are the ones usually willing to pay this amount, you must not say too much to them in the very beginning and refer them to my website or printed materials.  You will be expected to go to the one hour appointment with me to learn how to test the property, see why the client is considering this work, where we dowse and put flags in the ground to show the client how many stress lines are on the property.  (usually 10-20 feet on the South side of building and on the west side of the building)

Whether I am in Colorado or no matter where I am at the time and the opportunity comes up, I ASK THAT WE HAVE A 3-WAY CALL as soon as possible, so that you start to learn how I get the TESTING APPOINTMENT and INSTALLATION scheduled.  Over time, you will be commanding more and more of the process depending on your abilities and developing you OWN STYLE as I mentor you privately away from the client.  You are not paid for this time that usually lasts just one hour. 

THE ONLY TIME YOU PAY ME BESIDES the monthly $150 when we are working together, is when you are “stuck” on the how to do your drawing of the property correctly or something we have to keep going over and over excessively.  I will tell you and give you a chance to figure this out on your own or get what you need out of materials I have provided or some other source. But if this fails to work and it is an essential part of doing this work on your own correctly then, I charge my Apprentices $75/hour with a minimum one hour charge.

It may happen 2-4 times in your program, which some people take 3 years to complete and others are through in a calendar year.

So, this is more defined and we will add it as an addendum to the contract we both sign, once the workshop is over and we are in private.

Now, in this case where you found land that we can do, but not the home?  You will get $100 finder’s fee for that, as we could actually work in a public park in your area.  It just isn’t as thorough but it works…

Please address any issues or questions as soon as you are able.

I am also adding to the Apprenticeship package a list of questions about how you learn the best.

I am looking forward to developing this with you!  

“if it’s meant to be, it will be!”  


Dearest Karen, 

You are never out of mind or heart.  The tools and everyday CD`s playing.

The first few days of the water drinking and wearing of the personal harmonisers really did a lot of lovely balancing and clearing. 

I am much more at peace within myself and environment. 

I am trying to get Meena in the same space but she is struggling to adjust and does not feel right.  I am putting that down to detox, given she is drinking the potentised water. Just like Slim experienced in his book. 

I have some questions which I hope you can respond to with your learned knowledge and direct experience.How often should  we charge the environment harmonisers with the clearing CD. 


This can be done daily on each property.  You have to judge for yourself.  Remember that the personal harmonizer with the mini feedback loop may be run INSTEAD of the Environmental or Agricultural harmonizers.  In your book you will see how many miles each is capable of helping.  Personal harmonizer is 3 miles, 360 degrees and it the others go up substantially.************

KIRIT: How often should we charge the personal harmonisers with the feedback loop with the clearing CD.  

KAREN: You may run whenever you like.  You can do no harm.************

KIRIT: Is it ok to play the Kings Chamber and Grandma`s Drum CD`s to the harmonisers. In the same way (ear phones attached or sitting in front of the CD Player) immediately after the environment clearing CD. 

KAREN: There is no fast and hard rule on ANY of this.  However I would want the field created to NOT BE SWITCHED as fast as you are suggesting.  I would wait an hour minimum.  The ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD is clearing out and balancing the area you are in, for very specific mitigation.  If you have had a treatment and come home to relax, I would play the King’s Chamber or the Grandmother’s drum then.  I would play the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING before leaving the home in the morning before going to treatment.

KIRIT: If we shut down the personal harmonisers by putting them in the small Ring provided, then does that mean we have to re-charge the harmonisers again before wearing.  Eg. : Do you lose the harmoniser power completely  each time you put them in the ring.

KAREN:  NO the Tensor field in my experience is NOT shut down unless you bag or box the tools and put them in a drawer.  My tests with Verizon technical managers say that this is when the WIFI is eliminated from the home completely.  UNLESS you have the EGYPTIAN RODS up on the walls, for then with the tools sitting out the WIFI is undetectable.

If I am wearing the Personal Harmoniser and decide to sit or stand in the 3.5 Cubit Ring for meditation does that Shut down the harmoniser as in Q4 above. 

KAREN: ABSOLUTELY NOT!  The two together are amazing.  I would wear your necklace in meditation all the time.  Same with when the ring is hanging on the wall facing you.  It is enhanced by the 3.5 cubit ring!  Intention is also a factor in many of the experiments all through Slim’s book.  Set your intention before use of any necklaces or tools.*********

  Should I remove the personal harmoniser before sitting in or in the line of a Ring.

KAREN: Try both. Different setups for different needs. Keep trying new things and playing and having fun with your experiments. Document what works best for you!**************** 

How do I charge the Feedback loop and Acu Vac Coil. 

KAREN :  When you want to “cleanse or charge” things, always run them back and forth through a gold, silver or copper ring.  It is not necessary, but I have noticed a difference in their frequency once I pick them up again.  You may SPEAK THROUGH a ring something important to you or something beautiful to say to Mother Earth, Father Sky or Source of All.*************

If I use the feedback loop or Acu-vac coil for removing the negative energy or healing, then what must I do to clear any of the energy of that person in those tools before I can use it for the next person.  

KAREN: As I tried to get you familiarized with the use of CRYSTALS as different that the use of LIGHT-LIFE® TOOLS, the TOOLS DON’T PICK UP ANY NEGATIVITY.  Again, when done with a session, however, you may choose to set the tools you used on someone else or yourself inside a silver or gold ring overnight.**************

If I am requested to do distance healing and energy clearing of a person with their permission using a photograph, then is it best to use the feedback loop, or acu-vac. By placing the photo in front of it.

KAREN:  I would insert the acuvac coil into the feedback loop first with “ball to the wall” to EXTRACT.  Then, alternate with acuvac coil inserted in feedback loop with the ball towards the client.  MUCH STRONGER than the individual tools alone.***************

Is it ok to charge up more than one tool at a time.  ie. if I place on a mat all the 3 environmental and personal harmonisers and play the CD`s to them as a group charge.

 KAREN: Lovely!  You are on to it!**************

Same as Q9 but can I charge up with the headphones the two Personal harmonisers with one cd player. 

KAREN: YES!*********************

Are  we  supposed to charge the Rings.  If so How.  

KAREN: All tools get cleaned when you run the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD.  The other 2 CD’s will bath the tools differently as they are as “alive and conscious” as we are.******************

Is placing the tools in the sun a way of cleaning and re- energising them (like Crystals) or is the CD playing the only way, I refer to all the tools including rings. 

KAREN: The tests I have run over decades show no change in the tools really in their abilities from being out in a Full Moon or out in the Sun.  Yet if you believe as I do that these are “living beings”, don’t we all love some fresh air?  And if you take them out into Nature or to a botanical garden, feel the difference in them and let me know.  Plants LOVE the tools!  Pets and all living things respond positively to the tools where ever I have displayed them.  Take the 2 cubit ring with you to a lake you know is dirty and hold it up and speak to the cleaning of the water and the Spirits of Nature in that environment and let me know what you experience.  MARVELOUS VIBRATIONS coming and going between Nature and the tools ALWAYS.**************

Please can you let me know at the earliest so I can things properly and get best results.  

KAREN: PLEASE let me know how your wife is doing! Cut back on the potentized water. Let her tell you how much time with the tools feels “right” as we all experience these things different. Let me knowhow your condition is responding.  Keep up this practice with the tools as if Life depends on it, like your meditation practice. 

Even 10 minutes with the tools will make life more vibrant for you! You will come out of any challenges put before you, I know!

If at all possible, as my traveling will be picking up during good weather to install the L-rods for EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, please give me as much time as you are able with your visits so that I may get to spend some more time with you!  Big Hugs, Karen*****************

Needless to say I will be ordering much more items from you on my next trip. 

Again I can’t thank you enough for so much time and company given to me on my last trip.  You certainly managed to get everything sorted in time for me to catch my flight despite the heavy snow as we were in the midst of our procurement. 

God Bless and love and Light always.



Dear Karen,

Do you still see clients in the Boulder area?  Recently I had my annual feng shui session and the woman I work with had suggested I try dowsing.  I suffer from insomnia and have gone through extensive testing to resolve the issue.

If you still are in this line of work, can you please share your process and how much it would cost?  Let me know if you have other questions as well.

Warm regards,

Hi Debbie!

I will be dowsing and running programs in Earth Acupuncture as long as I am on the Planet!

Perhaps you would like to narrow down your line of questioning by looking around my website.

I suggest you look at the EARTH ACUPUNCTURE SECTION and also notice I have a training coming up the 25 & 26 of March in N. Boulder.  I created these trainings so people could go right home and feel confident doing their own homes.  If needed, I can come and check it at a minimal cost since you took the workshop.

If this doesn’t appeal to you or you are unable, we can do your home.  I am running winter discounts to install right against the foundation of the home to save a few hundred dollars of the 80 cents per square foot of living space we usually get.

However, I never turn anyone away from this work who needs it!   We work out a solution together.

A couple of PHD’s have written a sleep study for adults with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.  It is because they both believe in the medical ramifications of this work.  I have only lost one 4th stage cancer patient since 1991 who got this work done to their home and I do Conscious Dying work!

I also use a pendulum with clients to help find the source of the complaint separated from the earth work.

Let me know if you’d like to talk by phone after reading some of my website and there is no charge for that!

Thanks for your interest.  Karen


Hi Kay,
After knowing you for so, so many years it is such a pleasure to re-connect and hear all about Ace and his wife buying property in Nashville, TN.
So, to email the details we talked about:
1.  The most immediate recommendation is this.  They can purchase on my website KARENRICEKING.COM/Products, two EGYPTIAN KITS.  One should be placed around the foundation and one should be placed in the basement.  With construction going on, the sooner the better.  (they can hide the set in bsmt under drywall and on the studs)  (around the foundation they can hammer them in the ground or tape up on the rain gutters, etc. with duct tape)  There are explicit easy directions included with the kits.
NEXT they want to add from my mentors line (LIGHT LIFE TOOLS) a PERSONAL HARMONIZER.  The least expensive ones are the sacred GOLD @ $320 + S&H  or the sacred SILVER@ $350.  PLEASE ORDER FROM ME DIRECTLY THESE TOOLS.  They both come with a sacred 1/2 cubit ring of the same metal and they are on a silk cord and have a matching silk bag to ‘hide’ the harmonizer or to put against the skin.
To this, they add the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD @ $35.  This combination was tested in 2005-2006 by the Federal government to produce the TENSOR FIELD which mitigates the geopathic stress lines (underground water, heavy metals in water, etc) as well as the Hartmann lines named after Dr. Hartmann in Germany who discovered that where all these grid lines intersect in the home, people get Cancer.  So the Hartmann lines mitigate the cell phones, the towers, satellites and anything MAN MADE.
This recipe is currently the LEAST EXPENSIVE for any house with added acreage.
2. If I were there in person, it would cost $1 per square feet of living space including the garage.  You indicated the home alone is 2000 sq ft, so it would be $2000 AIR, FOOD, BOARD and local transportation.  I would then also add the PERSONAL LINES while in person, for which I am distinguished as a MASTER DOWSER from the Dowsers Society (1996 for this work)
3.  If they HOST ME TO TEACH, we split my air fare, they feed and house me and help me promote the workshop.  They serve lunch Saturday and Sunday to participants, (4-6 who pay $450 and go home and ‘cure their own home’ with the kit I supply them with)  They also pay for the rods going into the ground around their home which rarely goes over $300.  And they provide transportation for me, if I should land another job in the area while there.
This is not a contract and I haven’t checked air fare etc. yet, but I would be available for travel to Nashville, the weekend of the 21 & 22 of NOVEMBER (which may not be a good date for workshop based on it being Thanksgiving week).  Or, depending on their weather, I could fly in the first week of December.  We just can’t have a HARD FREEZE in place where the ground has frozen for the season.
Thanks for your interest and for being a client for decades!  That now your kids and grandkids are going to experience the TENSOR FIELD and my work is exciting to me!  Karen
Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Registered Psychotherapist
Master Dowser Energy Worker
Shamanic Teacher
Ordained Minister
PO Box 785, Louisville, CO 80027