Dear Karen,
I can’t thank you  and your apprentices enough for the healing work that you did for the land. I learned a lot about your compassion and love for the land. I am so grateful for the three hours that I had with you three.
I will write up our journeys and the construction of the golden arch. I need to touch base with Kitty and Karen for their input.
Again, thank you from my heart.  Gail

Response to Questions About HOSTING a DOWSING & EARTH ACUPUNCTURE WORKSHOP out of state

Barbara I do remember you!  We chatted at a meal!  
What fun it would be to come to your area as I graduated from Western College for Women in 1972 in Oxford, OH and haven’t been back since!
What I usually have to do is work out the details and contract with the host.  I will look to see if there is a LIGHT-LIFE® Tools distributor there who could help us fill a workshop.  Also if there is a branch of the Dowser’s Society there.  Licensed Acupuncturists and alternative health providers LOVE this work!
I see you got my recent newsletter and there is an example of a flier for the training on there.  The reason I charge $450 per person is that the host usually serves us snacks, drinks and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.  
Even more importantly, I ship or fly in with materials listed on the flier so most of the folks can go home and complete the ‘curing’ of their own home after the workshop.  I have a very high percentage rate for this!  And I usually stay a few days in the area to help out.  If folks have taken the workshop, I charge them 2/3 of what I usually charge to oversee the install at their homes.  And am really fair about all this as I know how so many homes require this work for research I am nationally known for, for 25 years with 2 men who were leaders in the field.  They are Slim Spurling and Bill Reid and there is extensive information on the internet on Slim as he studied Tesla and with Drunvulo Melchezidec, the creator of the Flower of Life movement.
Now with a contracted apprentice with me, such as Cynthia, we may have to adjust costs, but I am also willing and able then, to take 10 students and maybe more if I get her up to speed beforehand by flying in a day earlier.
When we have 8-10 students, I pay for my flight and rental car.  You pay for the motel room and I pay my own meals. (I belong to a travel club and am not terribly fussy and will get deals)  You pay for the room the night before the workshop through Monday night after the workshop, and I pay any additional days.
You pay a little over my costs for all the prepared rods that are going in the ground all around your home, due to shipping them over there, etc.  Depending on the size of the home, it is usually around $200.
When I do a home in the mountains in Colorado, I get $1.50 to $2.00 per square feet of living space including attached garage.  Commercial/Industrial is always $2.00 per sq feet or if we have to do a different method, called the Egyptian Method, I get $150/an hour and the client pays for the apprentice who gets $50/hour to install.
So, you see, because of the conditions, prices of installations may vary.  When we are in a million dollar grass lawn that is watered regularly the installation is usually easy unless there is a lot of elaborate landscaping or challenging conditions with a lot of rock.
We install on all 4 sides of the home, about 20 feet out from the foundation.  The federal government came out and tested that the TENSOR FIELD full of SCALAR WAVES may go down into the ground 75 feet and up and away from the home up to 150 feet AWAY. 
This is an experimental field that has been known about since Ancient China 5000 years ago.  The lines we are mitigating were called “Dragon lines” and you were never to build a home on top of them.
This work, works!  I have lost only 2 fourth-stage cancer patients since 1991 who had this work done on their property and I do conscious death work!  In fact, I have focused my dowsing abilities on health issues for children and adults and have  2 Phds ready to supervise a SLEEP STUDY for ADULTS with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, that they have designed and written.
I will send you an older newsletter that shows the drawing and explantation of the removal of all the lines around a house!  
My website is loaded with information!  
I look forward to exploring this with you further!  Thank you for you interest!  Also, if you get me your mailing address I can get out some articles to you that have been published.



Dear Barbara,
As a Shamanic practitioner trained also in Earth Acupuncture, I will say, yes, there are specific physical world ways of protecting ourselves from the bombardment of ELF’s. I am not sure about NOR ways. I used to carry devices in my pocket when I would go to work 18 hours straight on soap operas underground to neutralize the positive ion bombardment. And the device worked. That was in the 80’s.
I am not educated enough to know distinctions between WiFi and ELF’s, but I do know the harmful effects of each. I have installed the Egyptian Cubit Rods in my New York City office, developed by one of our own, Karen King, and learned from her the dowsing methods for protecting a structure from Adverse geothermal and ELF forces. My country home has copper staples 360 degrees around the structure for protection.
Dowsing is very much akin to journeying in my experience. Must be a Hollow Bone and correct intentions. When my clients enter my office on NYC, they immediately feel better because of the positive energy generated by rods.
I do not have WiFi in my home in the  country. I know of many people highly affected in Adverse ways by ELF’s, WiFi, and certain other electrical environments. There exists a number of “safe” places to stay at or visit that are free of these frequencies. There is a national list and more and more people need these safe zones. Yet the FIOS, the electric utilities, water co.s, and others  are proliferating the use of homewide WiFi systems with no regard for human/animal deleterious effects. Often without homeowner permission. Installing Smart Meters that send WiFi 24/7 throughout house. Combined with one’s computer and phone systems, the accumulative effects can be catastrophic. I cannot envision a spirit, Shamanic solution.
I also have been working with a V.I.B.E. machine since 2002 that corrects the damaged electrical charge in the cell walls adversely affected by ELF’s. And have witnessed miracle after miracle with that machine. A bio photonic light machine. The FDA tried to stop it’s production because it was assisting folks to throw off stage IV cancers. It is now know as another name, Quantum Pulse. It contains a Tesla coil, a Rife machine and mine also has a Slim Sperling Harmonizer.
I have helped many clients with lying on the Earth and taking salt baths. But have not investigated help with physical effects with the use of NOR info.
Hope I didn’t go on too long. It is a controversial subject, like cell phones causing brain tumors. For me it’s like, tie up my camel when I go to the temple.
Love to all,

AUTHENTIC POWER: Learn to Manage Your Energy Body and Emotions

AUTHENTIC POWER: How to Work with Your Energy Body and Emotions

Using concepts from THE POWER by Rhonda Byrne and


Learn new skills like Pendulum Dowsing, Muscle Testing and much more! Karen will lead you in exercises each week using drumming and recorded music. You will learn to muscle test, use a pendulum, and practice shamanic journey work to transform yourself when stressed.

Wednesday Evenings ~ Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26 and Nov. 2 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
HEALING DOME63rd & Niwot Road

Cost: $333 includes both books
by Rhonda Byrne and Gary Zukav (titles above) Payable by Credit Card, Check or Cash Registration Deadline: Sept. 30, 2016

Instructor: Karen Rice King, Dowsing & Shamanic Teacher  303-665-0175

TEACHING EARTH ACUPUNCTURE: How to Remove Geopathic and Hartmann Stress from a Property

Hi there!  Quite magical.  12 folks + 2 employees showed up at my free talk & demonstration.  I put it out there that I am looking for someone else to host me in the Fall.  Took them outside, flagged and gave them all their own rods.
They walked the course  to see if they could ‘feel anything’ or get a reading.  We talked quite a bit more back inside and honestly, the office manager and I had to ask folks to leave.  They were gracious and curious and I believe there will be more business.
I have 3-4 folks I’m considering for my apprenticeship program here which includes my hostess’ husband who runs the acupuncture clinic with his wife.
And right now I have 4 homes who want installations before I leave!  Varying from 5500 sq ft home to 7000 sq ft on 5 acres.
Also, I believe there may be a chance of having the SLEEP STUDY here based on the popularity of the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic.  We shall see…
Trying to get all this scheduled and completed before heading home.  My goal is to make the meeting on the 17th!


GEOPATHIC and Hartmann Stress Mitigated in Sante Fe, APRIL, 2016

Deborah Keys and I went to visit a client of hers in Sante Fe, New Mexico to work on her home in the Sante Fe area.  Here is her testimonial to us in a text in the car on the way back to Colorado:

“Karen, such a blessing for us for you guys to have come and the work you/ve done is incredible.  I can’t believe it feels NORMAL in here–the calm, the peace, tranquility, quiet, harmonious–it is incredible, wow, to have lived with that constant background psychically disrupting energy and to have it cleared, there’s no annoying vibrating of the ground and I feel energized, it is just incredible the difference to me.  I keep waiting for it to go back to what it was but it is remaining and oh my god what a relief and a blessing!  I can’t thank you enough!  I am so happy I can hear myself think, this is just so huge I have tried so many things the past four or five years and finally some answers and results. This work you’re doing is so important for humanity I feel for us to all reconnect and live harmoniously with our beloved planet.  What a gift your work is.  When I have the means, hopefully soon, I definitely want to support you in spreading this work and knowledge and I am inspired myself  to learn more.  Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts and the gift of you coming here! ”  Lara Cole

POWER PARTNERING: Mixing Business and Pleasure!

I just had dinner with Sandy Swegel to talk about my newsletters and her involvement in the paid Apprenticeship program.
Deborah Keys will admit it.  She took the training 3 times over years.  Now she is HOT FOR IT!  Ask her yourselves and she will tell you why it makes sense to put it together with her work already!
Sandy S. who has her own gardening business and is very tech savvy compared to me, is getting Hot for it also.
I am feeling it!  It is becoming the time I have seen before!  And I need qualified, well-trained folks to help me.
I am giving Cedric a head start cuz he earned it!  There is so much I want to be there with everyone before I leave this planet so I may coach apprentices into their own styles with THIS FAB WORK!
I see the 3 of us traveling more together and combining the OILS.  Or maybe we just have to get our calendars together.  !!!
The 2 different properties C. & I just did are having MAJOR SHIFTS.  Apprentices need to know about this!
Love you both!  xoxokrk
Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Registered Psychotherapist
Master Dowser Energy Worker
Shamanic Teacher
Ordained Minister
PO Box 785, Louisville, CO 80027


Usually I tell friends and clients NOT to look at emails sent from me past 10 PM.  However, the Eclipse in Pisces is cleaning my closet, if you know what I mean?  I’m up, out of bed again!
Kim,  I trust you.  I want to come by and stick a rod in the ground over there unless I left you with some rods?  Even Egyptian ?
So you did your landscaping?
Anyway, take a rod I left you with and stick it in the grass all around the house, a couple times and 10 feet or so apart.  Let me know “what you feel”.  A lot of resistance?  Your yard appeared as sod which can be any where from 1″ thick and we hit rock, or 3″ thick before we hit rock.
Or I can buzz over and do it!  We really leave 10 mins. From each other depending on the time of day.
Looking forward to following up with you and following the results after the installation is done!  Karen

Geopathic STRESS/ What hurts?


I live in Boulder and am curious if you are able to find the geopathic zones withing an home utilizing dowsing.

If so, can you tell me the potential cost and your availability?
Thank you kindly
Yes, Tonya,
A test of your property is $48 and gives you a great idea how stressed your property is.  It is applied to your getting EARTH ACUPUNCTURE done on the property.  You will see drawings of others’ homes and get literature to read about what I do.
The temperature needs to be over 40 degrees in the daylight to test and not below freezing for 3 days in a row.  So this limits us this time of year but I think the next 10 days are supposed to be warmer.  Winds cannot be over 35 miles per hour or I can’t get an accurate reading either.  And you need to come out in the yard with me to see all the flags.
Hope that helps.  We have different price ranges for different ways of dealing with the stress to accommodate any budget.  Karen
Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Registered Psychotherapist
Master Dowser Energy Worker
Shamanic Teacher
Ordained Minister
Office: 303.665.0175  OR Cell: 303.810.6486


Hi Karen,
I would like to pay off the rest of the Earth Acupuncture for our house (Traver Dr. (Broomfield) and get it scheduled when it’s good for you (and warm enough). Hope you are well!