Just wanted you to know that every camping spot that we stop at I run the environmental cd and it is amazing what happens in the campground.  Lots of goodness and light!    Hope all is well on your end.  lots of love and blessing…teresa

otro día en el paraíso , Teresa

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Become a child of the present age,
of youth, of wisdom. Never leave
this bountiful moment, this eternal day. – Rumi

Recent SOLAR FLARE Activity

Solar Flare Awakening
Why is this solar activity so important!
Aluna Joy & the Star Elders – Oct 27th, 2014

We are almost out of this solar flare gauntlet as the rotation of the sun will take the offending, but still growing, AR2192 sun spot with it.  The good news is that the energy will be a bit gentler on your nervous systems, and your computers will be safer pretty darn soon!   I can hear you sigh in relief from here. ;

BUT . . . even though soon we will not be able to see solar spot AR2192 (with solar shades), it doesn’t mean that we won’t FEEL what the sun emits while this massive sun spot is on the flip side of the sun.  We are connected to EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING is connected to us.  This solar flare crow bar will continue to pry open our mysteries and wisdom that are deep inside of us, and on Earth!  Ancient solar cultures for eons (Mayan – Incan – Egyptian – Druid – Essene, etc…) have understood the spiritual and alchemical importance of the SUN.

Hidden Ancient Mystery Schools around the Earth will be emitting new frequencies like the ones in the Palenque, Mexico, Egypt and more.  Palenque is the head of an enlightened dove grid and acts as a healing balm to the soul, activates the divine creative mother, time travel, and dimensional travel.  Egypt, its Great Pyramid, the Sphinx’s Hall of Records and Egypt’s connection to the holy land mystery schools are unparalleled in alchemical stature.  We hope this solar flare storm will pry open and release their most hidden mysteries.  Are you ready to receive them?

So why is this heightened solar activity so important?

To put this into perspective for the year of 2014 . . . from Jan 1, 2014 to Oct 18, 2014, we only had 8 class X solar flares!  ONLY 8!   But from October 19, 2014 to today, we have had 6 in only 9 days, along with a roller coaster energy bath in dozens of major M Class flares! (at time of this posting)  And we are not quite done yet.  So give yourself a break.  Allow the down time needed to adapt to the new frequencies. Be kind and non-judgemental to one another.  Be grateful for the insights these solar flares bring.  These are the brawny upgrades the The Star Elders shared about on Oct 6th!

Seriously, when the Star Elders shared the message about “brawny upgrades”, now I GET why they used the word brawny!  If you missed the message, it is posted here:  http://www.alunajoy.com/2014-oct6.html

Seriously . . . make sure you are well hydrated, eat clean, stay grounded, get into water anyway you can, stay calm and breathe!  This is a massive upgrade for our nervous systems that has continued to be rebuilt this entire cooker of a year.  This is going to continue to be weird.  The Star Elders say that it will pass into a much calmer December when we will be settled into this new vibration.

Suggestions . . . Trust all your desires and visions that don’t seem to connect.  They will.  Stay curious so there is ROOM in your space for the universe to give you new codes and insights designed just for you.  Don’t rush this process.  It will take as long as it takes.  Enjoy the down time and the mental void spots if you are lucky enough to get some.  The void is where Spirit can talk to you.  Lastly, follow your heart, and quit being someone you are not.  If you feel stuck, change something . . . Anything!  Even small changes can send the message to the universe that you are open to new things.

For Now, back up your computers.  Technology will be weird when the magnetic fields are disturbed by these X class flares.  And it isn’t over yet. This will save you much grief later.

Wow . . . even though my dreams were disturbed, and I feel quiet and introverted, there is an EXCITEMENT BUILDING!  For what, will be for us to discover soon!   But I am expecting that the new vibrations will set free ancient codes, wisdom and reactivation of mystery schools and their solar cultures.  Things will being to fall into place!

Lots of current updates on Facebook here… https://www.facebook.com/alunajoyyaxkin

I am SO IN for catching this PEACE and POSITIVITY PANDEMIC!  May we never recover from this!  This event is directly in alignment with what the Star Elders shared … that by mid December we would ANCHOR and FEEL A NEW PEACE!  Read the entire message here http://www.alunajoy.com/2014-oct6.html. So I am IN!  ***A Double Yahoo! We will be in Palenque, Mexico (head of the dove) for this day of PEACE, on the days of the divine feminine / Goddess Guadalupe!  Now I know why spirit called us back to paradise!   PS… We still have space in our group.
Join us! http://www.alunajoy.com/index2.html
Watch the fun video with Julian Lennon about THE MASTER SHIFT and like it on Face book!  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0NvUTbhhGlA.

“CHICAGO, Chicago, that wonderful town!” EARTH ACUPUNCTURE TRAVELS Again.

This is to familiarize you with the process we are about to embark with!

1.  The night we get in, we will dine together.  I will have some paperwork for Millie and Chris to fill out to give us the next day regarding health concerns for the entire family including pets.
2.  When that paperwork is available we will all sit down in an interview regarding the clients’ responses.  As this is confidential information I will need verbal releases to speak to the children, especially if the parents want me to.  I have decades of hours working with children with all kinds of issues.  I also can meet with any of them with Jin as I believe she treats them already.  Parents may or may not be present depending on YOUR WISHES. She may bring the family file for consultation as I recommend this to really get the results we all intend.
3.  Depending on the weather, we will actually be out on the land about 7 hours a day, all three of us.  We will start around 9-9:30, but this is flexible due to conditions.   So, lunch can be around 12:30 or 1.  We will need to hydrate a lot and sometimes, because of the severity of the fields, I will send someone into ‘time out’ to protect them. This would mean a trip to the rest room, a snack and perhaps a hot beverage.  ( this is regular protocol, but we usually are working out of our vehicles.)  I may also use some of the Light Life Tools on them to make sure they are centered and working at their best.
4.  For sure, Bill and I will be available for dinner and will notify you by lunch if we are running downtown for some ‘sight seeing’.  Jin should have lunch with us and even breakfast if she wishes based on the heavy discount attributed to this particular job situation.  I hope you understand.  We also can brain storm about challenges at those 2 meals together and talk about the final drawing and installation.
5. Our evenings are our own.
6.  At the time we determine that I need to stay longer, you will be notified immediately.  Your final drawing of the home and property will arrive approximately 2 weeks later, when we have a conference call to go over what we found and mitigated.  However, as we are working, I will be able to report to you what our findings look like.  Millie and Chris are welcome to come out and watch and ask questions of me.  I hope you will even try walking along with the rods in your hands by the flags a little bit to see if you can detect what I have worked with for 23 years.  It is fun!

I also want to mention that due to the size of the home, I will be determining what rods are sunk in the ground when and where.  The grids will assuredly have to be done a little differently since we will be working 3 days, allowing the changes to ‘cook’ a little before leaving.  I just want to re-iterate that having never been on the property  myself is a challenge.  Yet, we will adapt and do a wonderful job for you.  It is not the first time I have flown in to work on property by any means.

I advise that if you have any cats that go outdoors, that you keep them in the home until you hear from me. We can see some behavior displayed in any living thing on the property as soon as the first several rods are in the ground.  Most of the time all is for the highest good.  Once in a while we may see otherwise.  The family is advised to get extra rest while we are there and hydrate a lot as well,  particularly with clean water.  I will want to hear of ANY peculiarities within the family dynamic by the 2nd day of work.

Thanks so much Everyone!!!


Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Registered Psychotherapist
Master Dowser Energy Worker
Shamanic Teacher
Ordained Minister
PO Box 785, Louisville, CO 80027
303.665.0175 (office)


Hi Suzanne,

What I do, is go through the list of possessions, entities, obsessions, Wolf Packs, etc.  It is an entire page of possible ‘ailments’ the home may have.  I will then start removing them and mitigating them using various ways that have worked for the last 30 years.  I am able to speak to the soul of the property and bring in the HOUSE ANGEL for you all.

Some homes last the entire year in the active file.  Some go through really fast.  I do not work without permission as that could cause more problems.  If you read the testimonials or my blog off my website, you will see the many stories of what can happen.  ALL GOOD.

At the end of the sheet I mail it to you, as I said and we go over it on the phone.  That in itself increases the clearing of negativity.  I coach you in small things you can do to be in unity with your home as it is your temple, especially with the healing you all need at this time.

People have reported help with ‘dark corners’ or cold spots in the home, which usually are trapped spirits hanging out that will be gone for good with my work.

You know, sometimes you just need to trust a little.  You definitely need to all be open to receiving healing and solid support.  I am sure this is a bit scary.  But you can change that too.  I have clients all the time making the commitment to survive cancer and they do.  Some without any traditional medicine, as there is so much available now.  And if your husband doesn’t feel it, he may just be influenced by the negativity in the home.  Then you have to take the reigns and jump it!
Karen Rice King, BA CHAP, Registered Psychotherapist
Master Dowser Energy Worker
Shamanic Teacher
Ordained Minister
PO Box 785, Louisville, CO 80027

Response to Seller/Longmont. August, 2014

On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 11:30 AM, Karen King <karen@karenriceking.com> wrote: Great chatting with you today.  I can tell you will be fun to work with as you know about this “stuff”! I will need: Property address Year built Year purchased by current owner Year of any major construction (walls up or down) Thanks and I look forward to having successes with you!  We can set a  date also to put up the Egyptian kit at this home sometime near the end of the week.  Please do not lower the price of the home without calling me first.  We want to go for the offer first. Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Registered Psychotherapist Master Dowser Energy Worker Shamanic Teacher Ordained Minister PO Box 785, Louisville, CO 80027 303-665-0175 Karen@karenriceking.com

Long Distance work on Property for Sale in Longmont

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 9:52 AM
Subject: House Clearing

Hi Karen,

I have a house that I recently remodelled and am trying to sell with some difficulty. The previous owner died in the kitchen. I have had numerous workers and friends who were in the house say that they felt that I should have the house cleared. I am hoping that might help it sell.

I am wondering if you do this type of work and what it would cost. The house is located off Niwot Rd by 63rd.


Offer on Property within Days of Clearing

hi Karen just wanted you to know that we got a contract this morning for Full Sail $299,000 this was a beautiful magical magical exchange and the lady who is coming in even wrote us a letter truly wonderful thank you so much for your help and for your guidance in this and hope to talk to you soon.love and light teresa

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FINALLY A MEMBER! Society of Scientific Exploration!

I look forward to seeing my regular friends this week and meeting new ones!  Karen

Friday, July 18th,2014  11:00 AM
Presentation Starts at 11:30 AM

The Mathematics of Wellness
Discovering the Science of Harmony




Millennium Harvest House
1345 Twenty-Eighth Street
Boulder, CO
USA 80302-6899

(303) 443-3850

At the Millennium we will be in “The Millennium Room” to the left of the main desk.  The hotel is providing a gluten-free hot buffet including both meat and vegetarian choices for $20.00.

Click Here For Flyer with links

For More Information Go To:


“Consciousness in the Universe” Hamerof & Penrose  (Link Corrected)

“Amplituhdedron May Shape the Future of Physics”

Please let Paul Sperry  know  if you can come and if you will be bringing guests. It is really helpful if you can arrive early to partake in the buffet so we can start promptly at 11:30.

303-817-2163 Cell

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New Consciousness Network | 1304 South College Avenue | Fort Collins | CO | 80524

NEWSFLASH: Sleep Study and Earth Acupuncture Workshop, April 2014

Subject: NEWSFLASH : Sleep Study & Earth Acupuncture Workshop ~April, 2014

Date: February 21, 2014 1:03 PM

Hi Everyone!

We’re excited to host this upcoming workshop on our property and help Karen kickoff the long awaited Sleep Study!  Join us for good energy, good food and good company with a Master Teacher. Take advantage of this unique invitation to learn the ancient yet timely art of dowsing. Contact Karen  <http://earthacupuncturellc.com to register for the workshop or to enroll in the Sleep Study. Blessings ~ Cher  (see below for Cher’s contact information)

Professional Medical Study: Earth Acupuncture & Sleep Issues in Adults

Geomancers, Feng Shui practitioners, and dowsers have been working with natural and man-made energies on properties for thousands of years. They recognize the ley lines forming a grid along longitude and latitude lines on the planet. In our current era, researchers are also concerned about the negative effects of electromagnetic (EMF) pollution produced by modern technology, as well as the stresses created by natural earth energy disturbed by underground running water, rock strata, and high mineral content.

In 1991, Karen Rice King hosted a workshop for Bill Reid and Slim Spurling to present their research. Calling themselves geobiologists, they discussed how they dowsed and diagnosed stress lines on people’s properties. By burying specially designed copper rods, Reid and Spurling mitigated what they believed were the causes of many health and financial complaints. The Federal government tested Spurling’s tools and found that his geobiology installation created a tensor field which lowered EMF measurements, diverted unwanted underground water, and much more.

Over the years, King remained professionally involved with both men, but particularly with Spurling. He became internationally known for his work, which King named “Earth Acupuncture,” and he trained her as a Master Dowser. Achieving remarkable results with Earth Acupuncture, they compiled a wealth of anecdotal evidence for its benefits.

Working with scientist Vivian Dulien, Ph.D., and statistician Laura Appelbaum, Ph.D., King is developing the first scientific study of the effects of Earth Acupuncture on sleep issues in adults. Participants will be randomly divided into a placebo group and a group receiving an installation of copper rods around their homes. The participants’ sleep issues will be carefully measured and recorded for a period of six months with three separate interviews, before, during and after the installation. The resulting data will be fed into software specially developed for analysis. Legal contracts with the clients guarantee that the placebo group will receive the full installation at the end of six months. Ultimately, King hopes to receive a grant to further expand this work in the future.

King is now interviewing homeowners who want to participate in the study.

The upcoming Earth Acupuncture Training  is April 19th and 20th at the home of Cher Michel & Cedric Peebles.

Peace & Gratitude,

Cher Michel, SCCI

Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education

Raindrop Technique® Facilitator/Instructor/Supervisor

720-635-9670 cell/text

1800 30th Street, Suite 210J

Boulder, CO 80301

www.opalstoneoils.com <http://www.opalstoneoils.com/>

www.raindroptraining.com <http://www.raindroptraining.com/>


A Harmonizer is a Powerful Holistic Healing Tool

Story # 3

Slim Spurling Harmonizer years ago I taught a workshop on Earth Acupuncture at the home of Gaela and Jim Morrison, who lived near Pagosa Springs, CO.  Gaela practices Geomancy and Feng Shui, while Jim is a sustainable green builder. The class installed copper rods on their property over the weekend, right after Jim had been written up in Architectural Digest for his sustainable green design.

On one of my many trips to the area I spoke with a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer, referred by her physician, an oncologist from Texas. I visited her property, which showed no serious irregularities, yet a couple horses had behavioral issues and she had trouble with workers who were installing a patio fountain. Before I had even gotten in my car to leave from her ranch the first day, she had fired the fountain workers and one horse stopped displaying the misbehavior that had worried her and her ranch foreman. Before I left the property for the final time, she had purchased a silver personal harmonizer and started running the Environmental Clearing CD.

Her oncologist wove together the tapestry of traditional and alternative treatments and was known the world over. Within a week this physician, whom she traveled regularly to see, took her off more than 60% of the natural medications he had prescribed. Within a month, she was off all medicines and was juicing organic fruits and vegetables. All the cancer had disappeared! The horses were normalized in their behavior and she a couple boarder horses to the herd. Her gardens and greenhouse had fewer bug infestations and soil imbalances, as well.

For several months I have been attending the local chapter of the internationally known Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), and I plan to join the group. I also have become a TEAM LEADER for Boulder County in a LinkedIn Group called, “First the Earth.” The subtitle is *HEAVEN ON EARTH* Eco-Holistic Model Cities, hosted by Mel (Melcir) Erskine-Richmond, Ph.D.

I invite all of you to explore this group, as I feel very connected with Mel as well as with some of the 700+ members I have been dialoguing with. I appreciate any comments or support.