TOBI HUNT EVENTS:  “WHY DOES EARTH ACUPUNCTURE Improve Health & Well Being”, Saturday, November 3, 10:30-Noon

FIELD TRIP: The Way of the Leopard 2-Day Ceremony with John Lockley, October 13th

SPIRIT JOURNEY: “Winterize your Soul” with a Session or Please Let Me Know If You’d Like a Gathering!



Karen’s Korner:


There is no shortage of emptiness in the world—empty pockets, empty jobs, empty marriages.  But the most tragic example of emptiness is the empty spirit.  An empty spirit may have been drained by hopelessness, loneliness, fear, or resentment.  When people feel spiritually impoverished, their tendency is to hold on desperately to what little reserve they have.  The remedy for this emptiness is not in hoarding.  It is in giving.  Even if they feel they have nothing to give, generosity is the medicine they need in order to heal.

If you have drawn this card today, look at the issue of generosity in your life.  Are you holding back from participating in a cause where you feel you could help?  Are you denying the tugging at your heartstrings concerning a friend or family member’s dilemma?  Are you treating yourself with the care and kindness you deserve?

We are the guardians of generosity between the physical and non-physical spheres.  Our name suggests a tie with the Celestial Realm.  We also work with the Throat chakra, the center of expression on the Earthly plane.  Our blue color is like that of your sky, which you equate with the heavens.  We are here to remind you of your connection with the Divine Virtues.  These qualities are not only the province of Angelic beings.  They are part of who you are, waiting to be expressed. (From CRYSTAL DEVA CARDS by Cindy Watlington, photographs by Rick Kopp)


Associations:  Stamina;  Agility;  Strength;  Unpredictability;  Majesty;

Respectfulness; Nobility; Confidence; Courageousness; Power;  Determination;  Sensitivity;  Assertiveness;  Vitality

While climate leaders gathered at the Global Climate Action Summit last month, President Trump announced yet another climate-wrecking rollback that poses catastrophic consequences for the fight against climate change.

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Our entire democracy is at stake in the midterm elections.

The reasons we need a government that truly represents the people was on full display last week — our democracy is in crisis, and Kavanaugh is only one part of the problem.

Next year’s Congress will have an enormous influence on the future of our democracy and whether our government works for us or continues to pander to corporate interests at the expense of our communities and the environment.

Without a healthy democracy, progress on climate change and other key environmental issues becomes near impossible.
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Field Trip: Way of the Leopard 2-Day Ceremony at the StarHousewith John Lockley
Saturday, October 13, 2018, 10:00 AMto Sunday, October 14, 2018, 5:00 PM
John will use guided meditation, prayer, song, dance, drumming, plant medicine (e.g. Pine, White Sage, Rosemary), and intention to help the participants to connect with their inner voice, sharing teachings on “Connecting with our Ancestral Lines” and “Remembering our Dreams”. He will also share experiences from working in the African Bush, how to track animals, helping participants to connect with their heartbeat, re-wilding them and strengthening their ability to move towards their life calling, their destiny.
CLICK HERE for more info

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Karen Rice King,
© Ruffled Feathers, LLC, 2018

Happy Fall Everyone!

I am very excited to work with Tobi Hunt on this talk and demonstration at her private home in Lafayette. Why?

Most of all because she asks folks if they ever heard of EARTH ACUPUNCTURE and NO ONE HAS!

Seating is limited and she will have the details on her website TOBIHUNTEVENTS.COM soon…


What is Earth Acupuncture? How Does It Improve Health and Well-being?

Time: 10AM for networking  10:30am- Noon presentation


Please join us for this fascinating event!

Earth Acupuncture is working with the meridians of the Earth, very similar to that of the human body with acupuncture needles. Copper rods, or “needles,” are left in the ground, and people who live on the property where an installation has taken place report that they sleep better and find better health. Pets often take on the electrical and geopathic stressors, and as soon as the house is mitigated, the pets move to a different spot in the house to sleep. Real estate folks use these methods to get a property “cleared” to sell.

Master Dowser, Karen Rice King, studied and worked with the internationally known Slim Spurling. In 1996 Slim granted Karen the use of the term EARTH ACUPUNCTURE and encouraged her to start her own training of apprentices, which she has done.  She began this work as part of her private practice in Boulder, Colorado. She will even give us a live demonstration outside my home.

Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Psychotherapist
Master Dowser Energy Worker (Earth Acupuncture, LLC)
Global Shamanic Teacher (Ruffled Feathers, LLC.)
Ordained Minister

**PLEASE NOTE: You are required to pay in advance which confirms and guarantees your seat. This event is only open to 12 women and men. Seating is limited. You are welcome to bring a friend or another family member too.   This event is $25.00 a person. Please sign up on my website at this link:  http://tobihuntevents.com/earth-acupuncture-november-3rs/

Warm regards,
Tobi Hunt
tobi@tobihuntevents.com . www.tobihuntevents.com . 303-926-4304 home office . 303-263-2638 mobile

Perhaps, you haven’t had me to your home for a testing session. Or you keep hearing success stories about my work of 27 years in this field.  I keep doing this work at my age because “I’ve become mystified by the miracles,” and the overall repeated positive reports we get from people year after year.  I have lost only one fourth stage cancer client in 27 years who had this full installation done on their home while in treatment.  And all the kids who have rebound from behavior issues and troubles in school!  OMG!  The list goes on.

I own a company EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, LLC., started in 1996 after I broke off from my mentors Slim Spurling and Bill Reid to start an APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM where I train others to add this work to their “medicine bags” and have it for their clients.

Before that as today I continue to offer weekend trainings for homeowners with a take home kit so they can save hundreds of dollars on my installing by doing the install themselves at the end of the training.

The primary reason I did this was that I was changing various ways of doing the work and measurements of the rods and how to mitigate the negative lines cutting through a building.  Slim had gotten me Master Dowser status with the International Dowsers Society in 1996 for my research and my discovery of the PERSONAL STRESS LINES, relating to people living or working in the buildings and what was causing them the most challenges in health and life in general.

This also led to working with Realtors and homeowners to sell houses and businesses as the PERSONAL STRESS LINES, showed up as “lines blocking the sale of the property.”

Now with the idea of perhaps publishing my work, I see that it will be advantageous to expand the program to other places around the country.  For instance in Des Moines, Iowa I have an apprentice who completed my program over a couple years with me traveling to teach over there.  Alisha also came to Colorado to take an Advanced training in EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.  She is now certified by the program and able to assist me with customers and students anywhere in the country.

I am being mentored by Vivian Dullien, PhD.  We are currently expanding our research to gather data on animals as you have already read about in previous newsletters.  This is not just for domestic pets in our homes but will reach and include ranches and farms and breeding scenarios.

We are doing this mainly because with animals we are not distracted by the placebo effect of the results as one may consider a possibility in the SLEEP STUDY FOR ADULTS WITH EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.

Once Apprentices and I have enough data from around the country, we can then talk about raising money from a grant or crowd funding for the study on humans.

It has been challenging to run the Sleep Study as participants first of all can’t believe they need to pay for our work.  Then, there was the issue that every other house was getting the installation and the clients would not know one way or the other if their house had been done.  So, as you may understand there were many variables and I want to simplify things moving forward with this work.

I also am changing the guidelines of the Apprenticeship Program to be more accommodating for the students and much more defined.  Each contract with my Apprentices is individually prepared to fit their lifestyles and there is no set date to finish the program.  EARTH ACUPUNCTURE will serve as a addition to other modalities and the Apprentice will be the Lead Dowser on jobs where when I am working with them, I pay them an healthy hourly wage.

Of course there will be an affordable yearly fee to be in my program and some charges for one-on-one trainings.  Feel free to share this information with anyone you deem may be interested as we have fun together as we do this amazing work and they will become part of the research team!

I hope if you haven’t had a test of your property done that you will join us as we test Tobi’s house and demonstrate the mitigation process.  I will also be giving out materials and a FREE COPY of my mini book, THE WEIRD HISTORY OF DOWSING.

Please register soon on her website: http://tobihuntevents.com/earth-acupuncture-november-3rs/
And I look forward to seeing you there!


I am happy to hold a Saturday or weekday evening workshop where we may journey, drum and dance before the end of the year.  Also, include a fire ceremony.  Please email me at Karen@karenriceking.com if you are interested in participating or text me with your name on my cell 303.810.6486.

This time of year is so wonderful to do this powerful work and you know how I love it.  It doesn’t matter if you are a BEGINNER or a seasoned Sage, we can have some fun and tune up our Spiritual Bodies at the same time.

I will also include some guided journeys where I speak the journeys and you lay there and relax.  Doesn’t this sound like a renewal for the holidays coming up?

As soon as I have 4 interested people I will get a date at the wonderful DOME ON NIWOT ROAD where I have taught for decades.

With the Fall Equinox over and the Winter Solstice coming up in December, we will have plenty of things to cover!


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Purchase the Aqualux under the counter unit from me directly and receive $100 OFF!  Other systems include the stainless steel under the counter unit, which I have in the bathroom next to my office for clients.

However, the cats took it over and I have to bring a pitcher down from the kitchen! 

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Personal Note: *  I just returned from my 50th High School Reunion …Men were announcing that I taught them how to “kiss a girl”…’really’?

And a couple of old gal pals said, “Do you remember when I said I was sleeping at your house and you said you were sleeping at my house and what we were REALLY DOING?”

PERHAPS, I was and still am a ‘wild one’, a ‘lucky one’?  At REUNION ?  I felt the blood in my veins and I could be ME, as you may expect?  And I ran for the elevator…why?  Try this!

Love, Light and Laughter to you!

Copyright © 2018 Karen Rice King Shamanic Healer/Teacher, Master Dowser, Ordained Minister, All rights reserved.
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Clients are having trouble ordering from my PRODUCTS section of my site.  So, PLEASE use this website instead if this is an issue for you!  And/or call or text me on my cell please!

303.810.6486.  And please make your message clear as to who you are, etc.

Thanks so much!  Hope this helps!  Karen



PrimeMyBodyPlease visit my PrimeMyBody site to learn more and to purchase products such as:


100% Hemp Extract – PrimeMyBody utilizes a unique liposomal delivery system, which dramatically improves the bioavailability of the oil. Our product is a Dietary Supplement and contains industrial hemp extract derived from the stalks and stems of the hemp plant, which delivers healthful benefits, without the psychoactive or “high” effect associated with this type of botanical.

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Good Morning! 

Per our arrangement through a mutual friend, I completed a walk-through and tested all around the house on the outside along the property lines. 


12 Lines Blocking the Sale of house:  3 on the East side, 4 on the South side, 2 on the North side, and 3 on the West side. 

My recommendation, considering that this is an unusually high number of these lines, is for me to come in with my apprentice and we will sink permanently into the ground 12 pair of copper-clad L-Rods (or staples) to halt the interference from entering the property.  My experience over 28 years is that prospective buyers will have a totally different experience of the property when driving by, not to mention touring the interior.  ( I would like to mention that driving south and north on the Ames Street, I had a difficult time seeing the FOR SALE sign.  Perhaps a 2nd sign street side may benefit.) 

These rods are sunk by hammers into the ground down 3 inches minimally and are permanently there unless someone digs them up. 

Cost:  $500 

Also, most client’s also purchase a LONG DISTANCE CLEARING on the house.  This consists of remote psychic/spiritual work with 3 assessments and 21 total clearings.  After each CLEARING sheet is done, Karen mails it to the client and they go over it in detail and strategize if so desired.  In this case also, Karen tracks showings and discusses details, such as price set, offers, etc. with client if they are interested at no extra charge while continuing to test the property during the phone interactions.

Cost:  $450 

I request a $200 deposit applied to the $750 balance and the remaining $550 mailed at closing on the property to address below.  We accept credit cards by Paypal, checks and money orders.  This is a discounted rate for this property as you are a referral from a good friend.

The work will begin as soon as the deposit is received.  We will need for the LONG DISTANCE CLEARING:

  1. Year built of the home
  2. Year of major construction (walls put up or taken down)
  3. Year purchased

Installation will be scheduled immediately. 

We of coarse cannot guarantee anything with the work, yet have had continued success far exceeding our and our client’s expectations.  For more information, please read TESTIMONIALS, EARTH ACUPUNCTURE and BLOG on KarenRiceKing.com. 

Thank you so much for your interest !  Karen


GENERAL QUESTION: What Makes A Dowser a Master? (08/29/18)


Hi Karen,

I found your site while googling Bill Reid and Slim Spurling and the Harmonizers.

Can a person become a master dowser even if he never dowsed in his life, and he’s not that sensitive like most master dowsers are?


Yes Sam,

Yes, I believe we all have the ability to become confident with our dowsing.  I did not “make” myself a master dowser, as Slim Spurling gave me this term and it was recognized by the Mile High Dowsers back in the day.  It was due to all the research I had gathered and individual discoveries I made.

I took their findings and expanded on them.  Like using Numerology to measure the bend in my L-rods to 4″ and 14″ instead of 3″ and 15″ at the bend.  I found this rods or staples to be more effective for me and my Apprentices.

Also the way I map out the property and leave the client with a color copy of all the places we installed on the property.  This enables them to see where the most stress WAS in the house before we installed.  Also, the density of intersections of Hartmann lines and Geopathic lines.  And thirdly, because I found the PERSONAL STRESS LINES for the complaints expressed for the child, or a pet or someone who isn’t sleeping well.  This than led to finding “lines blocking the sale of a property” for real estate agents and clients.

Practice makes perfect, is a common old saying that holds true with dowsing.  The longer you are out there and dowsing for where the new flower garden will go and where a tree may be planted, the more you will trust what you are finding.

Remember to ask a question that is stated as simply as possible and that makes perfectly good sense.

Have some fun with it!  I really am convinced DOWSING is a kinetic, innate ability in all of us.  Dowsing also has been known in a family line, but perhaps not widely shared.  In other words, when at your next family gathering as if Grandma or Great Grand Dad dowsed…

You may be surprised!

Best to you!  Karen




This particular home was over 2 Million dollars asking price and in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Interview done last May with client:

ME TO CLIENT:   Getting any offers?  I will be home next week if you’d like me to go over and sink rods in the ground for personal stress lines and lines blocking sale.


CLIENT:    No offers yet.  Please keep working on the property.  Shoot me a message when you get home.  Thanks


ME TO CLIENT:   OK!  Now, have you and your husband had a little “CORD-CUTTING CEREMONY”?  do your own thing, but I suggest sitting together and thanking the home after lighting a candle.  If you have one of Slim’s LIGHT-LIFE® RINGS speak into it holding it up.  You may then just close your eyes and literally visually cut cords running from your body to the house.

You may also speak of a couple of your fondest memories and then both talk about who you see buying the house.  Talk about who would you LIKE to buy it and then individually close your eyes and picture the closing papers being signed quicker than it usually takes and picture the family/people walking into the front door on moving day.

Or whatever feels good!

Is your price a fair price?

What do you see as blockages to the sale?  Karen



On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 10:41 AM, Karen King <karen@karenriceking.com> wrote:

I wonder what is going on with the house?



We are finally under contract.  I worked with the labyrinth to jump start the process.  In one week we had three offers.  YAY!


It always takes some ceremony or some ritual that the CLIENT’s do in combination with my work to push to an offer.

Even something as simple as the owners lighting candles together.  Karen

Candle lighting ceremony


HI Karen,
Do you long distance dowsing and land healing? I live in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
Thanks so much,
Yes Keith!
I do a LONG DISTANCE CLEARING on homes that I have evolved the process over 30 years.  The property is in an active file for a calendar year.  You get 3 sheets of results over that time and a half hour consultation on each sheet by phone.  In this session I continue to test and clear as we talk about everything and it starts to bring up more things.
I speak to the land and house on a SOUL LEVEL, which allows me to do shamanic/psychic work with the land spirits as well as my team of Guides and Angels, and Ascended Masters.
You may read more about this in that section of my website, KarenRiceKing.com as well as TESTIMONIALS and my BLOG!  Just look for LONG DISTANCE CLEARING or Remote work.  You may reach me in my office at 303.665.0175.  It costs $350 prepaid for safety sake.  I take credit cards and payments through my paypal account.  We will need some information and can start on it as you please.  Karen


On 6/12/18, 3:33 AM, “KEITH HOLDEN” <krh777@me.com> wrote:
    HI Karen,
    Do you long distance dowsing and land healing? I live in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
    Thanks so much,
    Keith Holden
Yes Keith!
I do a LONG DISTANCE CLEARING on homes that I have evolved the process over 30 years.  The property is in an active file for a calendar year.  You get 3 sheets of results over that time and a half hour consultation on each sheet by phone.  In this session I continue to test and clear as we talk about everything and it starts to bring up more things.
I speak to the land and house on a SOUL LEVEL, which allows me to do shamanic/psychic work with the land spirits as well as my team of Guides and Angels, and Ascended Masters.
You may read more about this in that section of my website, KarenRiceKing.com as well as TESTIMONIALS and my BLOG!  Just look for LONG DISTANCE CLEARING or Remote work.  You may reach me in my office at 303.665.0175.  It costs $350 prepaid for safety sake.  I take credit cards and payments through my paypal account.  We will need some information and can start on it as you please.  Karen