FOLLOW UP/Egyptian Install/Denver Condo 01/06/18

Hi Karen, 

Happy 2019 to you! I’m getting back into town and finally finishing installing your recommendations. A couple of questions:

-I have the cd playing on repeat at all times roughly in the center of my space (hopefully that’s ok). Does it matter if the volume is kept low on the cd player? 

NO, that’s perfectly fine.  You will go through batteries unless you are plugged into the wall.  If it’s higher the noise is too distracting.

-With the Egyptian rods, it was my understanding that I was installing 2 rods at each location. However the instructions in the box only notes one rod at each location. Do the double rods need to be installed in any particular way or do I just tape 2 rods together at each location?  

You do want two rods together in each of the locations, literally touching each other.

Thank you! 


FOLLOW UP With Denver Condo Owner, 12/21/18


I got Siri working on my phone!  I am so sorry I was so lost the day I came to your lovely home and office. 

Please let me know how you did with the rods going up and remember you can get an inexpensive CD player at Best Buy and get the electric plug-in for it if you like. 

If you are having any symptoms getting stirred up, pull back and don’t play the CD as much.  I would find your ‘happy place’ with this and run a lot as of your location.  We talked about the natural outdoors Feng Shui good points.  The hill coming down to you, then the hill going down to the park can be “energy drains”. 

It is definitely a viable choice for you to purchase the PERSONAL HARMONIZER and use in the home.  Especially with the sleep apnea and I thank you for sharing with me personal stuff so I can address it when trying to help you get stronger!  Also, this PERSONAL HARMONIZER can only help your growing your business!  So, you can take it off your taxes! 

Friendly reminder:  when you are ready to purchase, please remind me I told you I will give you 10% off even though the sale is off December 31st.

Nice meeting you and thanks for walking down to my car with me! Karen


I was introduced to SOUL RETRIEVAL by my mentor and now colleague, Sandra Ingerman. She wrote and published a book while she was still at the Foundation of Shamanic Studies with Michael Harner titled: “Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self”. That was out in 1991 and I started working with Sandra in 1992 after a traumatic car accident and while my Mother was aging ‘ungracefully’.

Well, the book has been republished and for a fabulous reason! SOUL RETRIEVAL work that I trained in REALLY helps people!

In the late 1970’s I ran a PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM at the Free School in Boulder, CO. As a full-blown psychic due to a diving accident in 1972, I was able to see “holes in people’s AURAs”. When I met Sandra and started her GLOBAL SHAMANIC TEACHERS Program, I realized that these are the exact same holes I was seeing the energetic systems (human bodies) I was putting my hands on at work in my private practice in the early 1990’s. SPIRIT PIECES!

I was used to working with the CHAKRAS and the BODIES of the human systems in my clients and now I was learning to train others in how to do this!

To keep this simple, let me say that the way in which I work is similar to Native American ancient ways but with the icing on the cake! My Sprit Helper, Chenauknau, often times takes the pieces we or he has gathered to a Sacred Place and washes the pieces before giving them to me to blow back into the client.

So, after I tell my client the story of the SOUL RETRIEVAL JOURNEY I was on, I have them lay back down, with the holes filled with pieces and I balance and seal them back in their AURA with the help of my Psychic Surgeons.

The additional beauty of this compilation of my work, is that multiple pieces may be returned in one session. Now, this is going on the theory that we have 144 pieces to every MAJOR CHAKRA.

So, if you feel like “something is missing?”, please read this book by Sandra and call me for an appointment when you’d like to try this.

You will go home with a small Medicine Bag with sacred things in it to help you also.

What We’ve Agreed on: NEW CONDO OWNER (12/16/18)

Thank you Karen. That all sounds fine.  I am on a tight budge at the moment so I would just want to start with your assessment of my property and the very basic initial things you would recommend to improve the space (if you don’t feel the space is a lost cause from an energy standpoint).  If the double Egyptian kit is what it would take to improve the space right now, then I’m ok with that cost.  We can always revisit this later and add more to improve the space as needed down the road as well.

I am a very sensitive person so it can be quite a challenge for me to feel healthy in any building environment (previously made ill by toxic black mold).  I’ve been working hard to address all possible air quality and EMF issues within this condo space and I’ve also had a feng shui reading done on the space with some suggestions on placement of crystals, etc.  I’ve made a lot of progress but haven’t completely resolved the issues it seems.  I just happened to learn about dowsing and from what I hear some spaces just naturally have such strong negative energy zones that the people have no choice but to move out.  More than anything I just wanted to check to see if my space had any such extremely negative zones that can’t be improved….as well as suggestions to improve the health of the space overall.

Just let me know if you want to go ahead and schedule a time to come out to the condo this week. Thank you!  Jon


Jon, of course I will come and test and spend a full 45 minute appointment with you showing you drawings of houses and condos and what we are dealing with. You are now a home owner, right?  A lot needs to be addressed and let’s do it face-to-face!

You are working hard at this and I admire your courage!  It is daunting, really.  I am a home owner.  There is always something.  Yet, life becomes easier and more simple when we have a SAFE and SACRED SPACE to rest and recharge in everyday.

Not sure if you read so far as to see that I do MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH work as one of Sandra Ingerman’s shamanic practitioners and Global Shamanic Teachers. I teach it as well.  You may consider buying that book!  It is a fabulous guide to self awareness of a frequency we don’t find available much.   I have done a spiritual/psychic process with clients for over 30 years called the LONG DISTANCE CLEARING as well.

Yet my job is to empower and guide you to take the ‘steering wheel’ as soon as possible!  And get on to THRIVING and not simply surviving.

There is NO LOST CAUSE involved.  There is always help available to us when we need it.  You are taking some fabulous steps and your own protection or Inner Wisdom has guided you to me and my team.

In ALL the years, and hundreds of situations I have been in with clients, I have only asked one person if they would consider selling.  They said yes.  We did work so that they felt ok about selling a ‘sick home’ to someone else.  And guess what?  They fell in love with their home and stayed.

I will call you tomorrow.  Play with your new knowledge thus far, but you don’t need to spend much time on it until after we meet.  All the Feng Shui, as I have worked with dozens of very talented Feng Shui practitioners over the years, will be the ICING ON THE CAKE!

This MOLD, is it in your home there? We will deal with this together HEAD ON!

Oh, I do take credit cards though I don’t advocate for them.  I also am at liberty to take a discounted cash donation to my Ministry/Research if that interests you.

Rest easy for now.  See you soon!  Karen


YOUR DOUBTS regarding YOUR Empathic …

Sorry I haven’t emailed back I’ve been really depressed adjacent been on my tablet much because of it, ready for that feeling to go away, it’s been lasting too long. Is ur friend at the institute?


SHE IS way more than a friend.  BOULDER PSYCHIC INSTITUTE.

Her students and assistants are the BEST in BOULDER County, Colorado, anyway.

Many over 20 years who have come to me for PSYCHIC WORK/.  Are very happy.

AS I am focusing my own work in what is known as shamanism.


Who I brought in so long ago it isn’t funny…are also WORTH A CALL, a visit?

Use my name!  Please tell the truth!

I could not really help you!  Speak your truth and please, tell the whole truth.

If you want results?

I know from my own EXPERIENCE?  THAT we think or feel something isn’t quite right?

There is a time when the Truth comes out about the fear, the hurt, the way that we were treated that WAS NOT right.

Life around us?  Will change…and GRAB A TREE!  or simply sit against a TREE!

Get TRAINING on how to manage YOUR Gifts!

YOUR GIFTS, like others and like me


There is only one MOLD that was cast…YOU!

It is never easy …walking ANYWHERE!  As YOU are

Aware!  Your hurt?  Your sadness?

Is the sound of the SOUL within YOU!

I also know you are a Sensitive.

An Empathic.

I am learning from YOU!

THANK you so much!  Karen




Hello Deirdre!

Thanks for your interest!

I have been in New Mexico working and preparing for Spring, 2019 workshops.

My process is that first we set a time for me to come to your home for $100, which is applied to any services you decide you may want.  I am there at least an hour interviewing you, testing the property for 20 feet on the South and West side of the home, while you watch.  I then show you what a full EARTH ACUPUNCTURE installation looks like.  We go back in the home and discuss all options and either then or later the same day I send my assessment and estimates for various options via email to you for you to contemplate.

I gather my research primarily on the health of the residents and their pets.  However, if you look on my website at TESTIMONIALS or click on the EARTH ACUPUNCTURE SECTION you will get a lot more perspective on this work, and all the benefits.

I also recommend that you look for EARTH ACUPUNCTURE discussions on my BLOG, which you can open right there on the website as well.  And if you open the BLOG for SLIM SPURLING’S LIGHT-LIFE TOOLS, you will read about products I sell associated with my work.

I am excited to schedule with you at your earliest convenience.  I will be back in the office SATURDAY, the 27th of this upcoming week and if we exchange CELL NUMBERS, we will have an easier time at communicating.

I look forward to our getting together!  Karen

Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Psychotherapist

Master Dowser Energy Worker (EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, LLc.)

Shamanic Practitioner/Global Shamanic Teacher


Ordained Minister





FROM NEW MEXICO TO PANAMA! 10/17/2018 ‘Transmission’


So great to hear what you are up to!  I am on my 3rd week in New Mexico.  Setting up workshops, tests of properties through colleagues and friends, and house/pet- sitting.

Incidentally, I have interviewed with a professional house sitter and have decided that my Holiday Gift to myself is to become a professional house/pet sitter with the International Society.  I will also get all the professional insurances.

Then, I am going to not only think about where I am going to build Apprenticeship programs, but where I may stay and work in someone’s home in those locations.

I have envisioned for certain the NE, SE, NW, SW of the borders of the United States to begin with.  I already have Des Moines, IA activated and one 22,000SQ FT home in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois mitigated.

I will be map dowsing for environmental regions in distress, such as the Gulf of Mexico areas, particularly Florida with the “fish die-off” from the “red tide bacterial issues.”

Vivian Dullien, my PhD dear friend and I are gathering data not only as I have with the current intake forms for humans in the home, but we are adding domesticated house pets of all kinds, farm/agricultural animals, commercial llama and alpaca operations, as well as horse breeding, etc.  I will in honesty to the Environment be testing for Bees and for land owner’s complaints regarding invasive insects that they find troublesome.

This excites me NO END.  Vivian was congenial as to the domestic pets, as the data from all over the world is published that home pets’ places (where they love to sleep and what they love to eat) does change after mitigation of the home with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.

And scientifically, there is no placebo effect.  In other words, what we as the practitioners/facilitators may be challenged with in the human’s before- and -after affects and the scientific viewpoints will be much simpler to look at  with the animals’ behavior and health. No contest with data.  Straight forward for now…

I, of course envision the data changing in different areas, as more becomes obvious.

On a personal note?

My body is finally leveling off from that weird injury while teaching the advanced workshop in Fall, 2016 where I tore the ligaments on the bottom of my left foot and was quite immobile for months.  The return to walking, lifting and living my old life is not quite the same.  Yet, I always joke about designing the all-terrain wheel chair I will be using before any traditional surgery.

Although I have been living at over 7400 feet for 2 weeks, went to 8500 feet in altitude and dowsed for the PERSONAL STRESS LINES/Lines Blocking the Sale of a Property?..   at a Yurt on 45 acres in Mora yesterday.  I did great hammering the rods in the ground and all that entails.  Not pretty as I was using a cutting board for my knees while bent over…Got it done with excellence!  Getting back up?  Not terribly sexy!  Ahahaah!  My organic hemp oil from Prime My Body continues to support my health.

I use CEDRIC’S DRAWINGS quite a lot to show prospective clients and have drawings of properties from 10 years ago and the DIFFERENCE in the stress is so obvious.


Still I wonder if you have tested the land where are you living?

As gorgeous as the NATURE IS, and as naturally PROTECTION comes from the living fauna and flora, still some stress is natural in the Earth and the Earth’s atmosphere, simply because of technology, electrical grids and underground water is always interesting as an amplifier or a  conductor as electrician’s know.

I am not ‘trying to be “Debbie Downer” from Saturday Night Live!

There is only one place so far noted to not have any “man-made stresses” present.  I have never been there yet.  It is the headwaters of the Amazon River.  Look at a map…

I am studying more and researching the Ley Lines on this magical, mystery Planet/Mother we are riding like bacteria or a virus….

Thanks for listening to my news…Know I hold you both in Light and Sound, as NATURE is certainly holding you!

Miss you, yet know we aren’t finished yet!

All Ways, Always, through All Time and Dimensional Exploration!


(c) Earth Acupuncture, Llc.2018.  All Rights Reserved.



TOBI HUNT EVENTS:  “WHY DOES EARTH ACUPUNCTURE Improve Health & Well Being”, Saturday, November 3, 10:30-Noon

FIELD TRIP: The Way of the Leopard 2-Day Ceremony with John Lockley, October 13th

SPIRIT JOURNEY: “Winterize your Soul” with a Session or Please Let Me Know If You’d Like a Gathering!



Karen’s Korner:


There is no shortage of emptiness in the world—empty pockets, empty jobs, empty marriages.  But the most tragic example of emptiness is the empty spirit.  An empty spirit may have been drained by hopelessness, loneliness, fear, or resentment.  When people feel spiritually impoverished, their tendency is to hold on desperately to what little reserve they have.  The remedy for this emptiness is not in hoarding.  It is in giving.  Even if they feel they have nothing to give, generosity is the medicine they need in order to heal.

If you have drawn this card today, look at the issue of generosity in your life.  Are you holding back from participating in a cause where you feel you could help?  Are you denying the tugging at your heartstrings concerning a friend or family member’s dilemma?  Are you treating yourself with the care and kindness you deserve?

We are the guardians of generosity between the physical and non-physical spheres.  Our name suggests a tie with the Celestial Realm.  We also work with the Throat chakra, the center of expression on the Earthly plane.  Our blue color is like that of your sky, which you equate with the heavens.  We are here to remind you of your connection with the Divine Virtues.  These qualities are not only the province of Angelic beings.  They are part of who you are, waiting to be expressed. (From CRYSTAL DEVA CARDS by Cindy Watlington, photographs by Rick Kopp)


Associations:  Stamina;  Agility;  Strength;  Unpredictability;  Majesty;

Respectfulness; Nobility; Confidence; Courageousness; Power;  Determination;  Sensitivity;  Assertiveness;  Vitality

While climate leaders gathered at the Global Climate Action Summit last month, President Trump announced yet another climate-wrecking rollback that poses catastrophic consequences for the fight against climate change.

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Our entire democracy is at stake in the midterm elections.

The reasons we need a government that truly represents the people was on full display last week — our democracy is in crisis, and Kavanaugh is only one part of the problem.

Next year’s Congress will have an enormous influence on the future of our democracy and whether our government works for us or continues to pander to corporate interests at the expense of our communities and the environment.

Without a healthy democracy, progress on climate change and other key environmental issues becomes near impossible.
CLICK HERE to Tell candidates for Congress to DEFEND DEMOCRACY

Field Trip: Way of the Leopard 2-Day Ceremony at the StarHousewith John Lockley
Saturday, October 13, 2018, 10:00 AMto Sunday, October 14, 2018, 5:00 PM
John will use guided meditation, prayer, song, dance, drumming, plant medicine (e.g. Pine, White Sage, Rosemary), and intention to help the participants to connect with their inner voice, sharing teachings on “Connecting with our Ancestral Lines” and “Remembering our Dreams”. He will also share experiences from working in the African Bush, how to track animals, helping participants to connect with their heartbeat, re-wilding them and strengthening their ability to move towards their life calling, their destiny.
CLICK HERE for more info

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Due to an overwhelming and positive response, we have decided to keep the Ultimate Detox System Special going for another month! Customers and Affiliates can now jump start the fall season by getting their mind & body ready to enter the busiest time of the year!

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Karen Rice King,
© Ruffled Feathers, LLC, 2018

Happy Fall Everyone!

I am very excited to work with Tobi Hunt on this talk and demonstration at her private home in Lafayette. Why?

Most of all because she asks folks if they ever heard of EARTH ACUPUNCTURE and NO ONE HAS!

Seating is limited and she will have the details on her website TOBIHUNTEVENTS.COM soon…


What is Earth Acupuncture? How Does It Improve Health and Well-being?

Time: 10AM for networking  10:30am- Noon presentation


Please join us for this fascinating event!

Earth Acupuncture is working with the meridians of the Earth, very similar to that of the human body with acupuncture needles. Copper rods, or “needles,” are left in the ground, and people who live on the property where an installation has taken place report that they sleep better and find better health. Pets often take on the electrical and geopathic stressors, and as soon as the house is mitigated, the pets move to a different spot in the house to sleep. Real estate folks use these methods to get a property “cleared” to sell.

Master Dowser, Karen Rice King, studied and worked with the internationally known Slim Spurling. In 1996 Slim granted Karen the use of the term EARTH ACUPUNCTURE and encouraged her to start her own training of apprentices, which she has done.  She began this work as part of her private practice in Boulder, Colorado. She will even give us a live demonstration outside my home.

Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Psychotherapist
Master Dowser Energy Worker (Earth Acupuncture, LLC)
Global Shamanic Teacher (Ruffled Feathers, LLC.)
Ordained Minister

**PLEASE NOTE: You are required to pay in advance which confirms and guarantees your seat. This event is only open to 12 women and men. Seating is limited. You are welcome to bring a friend or another family member too.   This event is $25.00 a person. Please sign up on my website at this link:

Warm regards,
Tobi Hunt . . 303-926-4304 home office . 303-263-2638 mobile

Perhaps, you haven’t had me to your home for a testing session. Or you keep hearing success stories about my work of 27 years in this field.  I keep doing this work at my age because “I’ve become mystified by the miracles,” and the overall repeated positive reports we get from people year after year.  I have lost only one fourth stage cancer client in 27 years who had this full installation done on their home while in treatment.  And all the kids who have rebound from behavior issues and troubles in school!  OMG!  The list goes on.

I own a company EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, LLC., started in 1996 after I broke off from my mentors Slim Spurling and Bill Reid to start an APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM where I train others to add this work to their “medicine bags” and have it for their clients.

Before that as today I continue to offer weekend trainings for homeowners with a take home kit so they can save hundreds of dollars on my installing by doing the install themselves at the end of the training.

The primary reason I did this was that I was changing various ways of doing the work and measurements of the rods and how to mitigate the negative lines cutting through a building.  Slim had gotten me Master Dowser status with the International Dowsers Society in 1996 for my research and my discovery of the PERSONAL STRESS LINES, relating to people living or working in the buildings and what was causing them the most challenges in health and life in general.

This also led to working with Realtors and homeowners to sell houses and businesses as the PERSONAL STRESS LINES, showed up as “lines blocking the sale of the property.”

Now with the idea of perhaps publishing my work, I see that it will be advantageous to expand the program to other places around the country.  For instance in Des Moines, Iowa I have an apprentice who completed my program over a couple years with me traveling to teach over there.  Alisha also came to Colorado to take an Advanced training in EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.  She is now certified by the program and able to assist me with customers and students anywhere in the country.

I am being mentored by Vivian Dullien, PhD.  We are currently expanding our research to gather data on animals as you have already read about in previous newsletters.  This is not just for domestic pets in our homes but will reach and include ranches and farms and breeding scenarios.

We are doing this mainly because with animals we are not distracted by the placebo effect of the results as one may consider a possibility in the SLEEP STUDY FOR ADULTS WITH EARTH ACUPUNCTURE.

Once Apprentices and I have enough data from around the country, we can then talk about raising money from a grant or crowd funding for the study on humans.

It has been challenging to run the Sleep Study as participants first of all can’t believe they need to pay for our work.  Then, there was the issue that every other house was getting the installation and the clients would not know one way or the other if their house had been done.  So, as you may understand there were many variables and I want to simplify things moving forward with this work.

I also am changing the guidelines of the Apprenticeship Program to be more accommodating for the students and much more defined.  Each contract with my Apprentices is individually prepared to fit their lifestyles and there is no set date to finish the program.  EARTH ACUPUNCTURE will serve as a addition to other modalities and the Apprentice will be the Lead Dowser on jobs where when I am working with them, I pay them an healthy hourly wage.

Of course there will be an affordable yearly fee to be in my program and some charges for one-on-one trainings.  Feel free to share this information with anyone you deem may be interested as we have fun together as we do this amazing work and they will become part of the research team!

I hope if you haven’t had a test of your property done that you will join us as we test Tobi’s house and demonstrate the mitigation process.  I will also be giving out materials and a FREE COPY of my mini book, THE WEIRD HISTORY OF DOWSING.

Please register soon on her website:
And I look forward to seeing you there!


I am happy to hold a Saturday or weekday evening workshop where we may journey, drum and dance before the end of the year.  Also, include a fire ceremony.  Please email me at if you are interested in participating or text me with your name on my cell 303.810.6486.

This time of year is so wonderful to do this powerful work and you know how I love it.  It doesn’t matter if you are a BEGINNER or a seasoned Sage, we can have some fun and tune up our Spiritual Bodies at the same time.

I will also include some guided journeys where I speak the journeys and you lay there and relax.  Doesn’t this sound like a renewal for the holidays coming up?

As soon as I have 4 interested people I will get a date at the wonderful DOME ON NIWOT ROAD where I have taught for decades.

With the Fall Equinox over and the Winter Solstice coming up in December, we will have plenty of things to cover!


Multipure Drinking Water Systems (team builder #144994)
I have been with Multipure since 1991.  Today they continue to be an industry leader and one with the National Sanitation Foundation’s (NSF) highest ratings for removal of chemicals and biological contaminants in our water.

Water Filter Systems
Multipure Drinking Water Systems are the perfect way to ensure that your home and family are provided with cleaner, tastier, healthier water. Our industry-leading drinking water systems and drinking water filters can be used on the countertop or below the sink, and have several options to customize their features, allowing you to find the drinking water filtration system to meet your home and family’s specific needs.

All Multipure Drinking Water Systems treat a wide range of contaminants including Cysts, Lead, PCBs, MTBE, Mercury, Asbestos, Chlorine, Chloramine, VOCs, and other contaminants of health concern.


Purchase the Aqualux under the counter unit from me directly and receive $100 OFF!  Other systems include the stainless steel under the counter unit, which I have in the bathroom next to my office for clients.

However, the cats took it over and I have to bring a pitcher down from the kitchen! 

I LOVE THIS SYSTEM FOR TRAVELING AS IT fits in all motel rooms!  And it has the solid carbon mini block filter I have learned to love and trust!

Multipure’s Aquamini combines our powerful drinking water filtration technology with a convenient and portable form factor. This compact, stainless-steel drinking water system is designed to travel with you, ensuring safer drinking water at your destination. When placed on the countertop and connected directly to the faucet, the Aquamini gives you all the power of Multipure’s Solid Carbon Block filter in a smaller size.

I LOVE the aquamini for traveling as it fits in all motel rooms.  And it is the solid carbon mini block filter I have learned to love and appreciate ththrough the decades of  researching water filtration systems

And get the SHOWER FILTER for a stocking stuffer!  This is one of the ONLY shower filters on the market that is rated to remove chlorine and ammonia!!!  Plus, the wonderful unit to put on your ORGANIC GARDEN HOSE!  These are unbelievably reasonable in price and built to last.

So, don’t delay as the holidays will be here before we know it!  Purchase directly from me or PLEASE USE MY Team Builder #144994. 

Personal Note: *  I just returned from my 50th High School Reunion …Men were announcing that I taught them how to “kiss a girl”…’really’?

And a couple of old gal pals said, “Do you remember when I said I was sleeping at your house and you said you were sleeping at my house and what we were REALLY DOING?”

PERHAPS, I was and still am a ‘wild one’, a ‘lucky one’?  At REUNION ?  I felt the blood in my veins and I could be ME, as you may expect?  And I ran for the elevator…why?  Try this!

Love, Light and Laughter to you!

Copyright © 2018 Karen Rice King Shamanic Healer/Teacher, Master Dowser, Ordained Minister, All rights reserved.
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