Drunvalo & One Lotus Studio Three-Day Series

Drunvalo is providing spiritual guidance and meditations on Dec 20, 21, 22 (see email below). I plan to tune in. I thought you might be interested to know about this.


Here we are! We have made it to the time of the changing of the guard. The male consciousness, who has protected us for the last 13,000 years, comes to completion and the new guard, the female consciousness, prepares for her regal assent onto the world stage. She will lead us into a new balance an d a new way for humanity to express its’ love for each other. What an honor to be alive at this moment!

During this transitional time, Drunvalo Melchizedeck and One Lotus Studios will share this experience with you by broadcasting a three-day series. This series is dedicated to answering your deepest questions, guiding you in meditation into your sacred heart – to sense and feel this magnificent heavenly union of the Earth, the Sun and the Center of the Galaxy. Drunvalo will accompanying you as you feel this new cycle of F eminine Consciousness as it emerges upon our beloved Earth.

If you feel it in your heart to be with us on December 20, 21, and 22, we will be honored to assist you in remembering your intimate connection to the Source of Life during this remarkable transition.

Please go to http://drunvalo.net/upcoming1.php for more information.

This is free for the world and good for your soul.

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For 12-12-12, I did an introduction to shamanic journey at the Center for Holistic Health Community Center in old town Lafayette, where I live now for 14 years, right in Boulder County.

The Director of the Center has been coming to all my recent events and now more practitioners are joining in. I am hoping for more work over there in 2013 as it is 10 minutes from my home and office. We shall see.

The group stayed until 11:30PM on a weeknight, they enjoyed it so much! And asked me if I would consider redesigning my 2 year residential program to a one year program at the Center. Many of them are younger with kids at home. But, we are getting along fabulously.

Our circle focused on working with T’s and PA’s around the 12-12-12 and 12/21/12 Ascension of Mother Earth. We also did some Soul Retrieval work. These folks come from diverse backgrounds and trainings. We really had a great time together, and everyone was joking about “having a sleep over” using the practitioner offices like motel rooms! It was sweet.

Best to all in this amazing time of transmutation and opportunity for transfiguration!!!! Love and hugs too. Karen

JUNE TRIP/Apprenticeship Program/State of Washington

Well, it has been a challenging year for sure, yet I feel clearer and in a higher frequency….now to adjust to mundane day-to-day!!!! I am hoping to reach the hostess of the
Tonasket workshop today or tomorrow to settle the dates. ALSO, Diana in Bellingham at WISE AWAKENING. I am also contacting Matthew in Vancouver and seeing if he and see if he and his wife may want me to come up there.

I am working on the contract for apprentices and will have those ready to go out soon. They are completely adaptable to the individual’s needs and I have lowered my pricing for the long distance program. Let me know if you are still interested! I am hoping to have a new friend host a Bellingham workshop and because of your confusion with your own dowsing, will want you to re-take the workshop before entering the apprenticeship program. We need to see if you can be consistent and confident in your findings, particularly if being mentored long distance!

You know I would love to see you grow into this if your choose and working with you has always been delightful! So, please do not be discouraged or negative in your response to this as I mean no harm. I am simply aware of your many doubts and questions about your dowsing.

Knowing your home was a more than usual challenged property should ease your conscience. Homes right on the NSEW grid are much, much easier to mitigate.

And, I love it over there in Washington, and if all goes well with Brooke apprenticing and you and perhaps Laura too, I will have good reason to come out to work with all on some of the properties which will make you totally secure in your abilities as I coach you.

Also, remember that when I am there working right with you, I bid the job on the phone with you listening in, then, PAY YOU to work with me!! IT IS A PAID APPRENTICESHIP when I can work with you in person!!!!

So, it is to your advantage to start thinking of homes we can do! Start by making a small list of prospects, and I will coach you on how to get folks EXCITED about this. I need to talk to you soon by phone to see what the market will bear in terms of pricing so we are in sync.

I can give folks a great discount FOR A POSTAL MONEY ORDER since I am flying in for the work! Then, I turn around and pay you!

So, let’s set a time this week to talk if possible and if not, let’s get a time for right after Thanksgiving. I am ready to ROCK AND ROLL with the state of Washington!!!!

I will forward the contract over to you today that we have made up currently and KNOW THAT YOU AND I CAN ADAPT IT AS WE AGREE ON.

Much love and support in all you do for the world! Karen


I feel the importance of the transfigured energy and “how to express it” afterwards. THANKS TO ALL in my GLOBAL SHAMANIC TEACHERS NETWORK for the great ideas. My last group who went through a 2 year residential program with me, (set up like Sandy’s but with varied material) really enjoyed doing some breathing exercises after the singing, dancing and chanting. And because it was a small group we did talk among ourselves about the vibration/frequency and how we may direct it into our lives more effectively.

As far as the decrees go, I have them say them through one of Slim’s copper 1 cubit Plain Jane ring. The follow up results have been even more intense and my students, who have all been well-seasoned alternative practitioners see an ease and empowering factor from this. Just an idea and a very inexpensive way to amp it all up.

The silver and gold rings were designed for the more spiritual work, but as a high frequency community, I have noticed that with OUR INTENTION, the copper works just fine.

We also worked with the transfigured energy toward “our home and family” as well as our larger communities and for those who have a “job” instead of a heart filled career, we direct the energy to the transmutation of whatever they are guided to in a healing manner.

I guess after running an employment agency for a few years, I see the dysfunction in our main stream work area. And with 2012, I see the collapse of systems that are no longer able to bear the rising frequencies that we and Mother Earth are ready to exude. So, this idea is to aid in all these transitions as well as the World’s peace and economic areas.

Best to all! HAPPY NEW MOON and eclipse!!! Karen

Dowsing Property October 2006—Outside Lyons toward Estes Park

This is a sketch of an old farmhouse outside Lyons, CO surrounded by apple orchards and limestone. The blue lines on the drawing are representative of negative Hartmann stress lines discovered my Dr. Hartmann in Germany. I attribute these lines to man-made stress, such as radar, sonar, wi-fi, electricity, cell phone towers, etc. Earth Acupuncture Karen Rice King

Green on the sketch represent negative geopathic stress, the negative aspects of earth energies such as the lay of the property in relation to the ley lines, underground water, rock strata, high toxic minerals in the soil, and heavy metals in the nearby water shed. The Hartmann negative stress lines will be mitigated by specific rod installation on South and West sides of the property.

The geopathic negative stress lines are blocked by the installation on the North, South, East, and West sides of the property.

The red lines on the drawing represent the negative personal stress lines, that I gained recognition for as I evolved testing and naming the lines for particular residents in the home including adults, children, and pets. (i.e. looking for little Billy’s cause for lack of sleep and ADD.) Personal lines can come in from any direction and most often off of the N. S. E. W. grid like wild arrows being shot through the home, through the property.

In this particular instance, the teenage son began to do better in school, automatically withdrew from the friends that his mother didn’t like, without any words being said, picked up a couple new sports, and stopped displaying so much anger in the home where his father hadn’t lived in a number of years.

© 2012, Karen Rice King, DBA Ruffled Feathers, LLc.


Induce Harmony Learn with Karen Rice KingSponsored by Cynthia Crisp and Catskill Mountain Spirit
Featuring Karen Rice King, Master Dowser
WHEN: June 9 – 10, 2012 (10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day)
WHERE: 4700 State Route 52, Jeffersonville, NY 12748
CONTACT: Cynthia Crisp, LMT, 845-482-5521 – Info@Catskillmountainspirit.com
Limited accommodations are available at reasonable rates.

WORKSHOP: During the weekend you will learn how to “assess” the land in order to make corrective changes to the energy fields. The 3 major grids of negative stress include:
1. Geopathic grid of earth energies such as imbalanced mineral content
in soil, underground running water, rock strata, heavy metals in water
supply, and radon.
2. Hartmann grid from all the man-made energies of electrical surging,
radar, sonar, microwaves, and cell phone towers.
3. Personal grid unique to the owners of each property.

By the weekend’s end, you will have gained hands-on experience of
diagnostics, flagging the 3 grids, and installing the copper rods to correct
along negative lines. Once a safe zone of Tensor energy has been
created, you will retest the property and discover for yourself that the
building and the land are indeed “stress free.”

TRAINING INCLUDES:Dowsing with Karen Rice King

  • Working with Pendulum for yourself and your community
  • Working with a Compass
  • Dowsing with L-Rods
  • Diagnosing and Installing L-Rods along meridians
  • Slim Spurling’s Life Light Tools

COST: $390 per person (reduced rate for couples available). Full fee due by
May 25 to insure your place.

COST INCLUDES: A pendulum with chart; a set of dowsing L-rods; compass; ruler; training manual and dowsing bibliography; a copy of Slim Spurling’s Universe, by Cal Garrison; a bundle of L-rods and a set of Egyptian rods with instructions to “cure” your home or office.

BRING: Notebook, pen, outdoor gear in case of rain, and your own lunch each day. Beverages and snacks will be provided.

REGISTER: Email Karen@KarenRiceKing.com to invoice you with her PayPal account at your email address, and then you will pay the invoice with your credit card. (If you prefer to pay in cash, please register through Cynthia.) If you withdraw from the workshop after April 27, you will receive a refund minus $25 handling fee. If the workshop is canceled, we will make every effort to reschedule another date as soon as possible. Karen is also booking private client work in your area for the week following this workshop, so please contact her NOW with any inquiries and availability.

MORE INFO: For further inquiries, email Info@CatskillMountainSpirit.com

BACKGROUND: Earth Acupuncture is well established in Europe and Scandinavia, and is known as the ancient science of Geomancy in Asia. In our Western culture, creating safe, sacred space benefits the treatment of a wide range of health challenges both energetic and physical. Economic and other personal issues are also corrected. Historically, Dowsing has been a tool for thousands of years to meet the needs of people all over the
world, primarily for finding water and precious metals. Surprisingly, the military, the police, the mining industry, and even the Catholic Church have used dowsing as an everyday tool to help in “finding and correcting” things and people.

Karen Rice King: Karen has a double major in World Religion and Counseling Psychology from Western College for Women, where she was the assistant to the Chaplain. In 1977 she was teaching Psychic Development and Meditation at the Boulder Free School in Colorado. She met Slim Spurling after a serious auto accident in 1990 in which she had sustained a critical head injury and full body whiplash among other injuries. About 8 months after the incident, Slim installed rods at Karen’s home, and the miracles began. She resumed the ability to read with comprehension; she fully regained her speech; painful symptoms were alleviated; and her healing recovery accelerated. Karen exclaimed to Slim: “I have to learn what you are doing — please!” Within a couple of years of working together on properties, Slim suggested that Karen coin the term “Earth Acupuncture” and start teaching it.

Their work together birthed Karen’s nationally known training program in Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture. Slim facilitated Karen’s recognition as a Master Dowser with the International Dowsers Society because of her abilities to find “offgrid” negative lines on properties.

Since then Karen has taught this work throughout the western U.S., training apprentices and practitioners. Karen has been a teacher for more than 30 years including Shamanism in
her resume, having completed the Teacher Training Program with Sandra Ingerman in 2004. Karen has focused her “curing” and research on ADD, ADHD, and behavioral issues and chemical sensitivities in children. She also continues to research why Colorado leads the nation in adult cases of MS, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. Please see Karen’s website,
KarenRiceKing.com, for testimonials and further information on Earth Acupuncture, workshops, lectures, and training programs.

I’m looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you!

In light and laughter,

Karen Rice King

Is Earth Acupuncture for you?

Below is a great example of how new students and apprentices get in touch with me, Karen Rice King, to become involved with their own healing and learn Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture with an expert.


I am interested in signing up for the Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture Workshop that you will be holding at Cynthia Crisp’s home. I am a recent client of Cynthia’s and have been putting up flyers for the event around the Catskills where I live as a favor to Cynthia. Reading through the literature, I am most intrigued with the work you do and I would love to learn these techniques. I have read through all the information on your site and have a few questions.

Is this work something that you would consider to be easy to learn in a 2 day workshop?

Earth LoveI have an over 90% rate of success for people, ESPECIALLY COUPLES, to be able to go home and do their own property and perhaps the property of a friend or relative.

I feel very drawn to learning this skill you label as “Earth Acupuncture” and am just wondering as a perspective student if I would walk away with a firm understanding of the art to be able to feel confident doing it for my home and others.

The materials alone are superior. Folks tell me they have no trouble with the dowsing and installation. Materials however, like the rods, are more challenging to find, purchase, and get cut properly. The measurements are specific and conclusive in our results.

My second question is concerning the possibility of turning this skill into a means of making supplemental income for people who wish the work be done on their land.

You may take a donation only from your friends and family. That of coarse is between the two of you. In order to charge the public, you must go through an apprenticeship program, which I do have and am currently putting Cynthia Crisp through, so she may help her clients in this way. I started out as a map dowser and did long distance psychic/spiritual work on properties. I have a national reputation as a ghost buster as well. When I learned to put the rods in the ground in this way, I saw how my work intensified so much! I was blown away! Plus the field holds and I guarantee my work for 5 years, unless the dog or a construction crew dig up the rods.

With practicing the techniques you would show, is this something that a practicing beginner/intermediate dowser would be able to do successfully for others?

Like so many things, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. I personally now have done hundreds of homes with a crew or with my apprentices.

And my final question is what would be the discounted rate for couples?

Because I understand your area is challenged financially, I will knock $100 off for your total. So you would be charged $680 instead of $780. You will share the rods for the home, and the Egyptian rods for an office or condo. And the book, about all the years of research etc. All other tools in the kit you take home will be duplicated! I am not ‘in this for the money!!!’ It is my passion and I love to hear the amazing stories afterwards!

My live-in girlfriend is also interested in possibly signing up for the workshop as well. The work you do is really wonderful and I applaud you for undertaking the teaching of it and for all the healing it provides.

Thanks and take care,


Frank, the easiest and fastest way to take care of this is my invoicing you through my online PAYPAL account. Most people who ever buy anything on the internet today, go through PayPal. It is safe and thorough.

Thank you for your Questions, Frank! I’m looking very forward to hearing back from you.

Karen Rice King

Meditate with Karen Rice King

I want to share a meditation I am starting my day with….for me, around 5-6am, mountain time.

Right now, I place my crystal sphere in my RIGHT hand, on my heart. The heart is what I call the “cross-over” CHAKRA. In basic structure, 3 major chakras above, 3 major chakras below.
Then, I put my metamorphosis crystal right above my pubic bone in my LEFT hand.Karen Rice King Morning Meditation
(now, let me mention that you may charge your crystals in the sun or on a light box you may buy in a crafts store)
(also, let me add that one of my divine physical therapists advised me that this placement of the hands for 20 minutes, creates a complete lymphatic balancing).

I then begin my Ki Gong breathing….9 breaths, in the nose, out the mouth. If I lose count, I start the breathing over, until I get it corrected.

During this 20 minutes, lately, I have been asking for the marriage of my Soul’s Contract for this lifetime, with my Personality/Ego, with grace, Love, Light and Ease. IN BREATH.

Then, I ask for the marriage of the Whole of Life on Planet Earth with Life’s HIGHEST SOUL/SELF, for the good of All concerned. OUT BREATH.

I give my varied THANK YOU’s before closing.

GOSH, do I feel BLESSED to start my Day!

Are there any meditations that you practice daily? Tell me about them!

Light & Love

Karen Rice King

SPIRIT MENDING: Soul Retrieval, Ancient and Modern

A Karen Rice King Event

DATE: Saturday, March 10, 2012

TIME: 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

PLACE: Beautiful healing dome location on Niwot Road. Karen’s cell phone for that day is 303.810.6486

RSVP: Karen@KarenRiceKing or call Karen at 303.665.0175 for directions.

DESCRIPTION: For 3 decades, Karen has facilitated a process with clients who have “pieces” missing from their chakras, due to accidents, illness, trauma, or losses of any kind. In this presentation, you will learn more about the causes of “soul loss.” As one of Sandra Ingerman’s recognized teachers, Karen will explain and demonstrate the traditional Soul Retrieval process.

There will be an explanation of our chakras and how this process can be implemented as a guided visualization, as well.

For more information, see the book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self, by Sandra Ingerman (New York: HarperCollins, 1991).

SUGGESTED DONATION: We appreciate a donation of $10 to help pay for the space, snacks and beverages (cash, checks and credit cards accepted). However, no one will be turned away for financial reasons.

BACKGROUND: Karen Rice King has a double degree in World Religion and Counseling Psychology, and has taught Shamanism for over 30 years. She studied Kahuna healing at the Theosophical Society with Serge King in the early 1970s; and later went on a Vision Quest with Sun Bear. She has studied and worked with Sandra Ingerman, a Shamanic teacher and author, since the 1990s. Sandra was the Education Director for 28 years with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, founded by Michael Harner, who introduced shamanism to the US in the 1960s.

Karen Rice King