Karen –

Thank you for the tips on supplements (for my situation).  I am going to get a better handle on taking my vitamins regularly, as I have been slightly lax about this lately. Don’t beat yourself up.  That is left for the dark side, right?  And the dark is fighting, yet slowly moving out of your genealogy, as it did even in my karmic adopted family!    My bad.   If you see elevated issues with unresolved anger, I can understand that right now.  I am still working through old issues with my father’s death. As you will for months to come!  An opportunity to resolve emotional issues inside YOU!   We also had Don’s sister come out to visit, and the visit ended in her getting very upset and leaving suddenly.  I think she may have left behind some really “funky” energy (or perhaps a poltergeist), as I had to do a smudging this weekend before I could get to sleep.  I could feel someone or something in the corner of my bedroom staring at me – ARE YOU HERE FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD?  IF NOT, BE GONE.  ANGRY eyes on me when I closed my eyes for sleep.   I am pretty sure it is residue from Stephanie’s visit and her angry outburst towards me.  I am fairly sure her anger comes from being resentful towards me that her brother moved   2,000 miles away from her and family – and she has yet to admit this anger to herself. (Or perhaps she recognized this and she is arguing with me consciously– I’m not quite sure.)   She has a lot of issues, so I am trying to be compassionate and understanding of why she is upset while letting her know that her behavior is unacceptable. ( Karen:  CHECK YOUR  BEHAVIOR!  You aren’t in control!  Nature rules!  You paint Nature!  )
I was really getting a bit concerned about my brother, and making sure he is safe from that dark influence – especially since he will be driving tractor trailers for a living now.   I do not want him in imminent danger while he is on the road.  Plus,  I do not want other brothers to continue being mad at him for his ornery and somewhat abusive behavior towards his girlfriend, Dawn.    Dawn claims he has been a bit easier to get along with, but I am not sure how much I can count on her judgment either, as she is a victim of abuse all her life as well. (Our family seems to have a habit of collecting the “strays” in life!) I can tell by talking with my brother on the phone that he seems a bit more calm and less anxious and a bit less negative while I spoke to him right before Christmas.   I guess I just needed to hear your confirmation that he is still cooperating with your efforts.  Sometimes, the codependent “care-taker” is in question.  Watch out for your “over-do-diligence”  and channel your emotions, once clearly acknowledged, cleared and out, so as not to pollute our energetic lives.  Thank you!




A friend of mine asked me if I knew of a source for “clean ear buds” for use on a cell phone and such. I said I didn’t know about clean ear buds, but I knew each of you sold different EMF related products. Beth, in the past I bought those thingies from you that clip on to the wire that plugs into to the phone for a headset. And Karen, I bought from you that cell phone thingie that I put on the back of my cell phone under the case.


Anyhow, if you have a source for clean ear buds please let me know. Also, please email me info you have on the products you have available for sale on the EMFs so that I can put Cheryl  directly in touch with you should she want to purchase your products!

Love you!


Sent: Friday, December 18, 2015 8:14 AM
To: Susan Westfall
Subject: Re: Question on ear buds, EMF filters, etc.


The best thing in the universe is the personal harmonizers and now Katharina is making mini ones that will take care of the personal space of whoever is wearing it.  It just can’t clear a home like the ones we are used to.!  Our big sale was in November every year at the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Harmonizers also go on sale for mother’s day and valentines.  Dr. Mercola’s recommendations are the most trusted and the no EMF.COM that Beth uses.  However, a lot of those companies sell stuff that has NEVER been tested and they make claims like folks who sell air filters.

Thanks for thinking of me and do see if she’d like to get my email Newsletters.  Karen



Subject: Re: Prayers for my Dad


Good luck on your trip!  Here are some tips for future care as I have been trained by experts through the years of working with my own family and hundreds of clients in similar situations.

I think one of the most important thing I did was to talk to a social worker. If he is still in the hospital, call and set up a face-to-face for when you get there.   And use them!

For instance,  if your Dad goes to a REHAB place before released to home, you should make a face-to-face appointment with the social work department of the unit.  When you travel back to Boulder, they will be your “representative”  for all upcoming matters.  They can talk to physicians, nurses, therapists for you.

Then, they will transition you probably to the social worker his primary care or specialist uses when he is sent home.  This one thing can change the entire progression of his recovery.  They acted like a coach with me and helped me keep everything together long distance.

You need to think about sitting down with your Mother and the social worker and perhaps draw up a document stating that the 2 of you are now his medical power of attorney until he is well.  This way, in her overwhelm, while once alone with neither you or your sister, she will not be “preyed upon” by the system and you may oversee everything.

Now this is cutting edge information that may help your Dad and the entire family.  Not to mention the immediate medical staff.  Have the social worker recommend a Geriatric Physician.  Get them on board now for the future with your parents aging process.  They know how to balance all the different information you will be getting medically regarding your parents’ care and support system.  This also is an absolute GAME CHANGER!  Even if the Neurologist is his primary MD right now with his family Doctor.  They are trained specifically in AGING medically.  The social worker will help you to get it covered by insurance.  In fact the social worker will help your family with ALL OF YOUR NEEDS and your Dad’s needs.

I hope this helps and you will consider these options.

Let me know if you decide in remote work for him as well, not to be solicitous.


What Is EMF and How Does It Affect My Family’s Health?

What Is EMF and How Does It Affect My Family’s Health? by Karen Rice King

Birds sitting on powerlines.  EMF sourceEMF, or electromagnetic fields, are generated by all electric devices and appliances, and there has been much research into their effects on human health. EMFs are created by common household items such as computers, cell phones, electric blankets, waterbed heaters, televisions and stereos. Higher levels of EMFs are generated by radio waves, microwaves, high-voltage electrical lines, power generating plants, department store detection systems, airport security systems, medical devices and military equipment.

Modern studies show that higher levels of radioactivity, magnetic field strength, infra-red radiation, and electromagnetic disturbances are occurring more frequently than ever before. There is an ongoing public debate over the effects of EMFs around high voltage electric power distribution systems. Some researchers believe that the fields are not necessarily the prime cause of health effects, but that they may amplify effects of natural phenomena such as high mineral content in the soil or heavy metals in the water supply.

Using a cellphone exposes you to EMFsHuman health complaints that may be attributed to EMF exposure are sleep disorders, tingling and pain in arms and legs, chronic fatigue, aching and swollen joints, dizziness, frequent headaches, vision problems, disorientation, memory loss, irritability, stress, abdominal discomfort, nausea, sores that will not heal easily, allergies, and problems with menstrual cycles. Experts in the field are researching the relationship of EMFs to leukemia and brain cancer, particularly in small children, as well as neurological disabilities and cardiovascular disease.

In many European countries, it has long been public policy to prohibit the building of residences over water veins, fault zones, or areas of geomagnetic disturbances, because of the health hazards observed over hundreds of years. More and more people are focused on the quality of their health and life. Many health care practitioners believe that EMF stresses on the human body weaken the immune system so that it cannot fully process traditional medical treatments or alternative cures, making it more difficult to recover to a healthy and dis-ease free life. Clients are being referred to EMF experts by medical doctors, oncologists, chiropractors, and alternative care providers, such as acupuncturists,massage therapists, cranial-sacral therapists, and energy workers.

People who are most endangered by EMFs are those who are highly sensitive to their environment and do not readily process physical and emotional stimuli. Others at risk are those who have experienced a recent accident or illness, participate in high performance sports, work in front of a computer more than a couple hours a day, or who spend significant time on the telephone. Babies and children exposed to EMFs are at risk in healthy growth, ability to learn, and focused concentration. Animals are also vulnerable, as veterinary doctors are finding more incidents of cancer and other diseases in dogs, cats and household pets. When multiple treatments are administered without full recovery, some vets are suggesting that electromagnetic fields may be contributing the animals’ slow recovery.

Sleeping peacefully with catI began my research on the effects of EMFs in 1991 as a member of the Geobiology Research Association, and was mentored for many years by the well known energy worker and inventor, Slim Spurling, until his death in 2007. Two years ago I began working with two Ph.D. scientists on a research project with adults experiencing sleep irregularities. Many clients and practitioners are registering their interest in getting involved with this study. If you have any further questions, please contact me at 303-665-0175.


Just wanted you to know that every camping spot that we stop at I run the environmental cd and it is amazing what happens in the campground.  Lots of goodness and light!    Hope all is well on your end.  lots of love and blessing…teresa

otro día en el paraíso , Teresa  – honoring the sacred in everyday life

Teresa Dunwell 720-333-6306

Become a child of the present age,
of youth, of wisdom. Never leave
this bountiful moment, this eternal day. – Rumi

Recent SOLAR FLARE Activity

Solar Flare Awakening
Why is this solar activity so important!
Aluna Joy & the Star Elders – Oct 27th, 2014

We are almost out of this solar flare gauntlet as the rotation of the sun will take the offending, but still growing, AR2192 sun spot with it.  The good news is that the energy will be a bit gentler on your nervous systems, and your computers will be safer pretty darn soon!   I can hear you sigh in relief from here. ;

BUT . . . even though soon we will not be able to see solar spot AR2192 (with solar shades), it doesn’t mean that we won’t FEEL what the sun emits while this massive sun spot is on the flip side of the sun.  We are connected to EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING is connected to us.  This solar flare crow bar will continue to pry open our mysteries and wisdom that are deep inside of us, and on Earth!  Ancient solar cultures for eons (Mayan – Incan – Egyptian – Druid – Essene, etc…) have understood the spiritual and alchemical importance of the SUN.

Hidden Ancient Mystery Schools around the Earth will be emitting new frequencies like the ones in the Palenque, Mexico, Egypt and more.  Palenque is the head of an enlightened dove grid and acts as a healing balm to the soul, activates the divine creative mother, time travel, and dimensional travel.  Egypt, its Great Pyramid, the Sphinx’s Hall of Records and Egypt’s connection to the holy land mystery schools are unparalleled in alchemical stature.  We hope this solar flare storm will pry open and release their most hidden mysteries.  Are you ready to receive them?

So why is this heightened solar activity so important?

To put this into perspective for the year of 2014 . . . from Jan 1, 2014 to Oct 18, 2014, we only had 8 class X solar flares!  ONLY 8!   But from October 19, 2014 to today, we have had 6 in only 9 days, along with a roller coaster energy bath in dozens of major M Class flares! (at time of this posting)  And we are not quite done yet.  So give yourself a break.  Allow the down time needed to adapt to the new frequencies. Be kind and non-judgemental to one another.  Be grateful for the insights these solar flares bring.  These are the brawny upgrades the The Star Elders shared about on Oct 6th!

Seriously, when the Star Elders shared the message about “brawny upgrades”, now I GET why they used the word brawny!  If you missed the message, it is posted here:

Seriously . . . make sure you are well hydrated, eat clean, stay grounded, get into water anyway you can, stay calm and breathe!  This is a massive upgrade for our nervous systems that has continued to be rebuilt this entire cooker of a year.  This is going to continue to be weird.  The Star Elders say that it will pass into a much calmer December when we will be settled into this new vibration.

Suggestions . . . Trust all your desires and visions that don’t seem to connect.  They will.  Stay curious so there is ROOM in your space for the universe to give you new codes and insights designed just for you.  Don’t rush this process.  It will take as long as it takes.  Enjoy the down time and the mental void spots if you are lucky enough to get some.  The void is where Spirit can talk to you.  Lastly, follow your heart, and quit being someone you are not.  If you feel stuck, change something . . . Anything!  Even small changes can send the message to the universe that you are open to new things.

For Now, back up your computers.  Technology will be weird when the magnetic fields are disturbed by these X class flares.  And it isn’t over yet. This will save you much grief later.

Wow . . . even though my dreams were disturbed, and I feel quiet and introverted, there is an EXCITEMENT BUILDING!  For what, will be for us to discover soon!   But I am expecting that the new vibrations will set free ancient codes, wisdom and reactivation of mystery schools and their solar cultures.  Things will being to fall into place!

Lots of current updates on Facebook here…

I am SO IN for catching this PEACE and POSITIVITY PANDEMIC!  May we never recover from this!  This event is directly in alignment with what the Star Elders shared … that by mid December we would ANCHOR and FEEL A NEW PEACE!  Read the entire message here So I am IN!  ***A Double Yahoo! We will be in Palenque, Mexico (head of the dove) for this day of PEACE, on the days of the divine feminine / Goddess Guadalupe!  Now I know why spirit called us back to paradise!   PS… We still have space in our group.
Join us!
Watch the fun video with Julian Lennon about THE MASTER SHIFT and like it on Face book!

“CHICAGO, Chicago, that wonderful town!” EARTH ACUPUNCTURE TRAVELS Again.

This is to familiarize you with the process we are about to embark with!

1.  The night we get in, we will dine together.  I will have some paperwork for Millie and Chris to fill out to give us the next day regarding health concerns for the entire family including pets.
2.  When that paperwork is available we will all sit down in an interview regarding the clients’ responses.  As this is confidential information I will need verbal releases to speak to the children, especially if the parents want me to.  I have decades of hours working with children with all kinds of issues.  I also can meet with any of them with Jin as I believe she treats them already.  Parents may or may not be present depending on YOUR WISHES. She may bring the family file for consultation as I recommend this to really get the results we all intend.
3.  Depending on the weather, we will actually be out on the land about 7 hours a day, all three of us.  We will start around 9-9:30, but this is flexible due to conditions.   So, lunch can be around 12:30 or 1.  We will need to hydrate a lot and sometimes, because of the severity of the fields, I will send someone into ‘time out’ to protect them. This would mean a trip to the rest room, a snack and perhaps a hot beverage.  ( this is regular protocol, but we usually are working out of our vehicles.)  I may also use some of the Light Life Tools on them to make sure they are centered and working at their best.
4.  For sure, Bill and I will be available for dinner and will notify you by lunch if we are running downtown for some ‘sight seeing’.  Jin should have lunch with us and even breakfast if she wishes based on the heavy discount attributed to this particular job situation.  I hope you understand.  We also can brain storm about challenges at those 2 meals together and talk about the final drawing and installation.
5. Our evenings are our own.
6.  At the time we determine that I need to stay longer, you will be notified immediately.  Your final drawing of the home and property will arrive approximately 2 weeks later, when we have a conference call to go over what we found and mitigated.  However, as we are working, I will be able to report to you what our findings look like.  Millie and Chris are welcome to come out and watch and ask questions of me.  I hope you will even try walking along with the rods in your hands by the flags a little bit to see if you can detect what I have worked with for 23 years.  It is fun!

I also want to mention that due to the size of the home, I will be determining what rods are sunk in the ground when and where.  The grids will assuredly have to be done a little differently since we will be working 3 days, allowing the changes to ‘cook’ a little before leaving.  I just want to re-iterate that having never been on the property  myself is a challenge.  Yet, we will adapt and do a wonderful job for you.  It is not the first time I have flown in to work on property by any means.

I advise that if you have any cats that go outdoors, that you keep them in the home until you hear from me. We can see some behavior displayed in any living thing on the property as soon as the first several rods are in the ground.  Most of the time all is for the highest good.  Once in a while we may see otherwise.  The family is advised to get extra rest while we are there and hydrate a lot as well,  particularly with clean water.  I will want to hear of ANY peculiarities within the family dynamic by the 2nd day of work.

Thanks so much Everyone!!!


Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Registered Psychotherapist
Master Dowser Energy Worker
Shamanic Teacher
Ordained Minister
PO Box 785, Louisville, CO 80027
303.665.0175 (office)


Hi Suzanne,

What I do, is go through the list of possessions, entities, obsessions, Wolf Packs, etc.  It is an entire page of possible ‘ailments’ the home may have.  I will then start removing them and mitigating them using various ways that have worked for the last 30 years.  I am able to speak to the soul of the property and bring in the HOUSE ANGEL for you all.

Some homes last the entire year in the active file.  Some go through really fast.  I do not work without permission as that could cause more problems.  If you read the testimonials or my blog off my website, you will see the many stories of what can happen.  ALL GOOD.

At the end of the sheet I mail it to you, as I said and we go over it on the phone.  That in itself increases the clearing of negativity.  I coach you in small things you can do to be in unity with your home as it is your temple, especially with the healing you all need at this time.

People have reported help with ‘dark corners’ or cold spots in the home, which usually are trapped spirits hanging out that will be gone for good with my work.

You know, sometimes you just need to trust a little.  You definitely need to all be open to receiving healing and solid support.  I am sure this is a bit scary.  But you can change that too.  I have clients all the time making the commitment to survive cancer and they do.  Some without any traditional medicine, as there is so much available now.  And if your husband doesn’t feel it, he may just be influenced by the negativity in the home.  Then you have to take the reigns and jump it!
Karen Rice King, BA CHAP, Registered Psychotherapist
Master Dowser Energy Worker
Shamanic Teacher
Ordained Minister
PO Box 785, Louisville, CO 80027

Response to Seller/Longmont. August, 2014

On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 11:30 AM, Karen King <> wrote: Great chatting with you today.  I can tell you will be fun to work with as you know about this “stuff”! I will need: Property address Year built Year purchased by current owner Year of any major construction (walls up or down) Thanks and I look forward to having successes with you!  We can set a  date also to put up the Egyptian kit at this home sometime near the end of the week.  Please do not lower the price of the home without calling me first.  We want to go for the offer first. Karen Rice King, BA, CHAP, Registered Psychotherapist Master Dowser Energy Worker Shamanic Teacher Ordained Minister PO Box 785, Louisville, CO 80027 303-665-0175

Long Distance work on Property for Sale in Longmont

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 9:52 AM
Subject: House Clearing

Hi Karen,

I have a house that I recently remodelled and am trying to sell with some difficulty. The previous owner died in the kitchen. I have had numerous workers and friends who were in the house say that they felt that I should have the house cleared. I am hoping that might help it sell.

I am wondering if you do this type of work and what it would cost. The house is located off Niwot Rd by 63rd.