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STILL…and Up

And awake
As snow falls like diamonds, shining
The sky full of diamonds.

Full moon under my skin.
Hidden now
So snow will fall and fall
As moisture dreams of Home
As I spin my dream catcher and walk my medicine wheel

(do not let Pepsi own our water) !

Sparkling, shining snow worth giving
Up a Full Moon on the grow!

No need to see or show!

Full Mother Moon, give way to snow.

I am awake4moments. By morning, I will not shovel
Snow, especially in Colorado.

As I spin my Dream Catcher_____________
Moisture, please.

As snow falls like diamonds? Or meteors?

The sky full and fruit Full
As February rolls into March
In Col…a…ra…do.
Copywrite, 2013. Karen Rice King, dba, Ruffled Feathers, LLc.

Karen Rice King Article for Publication

Geomancers Heal the Earth with Acupuncture

by Phyllis Kennemer, reprinted with permission from Bella Spark Magazine, 2013

Acupuncture is an age-old healing practice based on the belief that the natural flow of qi (energy) in the human body can become disrupted, causing pain or illness. Practitioners insert needles into acupuncture points in the skin to restore balance to the qi, thus contributing to the person’s health.
Now energy workers are discovering that the natural flow of the earth’s energy can also be disrupted and in need of harmonizing influences similar to those used on the human body. Earth acupuncture practitioners (geomancers) believe that geopathic stress is caused by natural radiations which rise up through the earth. These are distorted by electronic fields created by subterranean-running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The wavelengths of natural radiation disturbed in this way can be harmful to living organisms. Geomancers discover these blockages through dowsing, and then perform Earth Acupuncture through the placement of copper rods buried in the ground.
Dowsing, too, is an intuitive art and discipline used from ancient times through the present. It provides a technique to bring information from the subconscious senses to the attention of the rational mind. The use of dowsing rods to find underground sources of water has been well documented, but dowsing is also a valuable tool for other purposes.
Geomancers, such as Karen Rice King, employ dowsing to help in healing the Earth. King is a certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister. She was inspired to explore the field of geomancy and earth energy during her recovery from a life-threatening automobile accident in 1990. Angels appeared to aid in her recovery, she says, and they provided guidance for the direction her life would take. The angelic guidance led her to Bill Reid and Slim Spurling and their research on geomancy and its effects on human health and well-being.
Reid and Spurling used dowsing methods to discover underground electromagnetic fields that cause disturbances in the earth’s energy. King learned how to mitigate negative energies such as electricity, radar and microwaves. She learned that the energy can be harmonized through the placement of L-shaped copper rods in the ground surrounding homes and other buildings. These rods help balance the earth’s energy just as the small stainless steel acupuncture needles help to balance the energy of a person. This system of Earth Acupuncture creates safe zones that enable family and business matters to flow more harmoniously. It also creates environments for improved health and psychological well-being.
Currently, King is exploring new uses for Earth Acupuncture to alleviate insomnia and other sleep problems. King believes that the inconsistent flow of electricity from large power plants can affect the sleep patterns of people who live nearby. After strategically placing copper rods around their homes, people experience improved sleep patterns. King is testing this theory through her project, “Sleep Study for Adults Using Earth Acupuncture for the Home.” King works with medical doctors, Ph.D. scientists, licensed acupuncturists, and other health practitioners in a controlled scientific study to determine whether an Earth Acupuncture installation reduces or eliminates the problems associated with a wide variety of sleep challenges.
For people interested in further exploring Earth Acupuncture possibilities for their own homes, King has developed a home kit based on ancient Egyptian mathematics. The kit contains copper rods and directions for placing them around homes. King conducts classes and workshops on dowsing and earth acupuncture in Boulder, Colorado, and throughout the United States. Further information is available on her website: www.karenriceking.com <http://www.karenriceking.com/> or call her at 303.665.0175 <tel:303.665.0175> .

Dr. Phyllis K. Kennemer is a Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator. She is a life-long learner and educator with a specialty in children’s literature.

earth acupuncture seminar


My suggestion to you, is to ask for a home demonstration, before you pay anyone else! They may charge you $50 for the demo, yet they should apply that money to the installation. If you have any more work on your home, I will never consider it as a HOST HOME.

Tough nut! I know that “shopping for a cure” has wasted some of my clients thousands of dollars! Through the stages of ‘finding or building’ a “dream home.”

I am contacting my friend who owns a home north of LA, as suddenly I have 3 inquiries from your area…….we will figure this out!!!

Nice speaking with you today! I grew up with my Mother speaking French to me….I am not so good any more! At speaking French, anyway.

You might find this ‘funny’. After FLUNKING FRENCH my freshman year at college, and I needed to make up the credits, I signed up mistakably for a GRADUATE FRENCH CLASS at the University of Pittsburgh. I was one of 5 students and the Professor, a native of France, would NOT allow me to leave the class. By the end of 2.5 months, I was writing in French better than the graduate students, however I still could not speak it nor could I hear it very well. NOTE: especially from a cell phone!

Do what you feel you know. If you have any questions, in your heart or your mind, then wait…check in with your own body! And please, shop less and save for your healthy future!

Let your Light Shine, Karen

On 2/15/13 5:18 PM, "annekatz777@aol.com" <annekatz777@aol.com> wrote:

Hello Karen, was nice speaking with you too and I tried to call u bk but my call went to voice mail. I found a consultant who is coming to my house tomorrow to install cooper pins…and I’ll of course continue monitoring the remediation and I’ll love to talk to you further ot to attend one of your seminars..as a matter of fact, if you are interested maybe you can have one of your seminars at my house, if you decide to do one in the LA area. Thx so much for your insight and hope to talk to you soon,

Best regards

Anne Katz

FUCOIDAN, and Beyond Tangy….


I am not apologizing any more! I am taking the products and having fun with them, yet this FRACKING issue which is exploding in Colorado right now, is a major concern, as I live only a few miles from the Mom and 2 kids who became so ill SUDDENLY, once drilling for natural gas began in “open space” between their home and school.

I am angry. More kids and parents are getting sick………demonstrations all over the front range of Colorado……

And, I have the western slope to plan for. I will probably be in the NW state of Washington and the central Cascades working with the farmers again in June.
I guess I can not be more than I am.

Spiritually, I know this is a plasma vibration from the Arch Angels. And Earth will be better off ALWAYS then we Humans. In the meantime, I am an EARTH ANGEL who is busier than I had pledged to you regarding my Youngevity biz.

Oh, great news! A dog named Mandy up in Leadville, CO was scheduled to be put to sleep….She has been on the Fucoidan caps, and a few more Earth bound “cures” now for a few months. Her vet wants to know “what the Frack is going on here?” Her tumor is almost gone completely! And she is an older gal!

Her Dad, Bill, just happens to be in my paid Apprenticeship Program for EARTH ACUPUNCTURE……

FOCUS is not a 4-lettered word!

Let Your Light Shine! Karen

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Colorado Meetings this week. Tis The Season to be Jolly!
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Weekly Meetings in Colorado!

Super Saturday This Week

New! New! New!

Location! Location! Location!

Tuesday, Feb. 5th Longmont

Wednesday, Feb. 6th Denver

Thursday, Feb. 7th Denver

Super Saturday, Feb. 9th Northglenn

Tuesday, Feb. 5th
Tom and Denice Chenault
7:00 PM

750 W. 17th St. Suite 2
Longmont, CO 80503

Tom and Denice Chenault

Mayan Elder transfers the staff of power from Masculine to Feminine

This is a transmission from my dear friend Brooke Medicine Eagle for all of us who LOVE the 13 Grandmothers and Joyti! Karen

In the 80s and 90s during my vision quests, I was shown that the nurturing and renewing / good relationship energy of the Feminine would lead us into the new time. Here is a wonderful sharing from Suzanne Lewis about the symbolic transfer of power. Thanks, Suzanne.
It’s long, but at least read down a few paragraphs to the red and beyond. Loving you, Brooke

January 7, 2013

Opening the Door of A New Era

Dear Friends and Relatives, Darlene and I (Jyoti) wanted to take a moment with each and every one of you to recognize the beautiful awareness that’s walking with us right now. In our work around the world, and our involvement in so many projects and amazing people that are leading initiatives for the earth, we have experienced a deeply courageous, humble and devoted group of people dedicated to the next 7 generations and the caretaking of Mother Earth.
2012 brought with it amazing moments of awareness and inspiration, paralleled by challenging and sometimes threatening experiences. This global group of people that have unified through their hearts to meet their own private challenges, embracing their shadows, and opening their hearts, have prepared us for a historical moment in history that we are all here to witness. There were many celebrations collectively held around the planet to acknowledge this shift in time. Millions of people are embracing it through an idea of fear and devastation. At the same time, there are millions of people that are celebrating the completion of a time in history that taught us many things, even as we walked through it most of the time unconsciously.

What we are here to witness is the awakening of our awareness in each and every individual. We are coming out of a deep sleep. We are opening the door to a new era of possibility. In order to walk through that door, we have been told repeatedly by our elders to forgive ourselves and the story that wounded so many of us. In that moment of allowing and receiving the consciousness of that moment, our compassion is awakened and our enlightenment flowers.
What we would like to share with you today and witness with you today is a moment that we both experienced with a small group of people in the very sacred land of Estancia, New Mexico. It happened in 2 phases. The first part of what was about to be revealed through creation to those open enough to be guided by nature, would occur in a meeting on 11/26 that Grandmother Flordemayo hosted and help to bring forward with some beautiful elders from the Mayan people and other representatives of First Nation peoples. We weren’t there for that first step, but some of our friends were. The Shift Network and some of their founders, Stephen and Devaa, were among those that were helping to witness and record it for the world. Devaa wrote an account of this moment. Let us see this first step from Devaa’s eyes: a vision of what the doorway to the next 5200 years looks like. Devaa’s Story:


"We are in a little rural town called Estancia in New Mexico. It’s dark, and it’s cold. So we huddle together in a small straw bale hut, waiting. Eventually, we hear a car on the gravel outside, and then the cheerful voice of Don Alejandro, a well-respected Elder of the Mayan people. He’s an older man, and quite small. Wearing a wry smile, he enters the hut and walks into the embracing arms of our host, Grandmother Flordemayo of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Don Alejandro begins to share with us about this crucial period in history. It’s the end of a 5,200 year calendar cycle for the Mayan people. And while the outside world is filled with fear and concern about the end of this era, Don Alejandro shares a different perspective. "So, what should we expect with the end of this era and the beginning of a new one?" I ask him. He explains that there is no reason to be afraid, though he does admit there will probably be some major issues we must face in the next fifty years. But from his perspective, the biggest change has to do with the shift from masculine to feminine leadership. He explained that men have ruled for the last 5,200 years, and now it’s time for the men to support the women in our full power. Though we don’t all know it yet, we are gathered for a very important ceremony.
And very soon, all the men at this gathering would be meeting separately to plan the ceremony to symbolically transfer the staff of power from the men to the women.
This event, totally orchestrated by men of many different backgrounds, was totally unexpected for me, and so beautiful. At the time of the ceremony, we were greeted by Marshall Jack, a Native American elder who played his drum to call us all into the ritual space. We could hear the sweet sounds of a native flute hanging in the air. And we were each escorted around an outdoor sacred circle by Sequoia Trueblood, another Native elder. He placed each of us onto a grid of energy marked on the Earth, and gave us each a simple bouquet of flowers to celebrate this transition.
As the drum sounded in a heart-beat rhythm, Mr. Jack spoke with a deep, resonant cadence that was a balm for my soul. He apologized deeply, from his heart, for the ways women have been disregarded and disempowered. He asked for forgiveness for atrocities like the Inquisition. He said "No MORE! Those days are over, and shall NOT come to pass again!" He asked for the support of all of our ancestors to cleanse the wounds we had each suffered as women. I felt a tear well up in my eye and roll down my face. To hear these words from such a kind and generous older man struck a very deep chord. Blessings were shared by the women and men alike.
And then the men declared that it is women’s turn to lead this planet. And they gently passed Flordemayo, as a representative for the women, a hand carved wooden staff of Leadership, carefully crafted for this occasion. The staff was simple and about the length of my forearm. It was a bit smaller than I would have imagined for such an occasion, but it was beautiful. And it was swaddled with many colorful pieces of yarn that held flowers on the staff, which accompanied the ceremony and absorbed its blessing power.
At the end of the ceremony, each woman present was asked if she was willing to take-on a "clan" for the coming era. Those of us who answered "yes" were each declared a "Clan Mother" and given a thread and flower from this Grand Mother staff. I decided to take up the charge, along with other women. We were then each invited to create our own daughter staffs and to cultivate our "tribes" of women and men. We were encouraged to circle with others and to empower other Clan Mothers through time. And it was suggested that we each register our new clans at an official office for tribal recognition.
As I carry this deep blessing from the men in my heart, I am reminded of a phrase spoken by Marianne Williamson when I interviewed her for our Inspiring Women Summit. She said (paraphrasing) "Women have the power. Now we must be willing to USE OUR POWER." Indeed. I would add that we must use our power WISELY. It’s not about trying to turn the tables, toss out the men, and have female dominance everywhere. No. In my opinion, such a stance will not heal our hearts and create a thriving planet. That would instead just be a recapitulation of an old paradigm. This new era, marked by the end of 2012, is about creating true balance of the masculine and the feminine.
And let us not forget that men too can cultivate a strong feminine energy, while most women in leadership roles today have plenty of masculine energy. So let this next era of 2013 be a time when we really explore how to harmonize these energies for the greatest good.
I welcome and look forward to this experiment. And I know many men, like my husband, Stephen Dinan, do as well."

Lummi Tribe sainthood…

Originally published Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 2:50 AM

Boy’s miracle cure makes 1st Native American saint
Jake Finkbonner was so close to death after flesh-eating bacteria infected him through a cut on his lip that his parents had last rites performed and were discussing donating the 5-year-old’s tiny organs.

By NICOLE WINFIELD <http://search.nwsource.com/search?searchtype=cq&amp;sort=date&amp;from=ST&amp;byline=NICOLE%20WINFIELD>

Associated Press

VATICAN CITY — Jake Finkbonner was so close to death after flesh-eating bacteria infected him through a cut on his lip that his parents had last rites performed and were discussing donating the 5-year-old’s tiny organs.
Jake’s 2006 cure from the infection was deemed medically inexplicable by the Vatican, the "miracle" needed to propel a 17th century Native American, Kateri Tekakwitha, on to sainthood. Kateri will be canonized on Sunday along with six other people, the first Native American from what is now the U.S. to receive the honor.
Jake is fully convinced, as is the Catholic Church, that the prayers his family and community offered to God through Kateri’s intercession, including the placement of a Kateri relic on Jake’s leg, were responsible for his survival.
Jake, now 12 and an avid basketball player and cross-country runner, will be present at the canonization, along with hundreds of members of his own Lummi tribe from northwest Washington state and indigenous communities across the U.S. and Canada who have converged on Rome to honor one of their own. It’s a ceremony the Catholic Church hopes will encourage Native Americans to keep to their Christian faith amid continued resentment among some that Catholicism was imposed on them by colonial-era missionaries centuries ago.
"I believe everybody has a purpose on this earth," Jake’s mother Elsa Finkbonner said this week soon after the family arrived in Rome for the ceremony. "I think this Sunday Jake will define his purpose, and that’s to make Kateri a saint."
Jake, a poised, lanky kid who just got his braces off, seems perfectly at ease with his role in the whole thing, gracious and grateful to the doctors who performed 29 surgeries to save his life and reconstruct his face.
"It’s a really special thing," Jake told The Associated Press, flanked by his parents on a hotel terrace sofa. "We’ve never been to Rome, and especially meeting the pope? It’ll be an experience of a lifetime."
Besides Kateri, Pope Benedict XVI will declare another American a saint Sunday, Mother Marianne Cope, a 19th century Franciscan nun from Utica, New York – near where Kateri lived two centuries earlier – who cared for lepers exiled to Hawaii’s Kalaupapa Peninsula. Another new saint is Pedro Calungsod, a Filipino teenager who was killed in 1672 along with his Jesuit missionary priest by natives resisting their conversion efforts.
The Catholic Church creates saints to hold up models for the faithful, convinced that their lives – even lived hundreds of years ago – are still relevant to today’s Catholics. The complicated saint-making procedure requires that the Vatican certify a "miracle" was performed through the intercession of the candidate – a medically inexplicable cure that can be directly linked to the prayers offered by the faithful. One miracle is needed for beatification, a second for canonization.
In Jake’s case, Kateri was already an important figure for Catholics in the Lummi tribe, of which his father Donny is a member. A carved wooden statue sits in the church on the Lummi reservation near Bellingham, Washington, 25 miles (40 kilometers) south of the Canadian border, where Jake’s grandparents worshipped and where Donny remembers being told of Kateri’s story as a child.
Known as the "Lily of the Mohawks," Kateri was born in 1656 to a pagan Iroquois father and an Algonquin Christian mother in what is today upstate New York. Her parents and only brother died when she was 4 during a smallpox epidemic that left her badly scarred and with impaired eyesight. She went to live with her uncle, a Mohawk, and was baptized Catholic by Jesuit missionaries. But she was ostracized and persecuted by other natives for her faith, and she died in what is now Canada when she was 24.
The Rev. Tim Sauer was the Finkbonner’s parish priest in Ferndale, Washington – as well as the pastor on the Lummi reservation – when Jake cut his lip while playing basketball on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006. The necrotizing fasciitis bacteria that entered Jake’s body through the cut immediately began spreading, and by the time Sauer arrived at Seattle Children’s Hospital where Jake was airlifted two days later, Donny and Elsa Finkbonner were preparing to bury their son.
"At that point, we were desperate, and we were looking for anyone’s help that would help our son," Donny said, recalling how doctors had said there wasn’t much else for them to do but pray, and that they had come to terms with the possibility that their oldest of three children might not survive the week.
"We wanted Jake back with us desperately," he recalled. "But we were willing to give him up" to God.
Sauer, who performed the last rites ritual on Jake that Wednesday – four days after he cut his lip – said he immediately urged the Finkbonners and the congregation back on the reservation to pray to Kateri, thinking their shared Native American heritage and scarring diseases were relevant.
He said he did so first and foremost to save Jake, but also because he thought that Native Americans could use a "boost of faith" if one of their own were held up as a saint. Indigenous Catholics in the U.S. and Canada, he said, increasingly find themselves ostracized and criticized within their communities for embracing and retaining the Christian faith spread by imperial colonizers.
"There’s been a growing sense of a return to Native American spirituality on reservations, which are good things, but at the same time along with that has been some criticism that native people should let go of Christianity because that was brought by the `white man’ and should go back to their own native culture entirely," he said.
He said Kateri represents a perfect model for indigenous Catholics today, someone who resisted the ostracization of fellow natives and kept the faith.
For the devoutly Catholic Finkbonners, prayer was all they had left after Jake’s doctors tried unsuccessfully for two weeks to stop the bacteria’s spread. Jake was in a drug-induced coma for most of that time and says he doesn’t remember much, a few memories "here and there, not all of it."
"Every day it would seem the news would get worse," Donny recalled. "I remember the last day that we met with the whole group of doctors, Elsa didn’t even want to hear. She just got behind me and was holding on."
But rather than bad news, the doctors said the infection had stopped. "It was like a volcano that was erupting, and they opened him up and it was gone. It had stopped. It was a pretty amazing day," Donny said.
It took the Finkbonners several years to realize that the turning point had come a day after a friend of the family – a nun named after Kateri – had visited them in the hospital, prayed with them and placed a relic of the soon-to-be saint on Jake’s leg.
"It took years for us to look at the calendar and recall that this is the day she came, this is the day she put the relic on, this is the day the infection stopped," Elsa said. "As the years of the investigation have gone on, little bits and pieces of puzzle seem to fall into place, and that’s where it all makes sense now as to why Jake’s story turned out so big."
Jake, who bears the scars of his ordeal, seems all too happy to be the center of attention this weekend. But he seems keen to move on from his celebrity. He has basketball tryouts when he gets back home and his studies – he wants to be a plastic surgeon when he grows up. "Kateri was placed on this earth, and she has interceded on many people’s behalf, she has defined her purpose," Elsa said. "I think Jake has bigger, larger plans in store for him."