PENDULUM Dowsing for Doubters!

PENDULUM Dowsing for Doubters

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Work with Master Dowser Karen Rice King! $333 Includes All 7 Weeks +
Richard Webster’s Latest Book!

Snowy nights will be made up!

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EARTH ACUPUNCTURE in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

I feel so blessed to back in an area of Colorado that has embraced me every time I  am here.  The Nature Spirits in coherence with the humans.  Lovely.

We had the training at Andy’s home on Saturday and Sunday.  3 amazing women and one man from Oklahoma who ends up being a Medicine Man.  He will be presenting this work to his Tribal Elders, who encompass hundreds of different tribes who all ended up in the same area due to US government placement and a bit more politics than I may deal with.  Once his own home has the Earth Acupuncture rods installed, we shall see if his daily visits from Elders produces some inquiry as to the energy shift there.

Today, Monday, I was invited to work on a new client’s 5500 sq ft property.  She is running a healing practice from her home and her husband  is semi-retired.  Thankfully to Goddess/God/Source Spirit, we started work on the home today and will finish it tomorrow.  One of my two new apprentices here in Steamboat not only got the referral but ended up having the time and space to assist on the job today and tomorrow.  Spirit always works in synchronistic ways and waves.

Allowing the flow is instrumental to ALL.  Particularly in times as this month of October, 2014 with major eclipses and movement not only within our electro-magnetic Earth field, but throughout the Universe.

I return home on Wednesday afternoon to unpack and pack and leave again very early Thursday morning for the Multi Pure Water Filtration international conference.   This will be a first for me.  As I have been with the company since 1991, when they got permission to filter water that was contaminated by a truck roll over in Boulder Canyon, running through Boulder for the well known BOULDER CREEK FESTIVAL and BOULDER BOULDER RACE on Memorial Day.  We served water to the public the entire weekend right out of the creek once the City got a full OK on Multi Pure’s filtration credentials from independent testing facilities.    And luckily, the festival was not shut down for the weekend from this unpleasant truck incident in the creek up towards Nederland.

Once home again, I will facilitating the installation of a new roof on my home.  What a great METAPHOR!

More later regarding flying into Chicago to install EARTH ACUPUNCTURE on a 20.000 SQ FT home in the west countryside of the city in early November!

Questions Regarding SOUL RETRIEVAL from Client

Hello Karen:

Remember me from purchasing one of Spurling’s harmonizers?

I have some soul fragment questions I was wondering if you could please help me with?

They are:
-How do soul fragments survive after they have left a persons soul?

ANSWER: You may enjoy reading Sandra Ingerman’s book SOUL RETRIEVAL.  It is an incredible look inside all these issues.  I find that we as humans GIVE AWAY pieces of ourselves in love relationships, in our jobs, in our families.  There is no evidence of how they stay alive except reports for 100’s of years, ancient cultures used and practiced this work and had results.  In our modern life, I contend that entire companies, countries and cultures have experienced soul loss and are operating at a deficit because of it.  Sandra was asked to speak to the Environmental Council of the U.N. A number of years ago regarding her work and book by the same title MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH; Removing Personal and Environmental Toxins.

When she got there, she told them that they would have to reschedule the talk of the original title as she was going to tell them that their entire organization needed a SOUL RETRIEVAL.  As a community, we worked with the U.N.   For a number of years to help them become a more coherent organization.


-Do they need to feed off another human in some way?

ANSWER: I certainly believe this is possible.  I see ‘psychic vampires’ all the time as they are known in this ‘industry’.

-How would one know whether they are dealing with a soul fragment they have loss rather than a ghost or spirit?

ANSWER:  If you choose to work alone on this and not with a professional like myself,  then I would say again read SOUL RETRIEVAL and  the work of Raymon Grace.  If you remember, I do Long Distance Clearings, which addresses all of the issues you have mentioned. Through the LONG DISTANCE CLEARING process, I must gain the client’s Soul permission to do the work.  This also enables me to do a Soul Retrieval long distance.  I also teach classes in Extraction and Healing with Spiritual Light as a part of my becoming one of Sandra’s recognized Global Teachers of Core Shamanism.
And the best to you!  Karen

Long Distance work on Property for Sale in Longmont

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 9:52 AM
Subject: House Clearing

Hi Karen,

I have a house that I recently remodelled and am trying to sell with some difficulty. The previous owner died in the kitchen. I have had numerous workers and friends who were in the house say that they felt that I should have the house cleared. I am hoping that might help it sell.

I am wondering if you do this type of work and what it would cost. The house is located off Niwot Rd by 63rd.


Client Response, LONG DISTANCE CLEARING-Anger-Part 2

Ok I’ll go do that this afternoon and yes I agree about the fear, one of my teachers talked about this, I’ve seen it first hand as well. In this case my anger is coming up from feeling pushed aside or under appreciated, and even though I wasn’t wrong about what I saw going on, I was angry so it wasn’t communicated efficiently and caused drama. That’s sort of the way I would have  handled things in the past but not normal for me now, which is why I was thinking it might be some kind of echo or clearing, and a chance to act differently.  Eric

Eric, welcome to humanity!  We are electromagnetic beings living in an electromagnetic world with polarities at play as well…Karen


Client Question during LONG DISTANCE CLEARING Process

I’ve noticed the past few days I’ve had anger come up when playing with my video game team, which is something I’ve not had issue with for a long time, and its causing problems with the team. it might just be to much fire, or I’m wondering if it is related to the work (Long Distance Clearing) at all…Eric

Yes, good question.  Anger with self and with others may be clearing.  I find an appropriate way is to before a workout or power walk or going for a run, dedicate out loud  the exercise period to your clearing old and useless anger from your energetic system.

You know, I have clients all the time ask me to get rid of ALL THEIR anger or fear.  Even if I could, I wouldn’t.
These responses are known to save peoples’ lives!!!  So, don’t wish it all away!  You may need some in the future.

Date: Sunday, August 10, 2014 12:53 PM
Subject: anger

Offer on Property within Days of Clearing

hi Karen just wanted you to know that we got a contract this morning for Full Sail $299,000 this was a beautiful magical magical exchange and the lady who is coming in even wrote us a letter truly wonderful thank you so much for your help and for your guidance in this and hope to talk to you and light teresa

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Post from a Friend in Global Shamanic Teachers

Earth Caretakers, Meg Beeler
The Beauty of Receptivity                                        7.14

Have you ever noticed that compliments pass you by? That you hear the words but just don’t feel them or take them in? Then you are like most of us: anxious to give, and not so good at receiving.

Receptivity expresses our willingness to experience, engage, and be open. It is like a permeable membrane in our energy field, allowing what is unfamiliar or new into our awareness.

Receptivity is an essential component of developing our perception. If we cannot experience anything different from what we already know, if we cannot trust our experience, our perception of the world stays static and rigid. Nothing can move!

Without receptivity, we humans do not trust enough to listen and hear. Without receptivity, any possibilities not yet explored remain closed. Without receptivity, we spiral within what we already know: Our minds run their old tapes, our minds tell us what we think, we repeat our beliefs over and over in our conversation, and we refuse to believe what does not correspond with our perceptions. The lack of receptivity creates a barrier, a kind of wall around us. We unconsciously hope this wall will keep things as they are, keep out disruption, and protect us from having to change.

We know that such belief rigidity has physical, psychological, spiritual, and health consequences. It can result in disease, fear, suffering and despair, uncontrollable rage, and worse. We certainly see the results of belief rigidity in the halls of Congress and the deserts of the Middle East.

As species, as nation, as individuals, we know that many roads we are traveling are dysfunctional. Whether the specific dysfunction is personal addiction or global warming, despair or consumerism, nothing will change until we perceive a different road, a different path, and take it. The first step is to be receptive to different possibilities. Then our willingness to try something new, hear something different, and experience a shift will open the pathways.
For our health, as well as our perception, it makes sense to cultivate receptivity.

Our Barriers of Resistance
“Don’t believe everything you think,” says a bumper sticker someone once gave me for my car. I like to think of myself as a receptive person. Yet I can attest to many times when my own unconscious barriers impeded shifts I was trying to make.

Some years ago I began a practice of transfiguration.*  Each morning before rising I’d find the light in my heart, my essence. I felt it as a small golden light, seeing it get bigger and bigger until it filled my whole aura, or energy bubble. I was learning to find, experience, and become my true essence. Perceiving from that place changed everything.

Yet I wondered why I had to start over each day: why wasn’t it easier as the feelings became more familiar? What was keeping me from maintaining a transfigured state, as well-known spiritual leaders and saints do? Of course I wasn’t trying to be a saint; rather, I wanted to live from my true essence, and not just from the persona I had developed.

This is the same issue that anyone who is changing perceptual framework or cultivating a spiritual practice faces. Even when we have a supportive community, feel transported in body and spirit, and experience how our practice eases our lives, we struggle and resist.

“You have to be able to receive love in order to give love,” says spiritual teacher Sandra Ingerman. While I had heard this often, one day I understood that I had been focusing outwards rather than experiencing the reciprocal flow of energy. I was not consciously receiving, or even perceiving what was being sent my way.

I began to explore, with intent, how to receive, and how to be receptive. What I discovered was barriers–in my thinking, habits, trust, and unconscious assumptions–that got in the way of receptivity.

One barrier is belief. When we do not believe we are lovable, worthy, or deserving of love, for whatever reasons, it is pretty hard to receive it.

A second barrier is lack of trust. When we assume that we are separate from others, that we are in competition, or that others are more capable than we are, we are not likely to trust that they are supporting us; we are not likely to receive love or compliments.

A third barrier is habits of response. When someone says, “That’s a pretty dress,” and we reply “Oh, it’s old,” we are discounting the compliment given to us. When the boss says, “Great job,” and we doubt his intentions, our habits of response–the shadows of old patterns–are getting in the way of receptivity. They keep us from enjoying the moment.

A fourth barrier lies in our disconnection. When we don’t experience the aliveness and consciousness in a rose, redwood, or hummingbird, it doesn’t occur to us that they might be giving back to us.

We have myriad ways of being unreceptive. Excuses, confusion, ego, illusions, disbelief, and blame are habits to watch for. The “thick armor of doubt and skepticism that exists in the conscious mind” must be bypassed, says writer Michal Talbott.

Our unconscious beliefs, even stronger, have to be identified. As Dr. Bernie S. Siegal says, “people are addicted to their beliefs” even when they know a change would be better for them or the world.
* Transfiguration is an ancient practice found in many spiritual traditions. See Ingerman, Sandra. Medicine for the Earth: How To Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2000, pp. 189-198.

Summer love and blessings,
Meg Beeler/Earth Caretakers

Ancestor despacho
Copyright @2014

A Collegue and Dear Friend with Serious Health Questions

As I fortunately or unfortunately found out recently, someone very close to me has discovered that she indeed has a SLEEP DISORDER.  One that is quite curious,  yet now detected, may  lead to more serious and possibly life threatening issues?

She remarkably has no place in my SLEEP STUDY.  (private)

Now, a more interesting turn of events.  What she had determined as a symptom of grief, (a term ignored in our society for the most part) is showing to be a condition of lymphatic inactivity.

No MD am I, simply my ‘credentials’ are listed on this very website.  Yet I link the condition to several things I know about her, but most importantly this SLEEP DISORDER.  Her home had recently been retested, dowsed, as we did it together and no new major things were evident.  (there is a long standing issue regarding her home I always comment on, yet it also is private to protect her identity).

She has agreed with me to use HER CHI MACHINE  (though I contend she bought a ‘knock-off machine for cheaper…” one of the many being sued by the Doctor, Head of the Oxygen Society in Japan again as his is now a licensed medical device in the US for lymphatic drainage, not to mention OXYGENATION OF THE BLOOD AND BRAIN. (relates back to the professional medically diagnosed sleep disorder).

We both agreed that we will research and dowse for essential oils, particularly those produced by YOUNG LIVING.  She has been a member before and I am a very active member now.  We are going to dowse together for the oils, do research and agree on a program for her.

With the CHI MACHINE, I recommend that she start at 3 minutes a day for a week and build slowly, knowing her challenges, to 15 minutes a day within a month.  I have available for her more oils and more research than I have had in my office in 2 decades.

She is going a traditional, safe route with the sleep issue.  It is one that is proven and true and becoming a life saver for statistically for most who use it. (regarding sleep apnea)

As for the traditional treatment for the lymphatic condition?  We are going ‘renegade’ for 30 days.  Then, we reevaluate.

And TOMORROW I am taking her one of MY licensed medical CHI MACHINES to use in her home until I need it!  So there!

WISH US MORE THAN LUCK!  Follow and respond to this blog!

May the Heart Love in your Mind find no use of real time!   Karen

Success with Egyptian Rods for Healing Center

Hi Karen thank you for extending to us the use of the black box and the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING CD. They worked great,
the plants are coming back happier than ever, and we’re feeling the positive surge of good energy and opening in the energy
from it all.
Glad you were able to come by and pick up the healing tools and sorry we weren’t here to help give your friends a good tour.
Probably best for newbies to schedule in for a tour that way one of us are here to show them around….
But glad you brought some peeps by.
Thanks for everything and have a great summer!

T and J

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“Chief Inspiration Officer”
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