Researched my notes…

So, all I have is “a husband and wife team making Slim’s tools in their garage”? The person who said it to me, I can not find who it is….so, perhaps it IS employees of IX-EL.

We can only hope, as I talked over and over to Slim about a patent. My Father, Bill, had come up with the metal mix to MAKE METAL RECYCLABLE. That is one of the reasons Slim stuck by me…he knew I came from a metal, or alchemist, family….he also knew I was adopted, and now am saving up pennies to get my DNA test done. (per Brooke Medicine Eagle! The government of this country is paying OFF dna! BUCKS FOR DNA …what tribes?) Well, since I just had to pay $3100 I borrowed from an Ancestor to pay a loan on the home I am still in the process of selling….

My point is here, that I MAY HAVE MISHEARD, or? the words….

Please forgive me. I was mistakenly in fear of losing my own home. For now, it is saved! An interestingly, heart-opening story ensues.

At this point, I rarely use Bill’s name in any of my articles, only my talks. It is now 22 years! That MATH, I can do!

Great news: Arms Trade Treaty approved by the U.N.

Dear Karen Rice,

Great news! The Arms Trade Treaty we emailed you about a few weeks ago was passed by the United Nations, over the self-serving objections of the gun manufacturers and their front-group, the NRA. The U.S. has blocked passage in the past, but this time supported the treaty in part because of activism from CREDO members like you. Amnesty International hand-delivered a letter from 500 members of the legal community — the majority of them CREDO Action members — to the White House, the National Security Council and the State Department. These judges, law professors, attorneys and law students from CREDO Action helped make the case that the U.S. could not in good conscience continue to block this treaty. In addition, thousands more CREDO activists signed our petition which was delivered to the White House. This is a huge victory for people around the world. Governments who make or sell arms will now be obligated to assess who they’re selling arms to, and whether those arms will be used to commit serious violations of human rights laws, and stop a sale that could result in violations. For more information about this groundbreaking treaty, read the New York Times article.

The NRA will do everything in its power to block ratification of this important treaty when it comes up in the Senate. As opportunities come up to help pass this treaty in the Senate, we’ll be sure to let you know how to get involved.

Thank you for your activism — it makes a difference. Jordan Krueger, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets
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